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  1. So they were going to run around until they found a like with an island in the middle (or better yet one just pops up).... I don't really see the difference. It's easy to imagine a scene where the snow gives out under them and they fall into a deep valley/ canyon/mouth of a cave, and the snow barricades them in behind them. There are a thousand ways this could have been executed. Something similar to the entrance to the mines of Moria for example. Replace the squid monster with an undead Giant and the cave in with a snow in. No, I specifically said, they'd spend the time digging instead of... waiting like they did in the actual episode.
  2. They could have blocked themselves into a cave. Or the wight screech/horde approaching could have caused a mini avalanche that trapped them in a small valley. That would have solved the entire issue, because you also could have shown the wights working for "days" to dig through.