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  1. I'm back onto the board, Conor. :cheers:

  2. Conor

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Tyrion's talk with Cersei about how poison was such a better, more intelligent way to off someone was major foreshadowing. It will come back to bite him. Ros's death pose was lovely in a brutal sadistic way.
  3. Gave it a 10. It was the first time I was engrossed from beginning to end. The ending was spectacular. Hopefully they will be able to breathe some life into Dany's future story.
  4. Conor

    References and Homages

    It will be interesting to see how Martin describes the Cranogmen. A Cranog was a common type of habitaion in Ireland about 1500 years ago. It was a man made island (obviously surrounded by water) common in the bogs of Ireland. Just like the 'Neck'.