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    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    What Sansa did to Edmure was unrespectful. There was no reason at all why Edmure should listen to Sansa, she does not have power over him. Furthermore, the fact that Sansa was meddling in who would be king, knowing that she wanted to claim independence, is just absurd.
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    Dragonstone became a part of the Crownlands. It is not an island that is governed separatly.
  3. Like the electoral college that choose the Holy Roman Emperor you mean?
  4. OttoVonBismarck

    How should Jon kill Dany

    Arya killing both the Night King (the big ice villain) and Daenerys (who now appears to be the big fire villain) would be extremely boring.
  5. OttoVonBismarck

    Daenerys: Analysis of psychology and foreshadowing

    She accepted that Westeros is not waiting for the Targaryens a long time ago.
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    Why the bells?

    I saw a leak describing exactly the same as what happened in last episode.
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    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    Arya killing both the Night King (the big ice villain) as Daenerys (which now appears to be the big fire villain), would be incredibly boring.
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    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I have followed your discussion with Sean F following this post. I think the most important argument that can support the people in Dorne remember him (or at least the Targaryens) fondly, is that the royalty of Dorne often married with the Targaryens.
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    Dany and Cersei: double standards?

    Dany killed Drogo? Are we really comparing what Cersei did to Robert and what Daenerys did to Drogo?
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    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    Yes, that was my point.
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    The Problem with a Mad Queen

    Not only the yelling at the dragon... He was a complete idiot during battle of the bastards. He charged the army of Ramsey on his own and as a result, brings his own army in danger (with much more casualties as a result)
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    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    Too much power, too much distance, too much accuracy. If scorpions like that would be realistic, we would never have developed cannons to place on ships. Those scorpions just blasted other battleships into oblivion. No Targaryen would ever ride a dragon with scorpions like that. It would be way too risky for the leader to get killed. Dragons are totally useless with weapons like that.
  13. OttoVonBismarck

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    That does not change the fact that Aegon and his two sisters managed to conquer Westeros with their three dragons and almost no army. I know the GOT dragons are not Tolkien dragons, but the way they were shown in the last episode was just too vulnerable. Dragons became almost totally useless, just because they build some scorpions.
  14. OttoVonBismarck

    The Lion, the Dragon, or the Wolf(who is half dragon)?

    Yes, I was thinking about the books actually. The books seem to be filled with cousins? Another example: house Frey.
  15. OttoVonBismarck

    The Lion, the Dragon, or the Wolf(who is half dragon)?

    I don't know if any cadet branches of the Starks (save for the Karstarks) exist in the books? I must say it is really weird that the Starks apparently don't have relatives, while the Lannisters have so many.
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    The Lion, the Dragon, or the Wolf(who is half dragon)?

    I am not sure. Although the Iron Throne at that moment belonged to the Baratheons, I don't know if they were considered a "higher" house per se. Maybe it would be something like a 'primus inter pares' house? I was looking in the Stark family three and my eye fell on Branda Stark. According to A Wiki of Ice and fire: "Branda Stark was the eldest daughter of Rodrik Stark and Arya Flint. She was married to Harrold Rogers" I assume that Branda Stark did not give up her Stark name since she is not called Branda Rogers? Another example: Lady Arrana Stark was the elder daughter of Edric Stark and Serena Stark. She was married to Osric Umber and had issue.[1]
  17. OttoVonBismarck

    The Lion, the Dragon, or the Wolf(who is half dragon)?

    I don't agree. That would make almost every Targaryen (including Daenerys) only partly Targaryen. The Targaryens often married with other houses. For example: Aegon V (grandfather of Daenerys) was the son of Maekar Targaryen and Dyanna Dayne. And Maekar Targaryen was the son of Daeron II Targaryen and Myriah Martell. Nobody would say that Aegon or Maekar are only x% Targ.
  18. OttoVonBismarck

    The Lion, the Dragon, or the Wolf(who is half dragon)?

    Because at that moment, house Bolton ruled over the North and the Boltons were the lords of Winterfell. That made house Bolton (at that moment) the greatest house in the North.
  19. That would make much more sense.
  20. OttoVonBismarck

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    Well, I was not talking about the books. Apparantly GRRM now became an author who might have lost it?
  21. OttoVonBismarck

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    'Fire wights' might have been joking, but what about his clear statement that Beric has no heartbeat anymore?
  22. OttoVonBismarck

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    Not according to GRRM. According to GRRM, Beric is dead. A fire wight.
  23. OttoVonBismarck

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    Since they are talking about the show (as referred to in the question), it appears that at least Beric Dondarrion is a fire wight.
  24. OttoVonBismarck

    Varys burns, Rhaegal returns?

    And Jon Snow, too, is drained by the experience of coming back from the dead on the show. Right. And poor Beric Dondarrion, who was set up as the foreshadowing of all this, every time he’s a little less Beric. His memories are fading, he’s got all these scars, he’s becoming more and more physically hideous, because he’s not a living human being anymore. His heart isn’t beating, his blood isn’t flowing in his veins, he’s a wight, but a wight animated by fire instead of by ice, now we’re getting back to the whole fire and ice thing. Source: https://wikiofthrones.com/9626/george-r-r-martin-reveals-beric-dondarrion-wight-animated-fire/
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    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    The books mention a couple of times that Arya and Lyanna do look a lot like eachother. If I'm not mistaken, the books also say that Arya looks like Jon... No surprise there since Jon's mother is Lyanna.