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  1. Onion Hound

    what do the white walkers want?

    I'm saying that the white walkers coming back right now is the 2nd long night, and should have started earlier if they were trying to protect the weirwoods. There hasn't been much destroying of the weirwoods recently that would piss off the night king enough to come out of hibernation all of the sudden. The only weirwood that has been destroyed in this timeline is the one Leaf blew up because of the white walkers.
  2. Onion Hound

    what do the white walkers want?

    I may be wrong, but the 2nd long night would have happened during the andal invasion if this was the case. The Andals destroyed more weirwoods than the first men I'm guessing.
  3. Onion Hound

    what do the white walkers want?

    We have seen the night king and 12 other white walkers at one time. That's not a very big army. (We know sam is crasters 100th boy, but we have not seen near that many white walkers). So, killing wildlings and resurrecting them to be his army is probably easier for the night king than sending for the golden company or asking Lyanna Mormont for support. He can let the wights stay dead whenever he accomplishes his goal, whatever that may be.
  4. Onion Hound

    what do the white walkers want?

    Maybe they are running from something worse than them even farther north? Maybe east essos and North westeros are attached and they are trying to get away from something over there? Maybe the wall wasn't built to keep them out, just like it wasn't built to keep the wildlings out? Nobody knows why. The only facts we know are that the children turned the night king. The night king is running the show and raising the dead, then controlling them all with his mind. And they use Crasters son's for something. My best guess is that the first long night concluded with a pact. I think the Night King is probably a Stark, and the end game is winterfell/king of winter. I think "there must always be a stark in wintefell" and "the north remembers" are important to the end game. Episode 1 starts with Ned stark receiving two warnings ( I believe from the white walkers). They sent the nights watch guy to tell Ned about them. Then he beheaded the guy. Then I believe they warned Ned not to leave winterfell with the dire wolf/stag setup. Direwolves haven't been south of the wall in hundreds of years before this. Then Ned dies, then Rob dies...then we see the night king for the first time. Then neither the north or the Starks can remember anything. No Starks are at winterfell for the longest time, so the white walkers are really on the move now. Then the North let Ramsey Bolton kill the last remaining stark, Rickon. There are still no Starks at winterfell. Jon is Targaryian, sansa is Lannister/Bolton, Arya is no one, Bran is no longer bran stark and is now the three eyed raven. The pact is broken. The pact that ended the first long night could have been that if there are no legitimate starks in line to rule winterfell as king of winter, then the Night King and his people (Im guessing there are more of them that stayed back in the land of always winter) would be able to. The show is called game of thrones after all. The Night King may just be exactly like Stannis. When they get to winterfell, maybe they could die, or live again, or just have more land. Who knows? I could be completely wrong and they are just trying to get little Sam back. But I'm almost certain they are not trying to wipe everyone off the planet.
  5. Onion Hound

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Technically they can still go back to this. She gave Cersei 3 questions, Cersei only asked 2. Cersei could potentially revisit this memory next season. Her black haired baby is what makes the maggy the frog memory a mess.
  6. Onion Hound

    Need some help re a theory.

    The same way there are two Marty's at the same time in Back to the Future. Present Bran wouldn't be in the know because future Bran would be who turns into past Bran(NK). Like I said, I don't like the theory.
  7. Onion Hound

    Need some help re a theory.

    I don't really have any links...but basically since what happened with Hodor happened, Bran can somewhat time travel. Some theorize that Bran could actually be Bran the Builder (founder of house stark, builder of the wall, winterfell, etc). This idea would basically mean the first long night may not have happened. Everyone just thinks it did because Bran was actually getting everyone ready for THIS long night. Stories of God's and other important people in westeros are actually the hero's and villains of today with the details and origins getting lost in translation over the years. This theory is better imo than the night king theory. Although, the night king cut through the wall like butter the first time he attacked it, so why would Bran bother? The night king theory.... Basically old nan told Bran that the night king was probably a Stark. The idea would be Bran going back in time to warn the children of the Forrest to not create the white walkers. And they then would turn him into the night king. So the Night King would be bran, just 10,000 yrs smarter/more powerful. Which would then mean if Bran dies, the night king dies, then all the rest of the white walkers/wights would also die. End of the long night. Since that man that the chikdren turned looked to be capable of walking, Bran would have had to skin change into him. The theory is strengthened by the fact that Bran grimaced as the man was stabbed with the dragon glass (as if it hurt him or he remembered it hurting) and he was laying sprawled out and looked like his the children had that dude sprawled out. Leaf also said "we had to protect ourselves from YOU, men". The problems I have with this; 1. Bran can skin change into animals. He was able to change into Hodor because Hodor was simple. The children wouldn't be savage enough to do that to a simple person (or one they just saw have a seizure). 2. The night king sent wights after Bran a couple times. If bran dies, so does the night king. 3. The ink is dry. Bran is smart enough by now to know to not try to change the past. I do think the Night King is a stark. And it is peculiar that they have been around for thousands of years and are just now attacking in Brans lifetime. But unless I'm really missing something, I hope the story doesn't go there.
  8. Onion Hound

    Targaryen Madness: What If We Have It All Wrong

    Ehh, if you have enough kids in today's society, chances are at least one will be a dick. Obviously, the dragon blood was the reason for the mutant still births and miscarriages etc. I don't think it's outbreeding or inbreeding that causes the mean Targs. I think it's the power/entitlement. If we look at Joeffrey, we are to believe that he was a bad egg due to inbreeding, and Marcella and Tommen by luck turned out ok. But, from day 1 Joeff knew he would be king some day. The power is what got to him, I believe. I feel like this was a major problem with a lot of the Targs, definitely Viserys...the entitlement. The iron throne is basically the ring from Lord of The Rings. Hell, even Stannis started going crazy when he thought it was his turn to be king. The "good" people in this story, either started with no entitlement; Ned, Jon, somewhat Sam and Dany....or lost it along the way ; Sansa, Jorah. So someone like Rhaegar Targaryian who is entitled and still good is GOT version of Aragon. The power didnt consume him afaik.
  9. This is what upsets me when people say Jon is dumb and lost the battle, sansa won it, etc. He had wun wun. Even without a weapon, wun wun could have broken that circle shield entrapment. Wun wun would have also knocked down the gates at winterfell if the Bolton armies just stayed inside like everyone says they should have. The writers only used him to break into winterfell. Still an awesome battle scene. I do wish he not only had a weapon, but I also would have liked to see him terrify Bolton bannermen away from the battle from jump street...to prove Jon right about Ramseys men not wanting to fight for him since he wouldn't fight for them. Which again, would make Jon look more intelligent, but it wouldn't be Sansas victory. So yeah, dumbed down writing to make the odds stacked against Jon.
  10. Onion Hound

    What is the role of Gendry?

    If Dany were to ever become evil (Like some theorize), Gendry could be the reason. Since his dad tried to kill her, exterminate all Targaryians, and killed her brother. She could want to kill all Baratheons, which would turn Jon against her. Even when Jon finds out that Rhaegar is his father, I don't think he will think any different of Gendry. And Gendry won't think different of Jon. I still don't see Arya as the wife type. Plus Gendry is the 3rd most important Arya reunion to come (after Jon and the Hound). Which would make a love story even harder to set up. He could also somehow be "the black haired beauty" of Cersie's. Which may soften her blacken heart. Or he is a blacksmith. That is supposed to be a good warrior with a war hammer. And that's it.
  11. Onion Hound

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

    Exactly. Tywin had an empty vault. He was embarrassed by his dad losing his fortune... Tywin lost his fortune. He was embarrassed by his son having sex with hookers...Tywin has sex with hookers. (Sloppy seconds of the lottle monster that he hates even) He was worried about the good Lannister name...he is killed by a Lannister while taking a shit. Tywin was the biggest hypocrite in the story. But then again, he still had power. As Cersei displayed with Little finger "power is power". Power is worth more than gold and/or will eventually lead to riches one way or another. Maybe that is why he isn't too concerned that the mines are empty. But, at this point, what difference does it really make if the mines still produce?
  12. Onion Hound

    Season 8 Predictions?

    No, you are right. You're not missing anything. I can't really see Daario betraying Dany, or being a "bad guy", or why he'd even be with the golden company. But I think it's possible we see Daario again. I also think that they kind of foreshadowed a fight between Jorah and Daario a couple times.
  13. Onion Hound

    What If Tywin Lied About Casterly Rock?

    When Tywin was alive, he was trying to marry Joeffrey and Cersei to the Tyrells. I imagine to get a piece of the pie that way. The Tyrells just helped him defeat Stannis. Had he invaded their castle to steal their money, that would have been enough for all of Westeros to go to war against the Lannisters. I think he was telling the truth about the gold being gone. But I also guessing that Lannister poor is different than real poor.
  14. Onion Hound

    Season 8 Predictions?

    Yeah, they were pretty haggard looking. Could have been dead for awhile. I do think the Night King has an ulterior motive or may be completely misunderstood like you suggested. I also think children, their deaths in westeros, and the lack of childhood for most is a main theme of the story. So yeah, you may be on to something.
  15. Onion Hound

    Season 8 Predictions?

    What if it were Arya (who looks and acts like Lyanna, and Jon loves more than anyone) goes after the Night King by herself...so Jon rides North to save her?