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  1. wolfsbae

    The third twist

    Oh, good!
  2. wolfsbae

    The third twist

    I could see it happening, but only if he felt as though he had no other choice. I can imagine Jon would be jarred by her ruthlessness and sometimes homicidal tendencies, so I don’t think it’s completely unlikely. The dynamic is going to be so interesting when we finally get Jon, Dany and Sam (and Jorah, too) in a room together and they learn what she did to the Tarly’s.* *Unless Sam is all LOL no biggie I hated them anyway
  3. wolfsbae

    The third twist

    I hope you're right! If not WW related, maybe it is something to do with Daenerys' final betrayal. That too comes in threes. I'm just throwing ideas everywhere now.
  4. wolfsbae

    The third twist

    I think if it hadn't have been so heavily rumoured and instead come as a momentous shock to everyone, it would've been a fantastic suckerpunch of a reveal. Has it been confirmed that the last reveal is yet to come? If not, I'd guess that it was R + L = J.
  5. He influenced Hodor and he also wasn't born. Or, rather, he will if we ever get the books. It was probably a combination of things: the Targaryen registry for madness, Duskendale, the pressure of ruling a Kingdom, and I like the idea of Pycelle and the maesters.
  6. That's an incredibly reductive reading of the three characters, they are far more multidimensional. Their motivations are very different. One's reasons aren't the other person's reasons, to badly paraphrase Ser Davos.
  7. I read S7 Sansa as hardening rather than mellowing. And while I wouldn't go as far as to say that Sansa is driven by power, now she has had a taste of it, she certainly seems to like it; whether consciously or subconsciously is hard to say. Sansa enjoys the power that comes with being the Lady of Winterfell -- she was absolutely adamant that Jon not travel to Dragonstone to meet with Daenerys until Jon handed control of the North to her.
  8. wolfsbae

    Characters we will never see again

  9. wolfsbae

    Characters we will never see again

    Ah, you're right, I do remember it was heavily presumed to be the slave masters. It's been a while, but I think it's in the books that it's still unknown.
  10. wolfsbae

    Characters we will never see again

    Yeah, I agree with that. It's true that not every plot needs to be tied with a neat bow on top. In direct contradiction with my original post (don't mind me, I am forever changing my mind about everything), I don't think Jaqen's story is told after all. This means we probably will see him again; Arya has promised Death more faces than she can deliver. It would undermine that whole plot and the premise of the Many-Faced God if that was simply forgotten. I guess I just never liked the Bravos storyline so it was wishful thinking on my part that it would simply all go away. And, poor Meera. She deserved better. 
  11. wolfsbae

    Characters we will never see again

    I think you might be right. In what context do you think we'll see him? To collect the debt? I can't see him getting involved in the cause.
  12. wolfsbae

    The third twist

    Could the third reveal have been Jon's parentage? I hope not. I do hope it's something WW related. I could get on board with Bran = NK but only if it makes sense.
  13. Depends on the person. Robert was not a good king, but I think Stannis Baratheon would be great on the Iron Throne (but only without the Red Woman!)
  14. wolfsbae

    What is the role of Gendry?

    You don't have to be a "romantic girl" to want or have love. Grey Worm doesn't strike anybody as a "romantic man", but he still found love. If it's going to be anybody it probably would be Gendry.
  15. It's no secret that D&D can, at times, leave a lot to be desired. There isn't a lot of time left, so some loose ends are bound to remain untied. What plots do you think will never get resolved? Which characters do you think we will never see again, and without any real explanation? I have a few predictions: Dorne won't ever be mentioned again, not even when it comes to deciding if or how to divide up the Seven Kingdoms We won't see Daario Naharis again We probably won't see Jaqen H'gar again, unless he comes to collect the debt owed by Arya for stealing from the Many-Faced God, and that is how she dies. However, I don't think that will be her way out, so it's unlikely we will see him again. Or Bravos We won't see Meera Reed again, which would be a disservice to her character and sacrifice. I was never much of a fan of her character, but the way they wrote her out was disappointing We won't ever truly find out who was behind the Sons of the Harpy Any more?