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  1. Winterstars

    Who could play Rhaegar or Could anyone play him?

    I like Ben Barnes, but I guess I must pick Hemsworth because this official portrait of Rhaegar really reminds me of him http://awoiaf.westeros.org/images/thumb/2/22/Rhaegar_twoiaf.jpg/320px-Rhaegar_twoiaf.jpg
  2. I wish Jojen was alive. Because I prefer him over his sister. duh.
  3. Winterstars

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    I love to read/watch incest stories! XD because most of them are tragic. Yeah, it's kind of disgusting, but I love tragic and dark and creepy stories! However....I don't care if Jon/Dany relationship is incest or not, don't make it happen please. I'd like to see my Jon stay single, hahaha. Dany still can have Euron to dread, or Sweetrobin to manipulate, or even Jaime to whatever she wants.
  4. Winterstars

    Who can Dany marry in Westeros?

    Dany had said herself. She will marry No One. So Dany/No One is the real one