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  1. I surmised danys actions were all geared in part selfishly and for adoration for a long time now but the writers went overboard turning her into a pitiful and desperate creature in her interactions with jon and pushed her over the edge in having her lose everything but I still dont think this person would for no reason burn down a city. Without cause and for no given plausible reason. Makes no sense. At least the made king has reason; hearing voices and insane. They pushed their plot rushing everything to an unrealistic close which few could have predicted in totality, which is what they were going for.
  2. Jon and dany left their characters. Jon became a confused little weak boy lap dog without firm convictions that didnt know what was right and dany despite all warnings became the tyrant she despised. Tyrants rule from fear alone. They butchered these two characters.
  3. Jon and Dany Targaryen

    The real character assassination is that of Tyrion

    When tyrion was hand for his own family, Tyrion had no major hidden agendas nor conflicts of interest and at the time was supporting his family, that in which I dont think he could ever do a better job. His heart was completely in it. Ever since arriving on westeros it was all about protecting cercei and jaime. Cercei was always a dead woman walking and i wish he got that through his thick skull. How many allies and people had to die in order for him to protect his sister. He had too many conflicts to ever be hand of the queen. Tyrion should follow his own words because many times he’s made mistakes out of hope. “Just because you want to believe something is true doesnt make it so”.
  4. Jon and Dany Targaryen

    [Rant] So are D & D just playing damage control, or are they actually stupid?

    Jon loves Dany like a man loves his siblings... like he loves his sisters. He doesnt have those exact feelings for her anymore unfortunately. He doesnt talk much anymore and needs to do. Oddly it also seemed they were leading up to a child being conceived and I guess that wont be happening either.
  5. Jon and Dany Targaryen

    [Spoilers] EP610

    Same can definitely be said for Cersei. There are many things she shouldn't have done. She lost all three children and much of it was due to her emotions, thirst for power, and like you said paranoia. Tywin never understood her disdain for Margaery or the Tyrell's either and knew they had to maintain alliances. She f'ed everything up royally and serious issues always seemed to come to pass when Jaime left and she heeded nobody's advisement but her own. Like Tywin said, a wise ruler seeks advice. Only, you can say a wise ruler needs resolves as well to not be pushed around like Tommen. The witch may have told her what needed to be told in order to set tragic events in motion. Although, if true, the young more beautiful woman who will take power and King's Landing from her is actually Dany, not Margaery. For a woman who so desperately loves her children, she seemed to really grow cold and maybe desensitized. She destroyed the scept which was where all her children were laid to rest. She didn't seem to give two figs about Tommen's death and was dressed for her coronation. At the beginning, I was thinking, is she dressing for a funeral?? It was a huge funeral! Why the garments and preparation when she wasn't planning to attend the trial?
  6. Jon and Dany Targaryen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    You also got to love the look on Jaime's face as he watches his sister get the crown. It seems whenever he leaves, she creates a disaster out of things. "Long may she reign" and then we see the thousand ships headed for King's Landing. Genius. LOL
  7. Jon and Dany Targaryen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    I thought it was so carefully put together and I really felt the tragic ending of Lyanna's life and the important role she gave her brother in protecting her son. Even though we didn't know the young characters too well, it was very dramatic and touching. It gave me tears. The music that set in as we looked into Jon's awakened new eyes (I see a sadness, wisdom, peace, and sympathy that he has in his eyes ever since resurrection and this was seen as times such as with the red woman and here) was another really well put together scene.
  8. Jon and Dany Targaryen

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    One of my favorite episodes thus far. Last two were epic!