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  1. Exactly. When the heir is a woman, the husband takes her surname. According to most instances in the books, anyway.
  2. Yeah, I don’t know where that “weirwoods only grow because of blood sacrifice” rule comes from.
  3. So, does that mean the COTF were sacrificing each other to grow the first weirwoods?
  4. We are told time and time again that the wood from a weirwood tree is considered very useful and valuable. They are also very expensive as a result due to their rarity. But why are they so rare? Trees release seeds all the time. Why wouldn’t an enterprising person collect a few seeds, grow a couple of weirwoods on their property, and build a forest from there which they harvest over the years? It would be time consuming, sure, but long term it would be super profitable and keep your family in good finances for a long time.
  5. If it was Robert he would surely have been recognized. Plus Robert isn’t exactly someone who does distasteful things himself.
  6. The Iron Fleet presumably took time to build. Especially given that Quellon’s failed attack on the Reach, not to mention that the Ironborn would have to pay the gold price for wood.
  7. Anyone who looks at him is going to know what he’s been through. He can’t exactly hide it with a hat and some sunglasses, can he? As for how he’ll get back to the Iron Islands, I don’t think he will. I think Stannis is going to have him killed in front of the weirwood and it’s going to affect Bran somehow.
  8. Presumably they didn’t show up alone. And before Aenys Blackfyre, nobody would have reason to doubt the crown’s word for safe passage to councils.
  9. You’re forgetting that Jaime is changing, arguably for the better. Cersei is getting worse. She’s the Mad Queen who sees treachery and enemies at every turn, and she’s going to have the power to unleash hell upon the Seven Kingdoms. And even if she doesn’t directly do the damage, her chaos will allow others to do it. Meanwhile, Jaime has gone from throwing a kid off a tower for Cersei to burning her letters and leaving her to her fate.
  10. If you’re fishing for a scenario where the brothers reconcile, you’re mistaken. Neither was going to back down and give up, they’d both gone too far. One of them was marked for death no matter what.
  11. Maybe it’s a version of Ynys Mon which wasn’t destroyed by the Romans…
  12. The Rhaegar-Lyanna storyline is definitely one of my least favourite parts of the series. Not because of what they do, but how it’s framed. I hate the idea that GRRM will make it so all the pain and destruction they caused will have been what ultimately saves the world. Doing terrible things to justify the end result is not a message that I find very useful or meaningful in our age.
  13. I feel like the people of Skagos are going to be misunderstood. They’ll definitely be big people who ride around on unicorns, but their supposed savagery will be Andal prejudice more than anything.
  14. Didn’t the Red Kraken send someone to the Maiden’s Day Ball?
  15. This makes me wonder how many of the common peasantry in the southern kingdoms are old gods worshippers. We hear of Northmen settling in the Riverlands and helping revive worship south of the Neck, but could a thousand Northern husbands really make that much of a difference?
  16. I don’t know… I feel like if GRRM wanted to pull a Lady Macbeth, it would have been Alicent Hightower who threw herself to her death. Helaena never conspired or committed murders as far as we know. She’s more like Lady MacDuff afaic
  17. I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I can’t help suspecting that Helaena’s death was Larys’ work. We know that he was secretly hiding out in the city to sow discord and turn the people against Rhaenyra, and I feel like if Helaena was going to kill herself, she could have done it long before she actually died. Larys knows the city better than most, he’s quite happy to commit murder, and he could have realised that Helaena’s murder would be taken badly by the people of King’s Landing. Plus it means that Aegon II will be free to remarry and father more children.
  18. Here’s two more: Stannis and Aegon III Younger sons who are emotionally traumatized from watching their mothers die in front of them. They both also blame themselves for their younger brothers’ deaths (justifiably or not). Stannis and Aegon also have zero interest in martial prowess or art or playing the courtly games. They’re both brooding loners with only a few close confidants (Davos, Gaemon, Viserys). Neither of them is much interested in sex (though Aegon got the better end of that deal). They talk of bringing justice to the realm, oozing contempt for the nobles who stand in their way every time. Robert and Aegon IV Both of them are promising young men who turn into fat wastrels that tear the kingdom apart upon their deaths because of the legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of their heirs. They welp bastards on a variety of women, including their own cousins.
  19. That’s not the point I was trying to make. A king ordering a Kingsguard to kill themselves is doing it to get rid of that particular guard, since they serve for life. Marston Waters even declares that they would fall upon their swords if Aegon III commanded it once he came of age. And frankly, I feel like Aegon would have been tempted to make Marston do that as vengeance for helping Aegon II. Plus it clears the way for a more loyal Kingsguard of Aegon’s own choosing. And yes, Joffrey might have done that with Barristan, ordering an old man to kill himself so a younger man could replace him. Assuming that that’s an option.
  20. I’m aware of that. I’m an atheist too. I was just trying to create a specific hypothetical scenario. I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand.
  21. Rereading FAB, this little addition to the Dance of the Dragons chapter is very curious. It seems random to include it at all, since it seems so ridiculous of a story. Prince Jacaerys is an envoy trying to find allies for his mother’s cause as war looms. Why would he (a) waste time on a random dalliance-turned-elopement and (b) why would he risk infuriating Cregan Stark with the aforementioned dalliance? Given that this series is about the song of ice and fire, though, and given how strange it is, even by Gyldayn’s own writing, I can’t help but suspect that this bond will play a role in the main series somehow.
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