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  1. Fair enough, but for my part, I don’t think that hint was required. Was it ever a mystery that Larys was a duplicitous man? It just feels like overkill to me.
  2. Most of the “mad” Targaryens wouldn’t count as being “insane”. They’ve certainly got behavioural issues up the wazoo, but the term “mad” was never meant to be a genuine diagnosis.
  3. I’d say the worst is the fact that GRRM took two different men, each with their own unique backstories, and even each had a unique physical trait which separated them from their peers, and named them Larys and Varys. I’m almost impressed by that level of laziness.
  4. All of those obstacles were gone by the time he came of age. Aegon was in the saddle with Viserys as his Hand. Neither of them were pushovers, as they proved, and neither of them would have wanted to hear a bad word against their mother.
  5. You dare bring up the abomination here? Begone with you, ser. Begone!
  6. Marston was definitely in on it. He had the most to lose when Aegon came of age. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Aegon had taken Marston up on his word and ordered him to kill himself with his own sword.
  7. I mean, in terms of succession, Renly was absolutely the aggressor. He forsook duty and family for the sake of his own ambition, as most Baratheons are wont to do.
  8. The rebels would never have accepted a Targaryen king whose father they’d killed in battle. What happens when that baby grows up and wants revenge?
  9. And then instead it would be Renly who has to deal with being a kinslayer. Though I doubt it would have bothered him much.
  10. Tywin basically held the rebellion in his hands. He could have sent his 12,000 cavalry straight to the Trident and fallen upon the rebels while they were recovering from their wounds. It wouldn’t have been hard to massacre them, especially if he waited for Ned to divide the forces. It would have been a matter of slaughtering both parts of the army one at a time.
  11. I thought that Alysane made it very clear that she wasn’t Asha’s friend, and she hated the Ironborn.
  12. Demolish every structure on the continent and eliminate all the humans. They’re nothing but troublemakers. Give the continent back to the Children and the Giants.
  13. Who’s an edgy boy! You are! Yes you are! What an edgy boy you are!!!!
  14. Moat Cailin is a paradox to me. Its origin story is so vague, and what little we do know makes little sense if you give it some thought.
  15. To be honest, no matter what’s happened to them, I doubt it’s going to be anything except horrifying to read about…
  16. I don’t think there will be a battle at the Dreadfort. There’s too much that needs to happen already. The Dreadfort might appear, but I think in that scenario, Roose and Ramsay will be dead, so there’s no point for the garrison to resist. They’ll open the gates and surrender, and we’ll find out just how horribly the captured women of Winterfell have been suffering. Maybe find some hounds named Beth Cassel and Old Nan…
  17. House Piper isn’t an insignificant house. They’re one of the principal bannermen of House Tully, and the Iron Islands are a bunch of glorified pirates.
  18. That does raise a question; in that scenario, what would happen when Clay was born? Benjen and Jonelle would have been assumed heirs, and would likely have children by then. Does Cley have to find something else to do, or does Benjen get sent back to Winterfell with his disinherited family in tow?
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