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    Top 10

    - The Wizard Knight, Wolfe - Mother London, Moorcock - Collected Fictions, Borges - The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Murakami - The Spine of the World, Salvatore - The Goldfinch, Tartt - Blade of Tyshalle, Stover - Cugel's Saga, Vance - The Etched City, Bishop - The Dark Glory War, Stackpole
  2. stonebender

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 803?

    Pretty much what I was going to say. I was really disappointed, especially since I went back and watched the first episode a few nights back. Tonight really solidified my belief that it feels like a completely different series than what it used to be. The whole show was building to this but it just felt so weightless and thrown together to me.
  3. stonebender

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    I stuck with the First Law trilogy but didn't think it improved much from the first book. Bailed on the Tawny Man trilogy after the first book. I found the Fitz POV exhausting.
  4. stonebender

    The Acts of Caine, Matthew Stover

    I actually like the Heroes Die cover. To me it fits the Caine books pretty well since they embrace the heroic action fantasy genre in addition to providing a deeper take. That's pretty much why the series has always been among my favorites. The McKean style is great too, of course, although honestly I think it's a big too subdued to capture Stover's essence.
  5. stonebender

    Horror - As the days get shorter

    I read The Sorcerer's House upon release. Honestly I don't recall much about it, which is a very rare thing for me as far as Wolfe novels go. I haven't heard the greatest things about An Evil Guest either, but its "Blade Runner meets Lovecraft" marketing tag would've probably sold me on the book even if it wasn't Wolfe.
  6. stonebender

    Horror - As the days get shorter

    An Evil Guest by Wolfe is the only horror(ish) book I have sitting around unread. I guess I'll go with that.
  7. stonebender

    What’s your all time favorite book series?

    Kind of hard for me to name a favorite these days. The Caine books were my obvious answer for a long while, but I'm not sure if that brand of in-your-face grit would appeal to me in the same way now. Ice and Fire was up there but the TV show kind of took something away from the special appeal of the books (unfair view maybe, but it is what it is). I was big into Malazan for a while until Fall of Light--that was like hitting a brick wall. Probably have to go with Wolfe's Sun books (Long Sun if I'm picking one).
  8. stonebender

    The books coming out in 2018

    Pretty sure Salvatore himself just said "no comment" regarding future novels. The speculation was the Forgotten Realms line as a whole being axed, which didn't seem too unlikely outside of Drizzt given the demise of the other D&D fiction lines. I've thought for a while that Drizzt novels would outlive Forgotten Realms branding. Will be interesting to see if that's the case.
  9. stonebender

    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Wow, so no book three? Fall of Light was admittedly a mixed bag for me, but I thought Forge of Darkness was one of his best. Bummer. I knew Erikson wasn't a big seller, but I thought he did well enough not to go the way of Stover and Stackpole. All my favorites or one time favorites seem to be disappearing. Now I'm kind of worried about the final two books of Moorcock's Sanctuary of the White Friars trilogy.
  10. stonebender

    Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Has he spoken of something new? I've been waiting for the final Crown Colonies as well. That and any news on the Talion sequel that was supposed to happen if the ebook sold well.
  11. I'm almost done with DragonBone Chair. It's good but the latter half hasn't quite hooked me like the first. Might be another series I just don't have the energy to continue with even though I mostly liked what I read.
  12. stonebender

    Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    I'm quite aware that Stover is not a big seller. I would think that most of his fans are aware of that. And yeah, I remember he had issues getting his last Star Wars novel in on the schedule they wanted. I vaguely recall him mentioning an unnamed tie-in in the last few years, though. Obviously, nothing has yet come of that.
  13. stonebender

    Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    I don't have an official link from the publisher, but Paul S. Kemp said in his most recent AMA that it looks like the line is going on hiatus. Salvatore won't comment on more Drizzt, but said his next book is a new DemonWars. Also reading through the Amazon reviews of the latest Drizzt book many seem to believe it's the last one. So at the very least the rumor has gotten around.
  14. stonebender

    Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    One year of radio silence for Stover, but it's been five years since Caine's Law now. At least some other writers in the shadows have books theoretically supposed to come out. A few former Star Wars writers seem less visible than they once were. Stackpole doesn't seem to talk about any new fiction projects. Greg Keyes is still getting tie-in work, but it's coming up on almost a decade since his last original novel. I believe Karen Traviss is self-publishing her latest novels. Apparently Drizzt/Forgotten Realms novels are on hold, so perhaps you could even add Salvatore to the uncertainty list these days.
  15. stonebender

    Authors who vanished from the face of the planet

    Hmm, Stover recently updated his facebook for the first time in a year. He's still working on stuff! All in the developmental stage, though. He said he tried a neo-noir that didn't work out.