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  1. Tough news. I've seen similar things happen to a number of writers I once followed regularly.
  2. I finished the first collection of Cook's Garrett P.I. novels and now I'm working on the final book of the first collection of Brust's Vlad Taltos stories. They could almost be set in the same world given how well the two styles mesh. Funny how that works out. I like both Erikson and Esslemont, for instance, but they can often feel like they're working in two different worlds.
  3. I'm surprised as recently as 2014 they still had six publications in that year. Seems like Forgotten Realms novels aside from Salvatore have been effectively dead for longer than that.
  4. Basically I don't. Back when epic fantasy vs. New Weird topics (and controversies) were frequent in the blog and forum scene I was all about finding something new but I guess I just became exhausted of it all and now prefer to stick to a handful of favorites and those who influenced them. Although given a lot of these favorites have difficulty publishing like they once did maybe I should make more of an effort to find new stuff, but for now I just can't find the motivation.
  5. I never got around to reading anything by him but I'll always remember seeing his books and Jordan's on the shelves of Waldenbooks and first starting to think these big fantasy series look like something that might be right up my alley. Best wishes to his family and fans.
  6. Hard to believe it's been eight years since Caine's Law. Longer than the wait between Blade of Tyshalle and Caine Black Knife, which felt like a lifetime to me.
  7. Pretty much what I was going to say. I was really disappointed, especially since I went back and watched the first episode a few nights back. Tonight really solidified my belief that it feels like a completely different series than what it used to be. The whole show was building to this but it just felt so weightless and thrown together to me.
  8. I read The Sorcerer's House upon release. Honestly I don't recall much about it, which is a very rare thing for me as far as Wolfe novels go. I haven't heard the greatest things about An Evil Guest either, but its "Blade Runner meets Lovecraft" marketing tag would've probably sold me on the book even if it wasn't Wolfe.
  9. An Evil Guest by Wolfe is the only horror(ish) book I have sitting around unread. I guess I'll go with that.
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