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  1. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Dany burning the Tarly's is not a indication of madness

    Stannis was in the same position. He did not threaten the Free Folk with death in exchage for service. Be fought them until they surrendered and made an offer to their leader in private. He gave Mance Rayder time to think over his options. He didn't just walk up to the man and force him to decide on the spot. He also offered compelling incentives for his people. When Mance still refused be was executed for his crimes. But that was the end of it. The conflict was over. Stannis didn't continue to harass the Free Folk into service or use the death of their King as a persuasive fear tactic. Had Tarly's men not joined Daenerys she would have executed them all one by one. Stannis would not have held the bannermen to the same standard as their lord. It was their duty to follow his orders. These are the people both characters believe are theirs to rule. For Stannis the most important title is "Protector of the Realm" for Daenerys it's simply "Queen". Even after the Free Folk refused Stannis' offer he took action to protect their lives and the lives of their families. Daenerys would simply kill anyone who doesn't immediatly call her Queen. Fire and Blood indeed.
  2. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Dany burning the Tarly's is not a indication of madness

    Daenerys' "Join me or Die" procomation is clearly madness. The expectation that a surrenduring force will join your cause out of fear is absurd. They were no longer enemy combatants, they were enemy POWs. There is a huge difference. They were disarmed and defeated. She had a responsibility as the victor to care for those she conqued. She can make an offer and allow them to join her side. That is acceptable, even reasonable. But to kill anyone who stands by their duty is madness. That is the Targaryen cruelty on display. The inability to see anything from another's perspective. The lack of Empathy. Wiping out an entire Noble house on a whim, against the advice of your consulars, because you are angry these people you defeated don't like you? Madness, clearly. For the sake of argumant let's make a comparison between similar events within the series. Daenerys fought the Lannisters at High Garden to a decisive victory and wished to have them join her cause. Stannis fought the Wildlings at Castle Black to a decisive victory and wished to have them join his cause. Both instances are easily comperable. Danerys offered all her POWs the choice to join or die. They refused. She then proceeded to wipe out an entire Noble House to instil fear in their men. Stannis in the same situation offerred the Wildlings pardons, land and titles south of the wall. They refused. He executed one man, condemned by his own actions (Mance deserted the Night's Watch). He then proceeded to save all of their families by using his ships and sailors to evacuate Hardholm. They refused to fight for him and he still saved all their lives executing one man. Stannis showed compassion and respect for his foes. He understood why they fought and took that into account. Danerys chose to rule through fear. She didn't care about anyone's perspective but her own and couldn't stand being spurned by a people she defeated. Madness vs Reason.
  3. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Red Wedding - Robb's failure justified?

    Exactly. Rob's loyalty rightly belonged to King Stannis. But Big Jon Umber called for Northern Secession and everyone just followed his lead. Robb exchanged the title Warden of the North for King in the North and called it an upgrade. But, why? Why treason? If Robb had joined Stannis they probably could have liberated Kings Landing even with the Tyrell's betrayal. Ended the war, and given justice to the realm.
  4. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Is HBO the real culprit?

    I've been watching HBO on and off since Tales From the Crypt in the 90's. Asside from the cancellation of Rome (which at the time was THE MOST expensive show ever made) I've had no complaints. They treat their properties with respect and usually don't meddle in the creative process. It's definetly D&D.
  5. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jorah Mormont

    How very sad. You are welcome to interpret the show anyway you like. That view to me is completely inconsistent with the character's motivation, knowledge and actions. But, if that makes you happy, enjoy it I guess.
  6. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jorah Mormont

    Given that Stannis was a man of few words and rarely spoke his thoughts it is really up to the viewer to decide his motivations in the moment. I agree with you that he believed he could win the battle and planned to eventually liberate the kingdom from the Lannisters. However, in that moment why can't both motivations be true? Winter in Westeros only gets worse and it lasts for years if not decades. Stannis knew the score. He believed in the White Walker threat. Is this not a logical conclusion?
  7. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jorah Mormont

    What doesn't make sense?
  8. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jorah Mormont

    Nothing. Really. This exactly proves my point. People aren't very observant. It's cause and effect. Did you ever wonder why is season 5 Stannis' army froze and starved unable to move camp only for Jon Snow to pass unimpeded in season 6? Did you ever wonder why Jon fought at Winterfell in the MUD while Stannis fought in the ICE? Shireen's sacrifice held off winter. Without her sacrifice winter would only have gotten worse. Travel would remain impossible. People would be stuck wherever they were. Supply routes would be cut off and troop movements impossible. The Bolton's would remain in control of a divided North. There would be no preparation for the army of the dead and when they came they would wipe out everything. By the time anyone in the South understood what was happening they would be under siege. Everybody would have died. Shireen's innocence protected the realm until the Night King showed up at Winterfell. Even Stannis' defeat at Winterfell holds tactical value. He nearly won!! With no siege weapons, no cavilry and fewer men!! Stannis was the first one to draw his sword and remained at the head of his army (as he always did). Look at the aftermath of that battle and you will see no Bolton soldiers left standing. Stannis was in the center of combat and survived!! His forces nearly wiped out the Bolton forces. That required the Bolton's to rely on the Manderlys and the Karstarks in the Battle of the Bastards. Had Stannis not depleted their initial numbers Jon would have faced insurmountable odds. It's funny, I always saw Stannis as the foil for Ned Stark in this way. One of my favorite scenes that describes this perfectly is in the season 1 episode Bealor. The conversation between Aemon Targarian and Jon Snow. Maester Aemon asks Jon if he knows why the Night's Watch can have no wives and father no children. "So they will not love. LOVE IS THE DEATH OF DUTY." He says that given the choice most men would prioritize their family over their duty to the realm. He then asks what Jon thinks his father would do. Jon replies that his father would always do what is right. No matter what. Aemon says that his father is "one man in ten thousand". "Most of us are not so strong. What is honor campared to a woman's love? What is duty compared to the feel of a newborn son in your arms? Or a brother's smile?" "We're all human. And we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet, sooner or later, in every man's life there comes a day when it is not easy. A day when he must choose!" As we all know Ned Stark was considered an honorable man. He supported Stannis as the heir to the Iron Throne because he WAS the heir. But when he had to choose between his duty and his family he chose his family. He falsely confessed to treason and proclaimed Joffry the true King plunging the seven kingdoms into a civil war that still hasn't ended. All to save his two daughters. All the lives lost in this conflict to save two people. In the end his love was the death of his duty. Stannis had a similar choice to make. To spare his daughter at the expense of the kingdom or to sacrifice her to ensure it's future and save countless lives in the process. He chose Duty. Stannis Baratheon was that one man in ten thousand Measter Aemon referenced. He loved Shireen. She was possibly the only person he ever loved and he still chose his duty. Why? Because he was King. And a King has a greater responsibility to his people than to his family. A King must be selfless to be effective. And Stannis is the only truly selfless character in the whole series.
  9. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jorah Mormont

    That's exactly what I mean. Stannis is so misunderstood by many fans. People simply refuse to see the significance of Shireen's sacrifice in the grand scheme of the show. It's heartbreaking really to see a character sacrifice LITERALLY EVERYTHING to protect his people only to be precieved as the villian. Stannis is easily the most selfless character in the whole show and singlehandedly responsible for giving Westeros the opportunity to prepare for The Others. Without him, everybody would have died. Full stop.
  10. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jorah Mormont

  11. Lord Stannis-The True King

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    That's why I said Gendry AND Sansa. Gendry has the birthright, the fighting prowess and the knowledge of the common people. Sansa has the political knowledge and understands the aristocrocy. It's a perfect fit. Their strenghths cover each others weaknesses. Together they would create the ideal administration.
  12. Lord Stannis-The True King

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    I personally don't think he is a good leader. So I don't subscribe to that mindset. I'm putting my support behind Gendry and Sansa. A Baratheon restoration is what's needed not Targarian.
  13. Lord Stannis-The True King

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    As far as Jon goes, with the conclusion of the White Walker threat I'm hoping his purpose is to end the Targarian line. To kill Daenerys and die in the process. Like Beric, The Lord of Light brought him back for a reason and like Beric, Jon should perish after he served his purpose. He's had his life and seen it's natural end. He died like a Stark. Now it's time for his final purpose to be fulfilled and to return to his natural state.
  14. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Jon's previous sex issues

    Jon mentioned that fear in season 1. He didn't want a child to have his life and he was afraid he might accidentally fuck his mom.
  15. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Game of Thrones character poll

    I'm sure they don't. How are those subjects doing by the way? Daenerys destroyed the economic system of three major interdependent cities overnight without providing a replacement. She was keeping those citties (when they weren't in the midst of civil war) together by sheer force of will and fear. I'm sure everything is working fine now that Daario is leading Mireen. And let's not even talk about the hundreds (or is it thousands? It's so easy to lose track) of people mercilessly murdered in her persuit of power. Daenerys is very good at breaking things and bringing death. Not so good at stable substantive policy. She's a terrible ruler. Not unexpected really, given that she had no experience and no training. But her insistence on ruling and her "obey me or die" mentality is not a good combination. She's also quite partial to fits of rage that result in hundreds of innocent deaths like, for example, the crusifixons in Mireen. But hey, she says she's a hero so we must believe her. Right?