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  1. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    100% agree with everything you said. And there are way more overt comparisons in season 7 with Danerys Killing off the Tarlys and Cersei killing off the Tyrells. Both of them constantly being advised against violence and both ignoring that advice, both threatening their closest advisors with death. They really are two sides of the same coin. The 7 kingdoms cought between two mad Queens. What a disaster. Now, I'm not a huge Sansa fan, but I agree with your assessment that of all the female characters right now Sansa is the most qualified to be Queen and would be the best choice. Just as I maintain that Gendry would be the best King (really the only choice as the last Baratheon). That pairing would bring peace to the Kingdoms, and would demonstrate the duty rulers have to their people over their personal desires. Niether character loves the other, it is soley political. He has the birthright and the fighting prowess, she has the political knowledge. Gendry would have to give up his love with Arya (his lyanna) for the sake of the kingdom and reestablish the alliance between the Baratheons and the Starks. Beautiful symmetry.
  2. Lord Stannis-The True King

    What ending of Game of Thrones do you absolutely not want to see?

    Agreed. Any type of Targarian restoration would be disastrous. House Baratheon going extinct would kill my soul. So, by extension, Gendry dying would be terrible. I'm honestly not really worried about Gendry though. In many ways he's one of the least expendable characters on the show. But a Targarian restoration haunts my dreams. There are so many fans that would love to see that and the showrunners have made decisions in the past based off of fan desire. Also, Brianne, Jon, Danerys, and Cersei surviving would really irritate me.
  3. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    What gave it away...
  4. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    I'd honestly hate to be a Lord in the seven kingdoms at this time. Politically, the people are divided between two "Mad Queens". Both options suck. We have one Baratheon left but his existence is like a state secret at the moment and therefore not an option people are privy to. But Cersei and Daenerys are like two sides of the same coin. Both equally crazy and tyrannical. This last season really demonstrated their similarities. Both wiped out a great house of westeros out of pure vengeance and selfish gain (Tyrell and Tarly). They both have incestous relations. Neither have a claim to the throne. People like to cast Cersei as the villian, but Danerys has done just as much bad. Most point to the Destruction of the Sept of Baelor as Cersei's biggest crime. The mass slaughtering of Innocents. Danerys did the same thing in Mireen crusifying hundreds of people based on their position in society not their political morality. Many of those people opposed the attrocity Danerys sentenced them for. Both characters enjoy torturing their enemies. Danerys has fed people to her dragons. Even her allies. Cersei does the same only she uses The Mountain. I definitely see a trend in Danerys verging on the madness her family is known for. How many times do your advisors have to council you not to murder hundreds of people before you realize your perspective might be skewed. In Season 7 alone Danerys had to be talked down from mass murder at least two times (maybe more, I didn't specifically count). Tyrion and Varys even have that conversation discussing the potentiality of their council no longer working. Add to that the policical and economical disaster that was her conquest of Essos and you have incopitence to add to Danerys' list of attributes. She destroyed their economy overnight and dismantled their cast system ensuring poverty for the vast majority of people and stoking hatred amounst the ex Masters and freed slaves. With that act she made herself responsible for the welfare of the people in those cities. Not only did she show indifference and indignation to many of her subjects she eventually just gave up and left making the entire enterprise an unequivical failure. She made herself their monarch by conquring their cities and destroying their economic system. Then gave no replacement for the lost revenue of the slave trade and the now increased cost of labor. Then she abandoned them with no plan, instead opting to put a mercinary with no political experience in charge. Wow. Just wow. Both characters are designed to mirror each other. But make no mistake, they are both terrible rulers that justify attrocities against their own people for selfish gain.
  5. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    People just aren't very observant. It's cause and effect. I always saw Stannis as the foil for Ned Stark. One of my favorite scenes that describes this perfectly is in the season 1 episode Bealor. The conversation between Aemon Targarian and Jon Snow. Maester Aemon asks Jon if he knows why the Night's Watch can have no wives and father no children. "So they will not love. LOVE IS THE DEATH OF DUTY." He says that given the choice most men would prioritize their family over their duty to the realm. He then asks what Jon thinks his father would do. Jon replies that his father would always do what is right. No matter what. Aemon says that his father is "one man in ten thousand". "Most of us are not so strong. What is honor campared to a woman's love? What is duty compared to the feel of a newborn son in your arms? Or a brother's smile?" "We're all human. And we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet, sooner or later, in every man's life there comes a day when it is not easy. A day when he must choose!" As we all know Ned Stark was considered an honorable man. He supported Stannis as the heir to the Iron Throne because he WAS the heir. But when he had to choose between his duty and his family he chose his family. He falsely confessed to treason and proclaimed Joffry the true King plunging the seven kingdoms into a civil war that still hasn't ended. All to save his two daughters. All the lives lost in this conflict to save two people. In the end his love was the death of his duty. Stannis had a similar choice to make. To spare his daughter at the expense of the kingdom or to sacrifice her to ensure it's future and save countless lives in the process. He chose Duty. Stannis Baratheon was that one man in ten thousand Measter Aemon referenced. He loved Shireen. She was possibly the only person he ever loved and he still chose his duty. Why? Because he was King. And a King has a greater responsibility to his people than to his family. A King must be selfless to be effective. And Stannis is the only truly selfless character in the whole series.
  6. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    I'm quite partial to the Baratheons. Stannis Baratheon is the only truly selfless person on the whole show. He saved the world at the expense of everything he cared about. I do feel Gendry has that potential as well. But I will admit we haven't seen him in a leadership role to know just yet. Robert Baratheon was indeed a selfish man, but he did liberate the people from the tyranny of the Targarian bloodline. And he did safeguard the Kingdom for almost 20 years after. Sure, the kingdom was in debt, but people were happy and without war or strife. I find it hard to condemn him on those grounds. His selfishness did not inexorably translate to the suffering of his people. Shireen thought more of others than herself. She attempted to understand the human condition through litterature and philosophy and possessed great insight and compassion.
  7. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    I really can't speak to the books, but in the show this is certainly true. Eddard, Rob, and Catelyn failed their people in major ways to benefit their family and Jon has made some selfish and stupid decisions in keeping with that tradition.
  8. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    Well, he's both a Targarian and a Stark. The Targarians have a diseased bloodline due to centuries of inbreeding that causes many of them to spontainoisly go crazy and the Starks only ever think of themselves and their family not the people they are responsible to. It's a terrible combination. Jon has no idea how to rule. He losses every battle he fights and allows his emotions to cloud his judgement (such as it is) and even if he avoids the madness in his blood his children would carry that same risk. Eventually the people would be put in danger because of him. Jon taking the throne will bring nothing but suffering.
  9. Lord Stannis-The True King

    how inbred is daenerys?

    We know the Targarian indreeding practice has existed for centuries. Something about keeping the bloodline pure to control the dragons, and to consolidate power within their own house. Obviously many generations did not marry their family otherwise the bloodline would have died out long ago, but enough did to where the people coined the phrase "When a Targarian is born the gods flip a coin." Referring to the inherited madness that befalls the children of incest. It is also presented in a rather Blase' manner when discussing the Targarian dynasty to the point I feel people just accepted it as a standard practice and were no longer surprised by it. That also tells me it happened somewhat frequently. But that last bit is really just my reading of the lines delivered.
  10. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    We'll see about that. For the sake of the realm I hope not.
  11. Lord Stannis-The True King

    If Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie,

  12. Lord Stannis-The True King

    What is the role of Gendry?

    You're welcome to your opinion of course, but that ending would be truly tragic. A child of incest, born of a mother who was born of incest, from a family who's inbreeding practices led to many insane monarchs throughout history. That would spell doom for the future of the kingdom. History would be destined to repeat it's self. The people would be forced to Rebel once again. Super dark. In my opinion Gendry is the only option. Especially if his mother is Cersei. He would be the rightful King in no need of legitimization.
  13. Lord Stannis-The True King

    If Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie,

    "The narrative is pointing away from your interpretation" is itself an interpretation of the material being presented. I disagree with your thesis and gave various points that challenge your interpretation of that material. You seem content not to confront these points in an open dialog. I won't push you any further. I enjoy a good discussion but I can tell that's not what you're looking for. Also, King Stannis Baratheon did die hero. In fact I spent a great deal of time explaining that to you in another thread that you didn't feel like responding to. If that is a topic you are interested in discussing I would ask you to reply in the Stannis' vs Danny thread. I would be happy to hear your thoughts on the subject and challenge any assertions you have to the contrary.
  14. Lord Stannis-The True King

    If Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie,

    The facts that I was referring to were in my very large quote above. If I am understanding you correctly, you are choosing to accept a voice over as non-biased factual information not open to interpretation over your own opinion based on the facts that the series presents, simply because you deem information conveyed in a voice over as more important than the conclusions you can draw from the actual events. If that is your perspective than there really is no point in discussing anything. You have turned off your brain and made yourself incapable of thinking critically or developing a rational opinion. I will however mention an alternate possibility for this voice over. It could be to walk the audience through what they are seeing. I know many people who have watched the whole series only once as each episode comes on. Many of them are fuzzy in details and what characters are connected to which others, especially if we've never seen them before (Rhaegar). My mother for example didn't understand the context of the Tower of Joy revelation or who Rhaegar even was. Explaining the history of the series to a casual fan is beyond exhausting. This information was presented in this format to allow casual fans to more easily follow the story. Now on to the content of Bran's little voice over. It seems you are taking everything he says as abject unbiased fact. I really don't see how you can. He sees the past. That is true. However, it has been clearly established that he only sees one piece at a time. He's not omnitiant. He doesn't know all. Only what he sees in the order he sees it. That makes him fallable. He can say one thing based on the events he's seen only to later understand he misinterpreted those events based on a lack of information. For example, let's say in the future the three eyed Raven looks back and sees Joffry's coronation. He would say that Joffry is the King. Only later he sees his true parantage and realizes that is false. Everything is open to interpretation. Bran saying that Jon is the true King exemplifies this fact. He (as far as we know and have been shown) has not seen anything of Robert's Rebellion or the events over the centuries that led to it. He has no context to draw from but that which Bran had. Which is very little. I would suggest you think more about what is presented to you. Crittical thinking is a valuable asset in storytelling. As is the unreliable narrator.
  15. Lord Stannis-The True King

    If Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie,

    I am open to this discussion. All the info I have discussed is present in the TV Show (I actually haven't read the books). How is Robert's Rebellion being undermined? And more specifically, how do you interpret these facts differently to arrive and your "interpretation". No sarcasm here, I'm genuinely interested in your opinion. P.S. - I'm glad you've finially decided to respond to me. I was very disappointed that you decided not to converse in the Danny vs Stannis thread.