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  1. Oh. Good question!! Danerys should have publicly executed Tyrion for his betrayal. I would have killed Jon at Winterfell. Jorah should have survived and been the one to kill Danerys at the end. It would have been truly heartbreaking to see a disallusioned but still completely in-love Jorah kill Danerys. I'd then have Drogon burn him alive while holding her. Upon realizing Danerys is dead the Unsullied and the Dothraki break ranks and pillage the countryside raping and murdering. The Iron born fuck-off to their little island to wait out the carnage and maybe raid the North again. War engulfs the seven Kingdoms once more necessitating fractured armies to join together to rid the country of foriegn occupation. Many alliances are formed and many new leaders rise to prominance in this campaign. One of which is Gendry. Mirroring Robert's Rebellion he becomes a great warrior and an icon for the common people. The North would have remained in the Seven Kingdoms. Gendry would be named King with Sansa as Queen. Gendry as the last Baratheon has the birthright, he understands the common people and knows compassion. Sansa knows the politics and how to govern. Together they would realize Robert and Eddard's shared vision of a united future between house Baratheon and house Stark. The North is appeased with a Stark in the Red Keep and future royalty on the throne. It is, above all a political marriage just like Ned and Cat. Gendry gives up his love for Arya for the good of the realm. He comes to embody all the positive attributes of the Baratheon family; Robert's strength, Stannis' duty-bound justice and Renly's likeability. Sansa would be the true power in the Seven Kingdoms. She knows the game and how to play it. Joffry, Tommen and Cercei are struck from the royal record and labeled as the userpers they were. Stannis is pothumesly recorded as the second King in the Baratheon dynasty. Melesandre's prophecy fulfilled. Davos is made Hand of the King fulfilling Stannis' pledge. With house Targaryen and house Lannister extinct a new house is appointed Warden of the West and the royal family maintains rightful possession of Dragonstone. That's really it. Jon dies in ep 3. Jorah kills Danerys in ep 6. Gendry and Sansa rule together.
  2. Great question. I believe so. The Night King was marching on the wall without knowing a dragon would be available. I honestly believe Bran broke the Magical Wards on the wall when he passed through with the mark (just like at the Three Eyed Raven's lair). If true the dead army would only have needed to break down the gates and entrances the Night's Watch use. It would take a bit longer that's all.
  3. @#1dolFAN Any Updates? Surly you've gotten past season 2 by now.ghhhhhhg
  4. Robb's decisions... what a wonderful topic. I've had many conversations with fans over the years and most people I speak to hold Robb up on a pedestal of Moral Superiority. There is nothing wrong with enjoying any and every character in a story. But one should not blind themselves to their failings. In this way Robb is very much his father's son. He put's his desires and the needs of his immediate family before the needs of the people of which he supposedly represents. Take, for example his decision to Revolt against the Crown in favor of Northern succession. What motivated this decision? He was marching on Kings Landing in the hopes of rescuing his sisters from the Lannister's illegal coup and to gain revenge his father. I can understand and even support these goals. But why succeed? The Starks owe their allegiance to the Baratheons. Both families have supported each other for decades. Given the lineage of Cercei's children (brought to light by Eddard) by right Robb should have supported Stannis just as his father did. The only reason I can see for succession is abject vanity. Big Jon stood up and called him "The King in The North" and he just liked the sound. There was no contemplation as to the ramifications that would bring on his people or the people in the other six kingdoms. He put no value in upholding his family's oath. The same thing happened with the Freys. He agreed to a political marriage. Gave his oath and broke it for love. A true leader does not have the luxury of choosing many aspects of his life. These choices are made based on what is in the best interest of the people you are responsible for. There was absolutely no advantage to marrying Talisa. It was just something he wanted. He destroyed his credibility, alienated his allies, put his people at risk and underestimated his enemy all in one move. Rob often times was his own worst enemy. He was a true Stark. Had he honored his oaths and the oaths of his family, joined with Stannis to liberate Kings Landing as a combined force and married the Frey girl, things would have ended quite differently I imagine. But, then again, much of this wouldn't have been necessary in the first place if Eddard Stark had done the honorable thing and protected the people instead of his two daughters. His false confession led to a civil war that lasted years and nearly destroyed the entire country. In Robb's case his actions nearly destroyed the North. Like father, like son.
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