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  1. Are people actually assuming both Jon and Dany will both survive long enough to rule over Westeros together . . . seriously?
  2. ThePukwudgie

    Discussing Sansa XXXI: The plot thickens...

    I was so pissed off at Arya this episode(most episodes really). Sansa didn't deserve that.
  3. ThePukwudgie

    The looks

    That's what I've been saying ever since I read the leaks. It does feel forced.
  4. ThePukwudgie

    Discussing Sansa XXIX: On all fronts...

    What I don't understand is why that's indicative of bad writing. I always see people making this mistake of painting a character's flaws as "bad writing."
  5. ThePukwudgie

    Discussing Sansa XXIX: On all fronts...

    I disagree. If what you say is true, Jon would be failing at a comically-high frequency. I think all the writers want to do is show the complications of playing this game, and how neither Jon nor Sansa are right, but they do need eachother.
  6. ThePukwudgie

    Discussing Sansa XXIX: On all fronts...

    It's almost as if D&D want viewers to doubt Sansa . . . . No no no, that can't be it. I'll never understand why people like to paint character flaws as weak writing. Sansa is a flawed human being. So is Jon. They struggle to trust eachother not because they don't care about eachother, but because they doubt the other's competency.
  7. ThePukwudgie

    what are your predictions

    Viserion is captured and publicly made an example of by Cersei.
  8. ThePukwudgie

    Discusing Sansa XVIII: North and South

    I don't get all the complaints about false tension between Jon and Sansa. They're both unreasonable and imperfect people, and this is how they express their imperfect way of communicating with eachother. It's like when people complain that Sansa is inconsistent. No, she's nuanced. My point is this is WHO the characters are. Just like real people, they're messy, hypocritical at times, and rarely communicate their ideas effectively. This is some good writing right here.