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  1. Bowen 747

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Breaking your oaths does not relieve you of your duties to the Night's Watch. It doesn't matter what that criminal Mance Rayder felt. His opinions are unimportant. He is a sworn brother of the Night's Watch. Desertion does not relieve him nor does it free him from his vows. Nothing can. Mance Rayder is still a member of the Night's Watch.
  2. Bowen 747

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Jon doesn't need more information to tell him it was wrong to send Mance on a mission to get Arya. He knew that already. Whatever his plan was, it was doomed to fail because he was trying to do something stupid. It's a good thing Bowen stopped him before Jon made more bad decisions. Yes. Hardhome is going to be a disaster. Jon let his fondness for the wildlings determine his decision. He wasted his best trained forces to make a rescue attempt at some likely troublemakers.
  3. Bowen 747

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I don't know. I hope he can break out of the Stark's primitive pack mindset and do what's best for the people.
  4. Oaths are taken very, very seriously in Westeros. It is the foundation for trust and relationships. Even a loved member of the Kingsguard got gelded and banished to the north for oathbreaking. Like Ned Stark said in GOT, no man is more dangerous than the oathbreaker. It is silly to believe the people will forgive an oathbreaker. Mance Rayder is a known oathbreaker. He should have been executed for his crimes of desertion, which is oathbreaking. He's a man who loved to love the women, like Lucamore. He might accept a gelding if that were the extent of his crimes. But he led a wildling attack on the wall. That is treason against the kingdom. Mance Rayder should have been executed.
  5. Then the Lannisters will put Cersei on the throne. Jaime follows if she dies. It's not all about claim. It's also about power. Who has the power to take the throne. Stannis does not. The Lannisters have it and it's theirs until somebody takes it from them. The Baratheons stole the throne from the Targaryens. The Lannisters stole it from the Baratheons. Stannis lost his place in the line.
  6. Bowen 747

    Poll: Is the House with the Red Door in Dorne?

    The house can be anywhere Viserys and Daenerys visited. It's a childhood memory. It is normal for people to get their earliest memories mixed up. I'm going with Braavos. Willem and the children were guests of the Sealord. They had access to his greenhouse and palace.
  7. Bowen 747

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    Well, he has been plundering for years. He takes his considerable plunder and gifts it to the faceless people for a hit on his brother. We also know his crew is not completely loyal, else he would have no need to cut their tongues. Euron uses people whose loyalties are in question. He's willing to chance it. It's hard to mutiny if you have to do it in sign language in different accents. Therein likes the key to Aeron's survival. If he can get the crew on his side and get them to rebel against Euron. What Aerea had was a case of a strange parasitic infection. You can get worms in the real world through many ways. Ingestion and skin penetration are just two.
  8. It doesn't matter who has the better claim. Daenerys is the one who brought back the dragons. That makes her a Goddess in the eyes of the Targaryen supporters. Her identity and therefore her claim is without question. Aegon's is based on personal references only and cannot be proven. Aegon should step aside.
  9. Bowen 747

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    A Game of Thrones has the best final chapter. Dany hatched her three dragon eggs in the middle of the Dothraki Sea.
  10. The Baratheons will be nothing more than a tiny footnote in history.
  11. Bowen 747

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    It's possible the dragons have to renew like the phoenix. Generations get weaker until the species itself is renewed. Though the Targaryens themselves diluted the purity of their blood by marrying outside the family. That could also have its own negative effects. Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal are perfect. They survived the trek through the Red Waste. Daenerys herself is perfect. Good foundations from which to rebuild the new Targaryens and their dragons. Daenerys Targaryen and Aegon Blackfyre will be the foundations from which the Targaryen family will rebuild. Her three dragons will be the foundation for future dragons.
  12. Bowen 747

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    I doubt that moron is coming back to life. Not as a human anyway. He will be back as a direwolf. And that was very silly of the show to name him Aegon. What most likely happened is he stays dead in the books or becomes a direwolf. They purposely left out Aegon Blackfyre, which is a very important part of the plot, to make room for Jon to come back.
  13. Bowen 747

    Stygai , city of the Night

    Nobody really knows what is in Stygai. Could be werewolves and Stark ancestors for all we know. Probably inspired by the mythological Styx.
  14. Alright, to be fair, a sweeping multi-volume saga gave GRRM the pages he needed to develop his characters. He had the room and he had the time to invest in character development. It takes many pages to fully flesh out a character. You can develop a few characters in a short story but to develop this many and at the depth that he did took five books. GRRM had to make the story interesting enough to hook the reader while in the process of developing the characters. Then the reader is really hooked once he or she has fallen in love with at least one character in the story. I knew I had to read A Clash of Kings as soon as i read the magnificent ending of A Game of Thrones. I was hooked.