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  1. Bowen 747

    On Janos Slynt

    Very inaccurate comparison between Moses and Mance. Moses was leading slaves to freedom. Mance led outlaws, raiders, and criminals into the realm. People forget, the wildlings are not a meek people who simply wanted nothing to do with laws. They were people who raided and murdered law abiding people on the other side of the wall. So much so that the lands closest to the wall had to be abandoned. Mance Rayder is a sworn man of the Night's Watch who betrayed them because he got tired of obeying orders and not some high moral calling. He is a man who can never be trusted. He follows and makes his own rules. He killed the servants of his host in Winterfell and violated guest rights. His attacks killed a lot of crows at the wall. The man is bad news.
  2. Lyanna was engaged to Robert.
  3. Bowen 747

    Lady Stoneheart's destination

    LSH is not in a forgiving mood. She won't leave the river lands until every Frey and Lannister are dead. Only then will she go after the Boltons. Her body will not last that long though. Unless the weather turns to freezing and then she will stop rotting away. I do feel bad for Catelyn. To what she turned out. George is really harsh on people who start wars that will not benefit the people.
  4. Bowen 747

    Will Dany burn Essos on the way to Westeros?

    Agree, the results will be mixed but good in the long run. Like the end of slavery in the American south brought hardships in the short term.
  5. There would not be a coalition. It will be the Starks, Baratheons, Arryns, and Tullys on their own. Minus their bannermen. Their bannermen would have abandoned them to make a deal with Queen Daenerys. So yeah, about two dozen men and women against 108,000 troops. The Reach have no issues with the Targaryens. They will side with Daenerys. I would say all of the lords will flock to the dragon banner except the Starks, Baratheons, Arryns, and Tullys. Team SBAT (Stark, Bartheon, Arryn, Tully) will be the bad guys in this fight for resisting the Targaryen restoration.
  6. Bowen 747

    Will Dany burn Essos on the way to Westeros?

    You are making some great points. GRRM himself is on record saying he would have fought the Nazis. Daenerys is actually carrying out the only justified war. Robb's war was not justified and entirely avoidable. Going to war because one boy got crippled is not good.
  7. Bowen 747

    Will Dany burn Essos on the way to Westeros?

    She has enough on her plate. There has to be enough battles for the other leading characters to fight. Daenerys will have two major battles. The fight for freedom in Slaver's Bay to end slavery for good. And the battle for Westeros. The slaves will have to win their freedom from their masters because freedom doesn't just happen. It is something that has to be won with blood if need be. Vogarro's Widow and some of the other antislavery people like Benerro will lead the slave revolts. The slaves with "bloody hands" in the vision calling out to Mhysa will have won their own freedom.
  8. Bowen 747

    Creepiest part

    That is creepy. But it is possibly caused by exaggeration on the part of the maesters.
  9. Bowen 747

    Slayer of Lies triad; another look

    The stone beast is Jon Snow, the "shadow." A shadow birthed through magic. Created by blocked light, by the Others. He will make himself king of the north. Dany will roast him for laying claim to what is not his. Stannis is the blue eyed king with the red sword. He was propped up as the Azor Ahai. That will also be proven wrong and will end in his execution. The mummer's dragon does not necessarily mean an actor is propping up the dragon. It means the false dragon is the actor. He is not the true heir to Westeros. He will also get roasted for taking what is not his. They will lay claim to Westeros, which is not theirs, and get themselves killed.
  10. Bowen 747

    Why couldn't Robb send a team to retrieve Sansa?

    I don't like Robb but this is not entirely accurate. He called for his banners to leave their families and farms to fight for him. They answered the call. His most important duty is not to his sisters, it is to the men who followed him into battle. Making sure they won the war is more important than the well-being of his siblings. The Starks chose to do this and therefore everyone in that family takes the risks. If Sansa and Arya must die in order to gain them an advantage then so be it. That is the case even if they were being tortured. Robb needed to put them aside for the sake of victory. There is such a thing as caring too much and no longer able to properly think things through. Case in point, Jon Snow at the wall. Robb is right in how he handled Sansa's captivity. Jon is wrong in how he handled Arya's marriage to Ramsay. Jon loved Arya too much so that he could no longer perform his duties and made some terrible decisions as a result.
  11. Bowen 747

    On Janos Slynt

  12. I'm guessing the O/P is a fan of the Starks and is trying very hard to discredit the Targaryens. I don't think it's working. Less inept than the Starks, who dragged the realm into war because (1) Lyanna selfishly broke her engagements to Robert because she didn't want to marry him. Take one for the team, Lyanna. What the heart wants is not important. (2) Brandon the hothead threatened to murder the Targaryens. (3) Catelyn kidnaps Tyrion. (4) Robb chose to go to war. (5) Bastard son of the house picks a fight with the new Warden of the North and threatens to attack them with Wildlings. True, it was bound to end and could have ended without any reason other than the lords wanting to become petty kings again.
  13. Bowen 747

    An Evil Name

  14. Bowen 747

    An Evil Name

    The nutjobs who criticize Daenerys Targaryen's liberation war in Slaver's Bay are the same people who would justify slavery and would have sat on their behinds and allowed the South to continue slavery. Peace is not worth it if the price is slavery. In the case of Slaver's Bay, that was the price of "peace." Yes peace existed on the surface for the free people but a violence worse than the violence of war was being inflicted on the slaves.
  15. Just about all of the houses will side with her, minus the leaders of the rebellion. All of the houses want to side with whom will win. So all of the houses, except the Tullys, Lannisters, Baratheons, and Starks. I can also believe the stronger bannermen like Bolton and Frey would do the right thing and betray the Starks and the Tullys to side with the Targaryen. Martells, Tyrells, Greyjoys, Hightowers would support. Littlefinger would thrown in with the dragons and hope for a sweet reward. Yes, she would win. Easily.