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  1. Bowen 747

    Viserys (Aerys II kid )as king

    Good analysis
  2. Bowen 747

    Family Traits

    Agrees with you
  3. Bowen 747

    Brandon, companions and Rickard Stark sent to wall

    What Aerys did to Brandon and Rickard are fine. He went wrong with Jon Arryn. He should have found a better way to deal with Eddard and Robert. I would have quietly executed Brandon and Rickard. But not before asking Rickard to summon Eddard to King's Landing. Ambush and kill Eddard on the road.
  4. Bowen 747

    How do you expect Euron to die? (If he does)

    Asha or Theon
  5. Old Nan's story painted a bleak picture. The Starks and many of the other families might die out.
  6. Bowen 747

    How advanced is Westerosi Agriculture?

    I congratulate you for presenting us with this very specialized topic. One of the main concerns for a Westerosi farmer is the erratic weather. The lack of technology prevents high yields but at least they do very little damage to the environment.
  7. Bowen 747

    What made you become a fan of ASOIAF?

    The characters. I truly love some of the characters and would like to know how their stories turn out.
  8. Bowen 747

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    If Robb had survived. That was the condition given. It is not out of the question for him to get sent to the Wall. After all, he would be dead if the powers who won wanted him dead. So they must want him alive. The Wall is a good option. His oathbreaking will be known. He will be considered a dangerous prisoner because he was the leader of the rebellion against Joffrey. His oath is no good. Do you not think he would be watched at the Wall?
  9. Bowen 747

    Red Wedding: Robb's fate

    The criticism (or the blame) is directed more at human nature itself rather than the individuals. Human love can lead to very bad decisions which hurt many. Love is seen as beautiful and positive; however, George is showing us how it is the reason why a lot of shitty things happen. There appear no salvation on the horizon. Hence the future seem bleak.
  10. Bowen 747

    The Myth of the Self-made Person

    Very well. Would you say Greyworm rose to his rank on merit? They do weed out the weak so the cream rises to the top but it is an equal opportunity system among the trainees. Promotion is based on merit within their system. Emphasize their system.
  11. Bowen 747

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    The point of the hypothetical question from the author of the topic is in keeping with what I said. If he had lived through the RW, then he would be known as an oathbreaker. He would be a defeated rebel and the winners will label him oathbreaker. "Having" is what happened, but the thread author is asking us to predict the "would have" if his scenario happened.
  12. Bowen 747

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    He would if he had lived. He's dead, decapped, and buried. But if he had lived, yes, he would be known as an oathbreaker.
  13. Bowen 747

    ASOIAF nicknames: The Sinister Truth

    Arya Horseface because she has a head shape like a horse's. Conspicuously long, like a yellow squash really.
  14. Bowen 747

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    He would have been sent to the Wall. Although his reputation for a dishonorable oathbreaker would mean he will need watching.
  15. Bowen 747

    Lord Walder's Punctuality

    I might add, Hoster Tully was likely a little jealous. Any toll was considered too much and the Freys were making money easily. The Freys had the vision to build a bridge and put up toll booths. Good for them.