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  1. Here's to hoping Sweetrobin flips the tables on Sansa and Petyr and beats them at their own nasty scheming.
  2. George R. R. Martin said in an interview that Arya Stark is psychopathic murderer. Pay careful attention around the 55 minute mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfbwx7RAJss&feature=youtu.be&t=3316 That settles the argument. No amount of spinning from her fans will change that. Arya Stark is crazy and suffers from a severe personality disorder.
  3. @Egged It's a nice theory and explains why we haven't heard from Marwyn. He is clearly on a mission of great importance. May as well catch a ride with the iron fleet and bring them to the service of the most important person in the world. If true, he will make sure the Vicster and his ironborn end up serving the goald of our favorite young lady, Queen Daenerys Targaryen.
  4. Victim is putting it mildly. The only way for a person of non-noble birth to have justice is to force the nobles to sign some kind of Magna Carta. Arya compounded the injustice by killing Dareon. Arya is seriously messed up. I look forward to the day when she meets her own end.
  5. You mean after he finds out that Snowball's father is the wildling, Mance Rayder. It doesn't matter. Snowball is a wight by now.
  6. The ruling classes in Essos and Westeros have no reasons to want progress. They have everything in the system going their way. Progress would only erode their status and power.
  7. I would consider releasing Ser Aliser from the watch and making him Lord of Storm's End.
  8. Good choices. My choice would include Ser Aliser Thorne.
  9. Bran will use his skin changing powers to take control of the wights and use them to get even with the Lannisters and the Ironborn. It is disgusting to use the dead like that but Bran is starting to move towards the darker side of things.
  10. Sansa and Jeyne must have found it amusing.
  11. Only if hell freezes. It can in this universe.
  12. Roose was in the same awkward position as Lady Dustin. They had to join or else face the anger of the Starks.
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