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  1. Bowen 747

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    You know, this logic never stopped the supporter of R+L=J from posting silly threads as if this weak theory has been confirmed.
  2. Bowen 747

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    The comet guided young Daenerys and her Khalasar to safety. Almost as if sent by the gods to lead a promised people through a desert and to a place of safety. Daenerys has been referred to as the Moses. Why not a burning comet to show the way in place of a burning bush.
  3. Bowen 747

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Black because that is the primary color of the Targaryens. Black and red. It is also the color of her dragon, Drogon. The Lannisters are not associated with the golden dragon. They are not dragons. To be specific, one Lannister is the "white" lion. This being Jaime Lannister. His identity as a Kingsguard is the source of the white color.
  4. Bowen 747

    Why Does Darkstar Matter?

    because he is the White Dragon.
  5. Bowen 747

    What is the importance of the Hrakkar, the White Lion?

    Dany is the Black Dragon. The White Lions are the Lannisters. Yeah so she will skin at least one of the Lannisters. The lion in the tall grass has to be Tyrion. He will die for his part in the second betrayal.
  6. Aegon is not interested in helping the slaves. The GC fight for gold. They don't fight for principles. On the hypothetical idea of them attacking Volantis. It will be a failure without the help from the slaves within. The slaves will have to rebel and take out the masters from the inside. Aegon chose to turn a blind eye to slavery. He had a chance to help his aunt. He chose to go to Westeros instead. Daenerys is more worthy to rule.
  7. Worse for the masters. Not so for the former slaves. Slavery in America didn't end without tearing down the south. It takes bringing hell to force the vile slave owners to give up their ways. The most intelligent person in Volantis, the Widow, has the right of it. It's clearly stated for us. The Widow said "tell the Mother that we are waiting".
  8. Bowen 747

    Poll. is Greywind dead?

    You are not mistaken. That is what the Freys did. Greywind is dead.
  9. Bowen 747

    Character community opinion #1

    We already know how each of us feel about the characters. You can tell from my user name where I stand on the characters.
  10. Bowen 747

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    The only Starks that I dislike are Sansa and Jon. Tbh,, I skimmed over a few of their chapters. I don't like Jon and Sansa. Arya and Cat were not that bad to read. I am not a fan of Arya but I can read through her chapters most of the time. Bran's chapters are the best of a bad lot. He at least had supernatural magic. I would not read these volumes were it not for Dorne and Essos. I am a Daenerys fan and will continue to read because I want to know what happens with her and her entourage. So be it if I have to endure a few chapters from Sansa and Jon.
  11. He wouldn't know about Val. He wouldn't know about Jon's lie. Jon kept the mission to get Arya secret. Petyr has never met Jon. For all he knew, the boy was honorable and like most men would stick to his duties.
  12. Bowen 747

    My Cold Hands Theory: Jon Snow

    He skin changed the elk. If Coldhands was a Stark during his life. That's why the elk behaved like a domesticated animal.
  13. Petyr doesn't have all of the information needed to put that letter together.
  14. Right because Theon hid the truth from the wildlings. Mance doesn't know. The writer knew she's not the real Arya. We can rule out Mance Rayder as a suspect.
  15. He tortured Mance. He knows everything the turncloak crow knows. Then he tortured his prisoners of war from his victory over Stannis.