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  1. She is destined for greatness. There is no room for Daario in her future.
  2. He also wants to protect her from assassins that the citadel may send. He wants to protect Dany and the dragons.
  3. Daenerys will ride Drogon. She may even ride Rhaegal and Viserion for a time. She has a special bond with HER dragons. She is the Mother of Dragons. Cannibal was old already during the dance. He's bones by now. Sheepstealer will already have a rider if she/he is still alive. I am guessing an Ibenesse.
  4. By some, it really means a small minority. And those will change their minds as soon as their master gives them a whipping.
  5. The Merlin analogy is good. Merlin guided Arthur. He was the teacher. The best teacher guides the student to the right answer. Quaithe is doing something similar with Dany. Quaithe's theme has always been this, the straight line is not always the best way. She says the quick way, or the shortest route, is not always the best road to take. Her advice and manners enforce these concepts. And so it does with the way she delivers her advice to Dany. That circles her back to when she was Lady Ellisa Farman. The latter went west and circled to the other side of the world. It took years but surely she learned a lot from the voyage. Elisa took west to go east. She started where the sun sets and ends where it rises. It is a long way of saying take your time and learn before going home. It's the kind of advice you would give to a 16 year old who wants to accomplish much in a short time.
  6. Quaithe, Marwyn, and Tyrion have pieces of information that will be important to Dany. Quaithe is about the future, Marwyn the past, and Tyrion the politics back home.
  7. Edric doesn't need a major role. It is enough that a Baratheon gets to experience life as an exile. It's karma biting back at the Baratheons for the misery they inflicted on Daenerys and Viserys.
  8. What Was Jon Snow Switched With at Birth? A horse. They share the long face.
  9. Cersei is not really a leader. She marries into power but that is all. Robb can lead in battle but he is not at competent at ruling. Jon is the same as Robb. He may have some leadership abilities but he is not a ruler. Jon failed at justice when he killed Janos Slynt. He chose poorly when he sent Mance and the wildlings to get Arya. Daenerys is the one who should rule over Westeros. The slaves see Dany as the Mother. They will be loyal to Dany. Yeah, so they will rule those cities but they will be subordinate to her.
  10. Weirwood trees need a deep topsoil. Shallow soil and those where the bedrock is shallow will not support the roots of these weird trees. But there must be places in Essos where the soil is deep. The lack of weirwoods can only mean overharvesting.
  11. Gold, timber, weirwood, and fur. Slaves are plentiful in Essos. The wildlings are bad to use for slaves.
  12. This to me is explicit. Light is life. Dawn brings light. Dawn is the Sword of the Morning. Here we have another explicit message. What happened at the Tower of Joy was thing that triggered the end of life. It is what brought the darkness. The steel of man's weapons against the darkness of the Others. Something bad came out of Lyanna and left that tower. This is what started the avalanche that will destroy Westeros. The Sword of the Morning fell and the light with it. This is the beginning of the end. It's almost a fact that Lyanna gave birth to Jon Snow. It matters little who fathered him. He is the rose. A black rose in this story. He will bring death to the people of Westeros by letting the White Walkers in. His love for Arya will drive him to open the gates for the Others. He is the rose and the White Walkers will be the storm that will sweep across the land.
  13. Murder was the only way to get rid of Jon. He was too stubborn to step down.
  14. Baelor came close. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. The eye color and the silver hair are the physical traits of the rightful ruler. Robert's seat time was just a footnote. Daenerys will return and claim her Westeros. The Targaryen reign was never broken because the kingdom passed from Aerys to Viserys to Daenerys.
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