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  1. Bowen 747

    Which book has the best final chapter?

    A Game of Thrones has the best final chapter. Dany hatched her three dragon eggs in the middle of the Dothraki Sea.
  2. The Baratheons will be nothing more than a tiny footnote in history.
  3. Bowen 747

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    It's possible the dragons have to renew like the phoenix. Generations get weaker until the species itself is renewed. Though the Targaryens themselves diluted the purity of their blood by marrying outside the family. That could also have its own negative effects. Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal are perfect. They survived the trek through the Red Waste. Daenerys herself is perfect. Good foundations from which to rebuild the new Targaryens and their dragons. Daenerys Targaryen and Aegon Blackfyre will be the foundations from which the Targaryen family will rebuild. Her three dragons will be the foundation for future dragons.
  4. Bowen 747

    Jon Snow's Real Name

    I doubt that moron is coming back to life. Not as a human anyway. He will be back as a direwolf. And that was very silly of the show to name him Aegon. What most likely happened is he stays dead in the books or becomes a direwolf. They purposely left out Aegon Blackfyre, which is a very important part of the plot, to make room for Jon to come back.
  5. Bowen 747

    Stygai , city of the Night

    Nobody really knows what is in Stygai. Could be werewolves and Stark ancestors for all we know. Probably inspired by the mythological Styx.
  6. Alright, to be fair, a sweeping multi-volume saga gave GRRM the pages he needed to develop his characters. He had the room and he had the time to invest in character development. It takes many pages to fully flesh out a character. You can develop a few characters in a short story but to develop this many and at the depth that he did took five books. GRRM had to make the story interesting enough to hook the reader while in the process of developing the characters. Then the reader is really hooked once he or she has fallen in love with at least one character in the story. I knew I had to read A Clash of Kings as soon as i read the magnificent ending of A Game of Thrones. I was hooked.
  7. Rogue prince was not a visionary. He's not trying to change the world to make it better for the poor. He was just another Targaryen warrior. Fun guy though. Daenerys has a very complicated personality. She is the visionary, the agent of change. Daemon is thinking of the day. Daenerys is thinking of the future. Daemon is a warrior and he's not given to looking at the big picture. One is a warrior, the other is a leader. Daemon can lead a squad. Daenerys can lead an entire nation. So far as similarities, they are both brave. Other than that, they are remarkably different. I doubt those three dragon eggs would have hatched for Daemon.
  8. Bowen 747

    Tyrion's Defense

    His only chance was the one he took. Trial by combat. Now, if they could have found Sansa Stark and pinned the blame on her, and her alone, perhaps Tyrion might have a chance. So say Sansa Stark did it on her own, with help from Dontos.
  9. Bowen 747

    Jon Snow's death

    Jon lost his reason over Arya. He was willing to cause problems for the watch in order to get his sister out of her marriage to Ramsay Bolton. Jon did a lot of illegal things as well as acting very partial in passing judgment. He put the interest of his sister ahead of the best interest of the watch. Which is really saying he place Arya's interest ahead of protecting the kingdom against the white walkers. Jon had to be removed. Bowen did the right thing. Jon was about to take the Wildlings to attack House Bolton. It's not something a sworn brother of the watch should ever do.
  10. Bowen 747

    Name the Parents

    I don't go to that section but the nature of the category would bias the people over there towards a younger group.
  11. Bowen 747

    Name the Parents

    Fathers Aegon (Rhaegar) Daenerys (Aerys) Tyrion (Tywin) Jon (Brandon) Gerold (Aerys) Mothers Aegon (Ellia) Daenerys (Rhaella) Tyrion (Joanna) Jon (Lyanna) Gerold (?)
  12. Bowen 747

    Summer vs. Jaime Lannister

    That Jaime and Robert Strong are important in Bran's plot is clear from that green vision. A great possibility, Bran wargs Robert Strong to kill Jaime. Jaime is killed and Bran continues his path of madness. He sends the giant to kill Tommen and Cersei.
  13. Bowen 747

    Lord Walder Bolton

    House Frey will fare better than any house by dint of numbers. They are very numerous and well spread out. Leaders like Lothar will make sure they survive. They can afford to lose a lot and still survive.
  14. Bowen 747

    Silverwing and the Dying of the Dragons

    There may have been such a conspiracy. But the important thing is, the dragons are back. The Targaryens are just men without their dragons. That is true for most Targaryens. But there are special Targaryens who have amazing abilities. Daenerys and Daenys are two fine examples.