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  1. Foss Gly

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    1. Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He's not funny but his genius and preoccupation with revenge captivated the reader's attention throughout the novel. 2. Foss Gly, the government trained strong man in Clive Cussler's novels.
  2. Foss Gly

    Dany and child murder

    The dragons need time to grow. Khaleesi is in for a long adventure with the Dothraki before she makes it to Westeros.
  3. Foss Gly

    Foreshadowing the end of house stark

    Winterfell is in the war path of the white walkers. They would to pass through and defeat the defenders of the north if they are to be of any threat at all to Westeros. Otherwise they are only a local threat to the far north. That would make the stakes too low for a compelling story. I don't believe all of the Starks will die. The ones who I think will die are Arya, Jon, and Sansa. Rickon will survive with the wildlings. Bran will become the 3ER under that tree. I am also of the opinion that one of the Stark girls will have a baby before she dies. The father will carry wildling blood and the baby will be like the son of Bael.
  4. Foss Gly

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Jon's job was to stay out of Bolton business and avoid violating the NW rule of neutrality. Bowen had to stop Jon from leading the wildlings on a Bolton raid. Bowen is right, Jon is wrong.
  5. Foss Gly

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    One can find similarities if he looks hard enough. My opinion. Brutus was a friend of Julius. Bowen was not a friend of Jon's. Brutus personally betrayed Julius. Bowen Marsh didn't betray Jon because he was only doing his job. Bowen was acting in his professional capacity and did his sworn duty to protect the realm of man against an ailing lord commander.
  6. Aegon or YG is a Blackfyre. We don't know what's under that tunic but if he has the balls then no. What extinct meant is the lack of a legitimate male to carry the name. If we don't confine ourselves to legitimate men then the answer is again no.
  7. Foss Gly

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    I don't want Walder to die. He's funny. I'm on board with the novels being all the better with Walder alive.
  8. Foss Gly

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Even steven. Robb Stark can't show partiality to his mom.
  9. House Czervik Green Dragon on a field of yellow Loyal Servant of House Targaryen Family castle, located in the Stormlands and taken from the Baratheons. Storm's End has been demolished and a new castle built upon its foundations. All known Baratheons have been castrated and sent to the wall and every female has been sent to the Silent Sisters.
  10. Foss Gly

    An issue with the Nights Watch

    I dislike the Starks and the north as much as the next guy but there were good reasons for keeping the wildlings out. The wildlings represent a threat to government. Wildlings on the good side of the wall would have retarded any progress. It may be seductive to live without having to answer to another man but that is no way to make progress. Feudalism and governments can't tolerate the presence of people who refuse to follow the rules. It's that simple. Atrocities are mostly committed by the wildlings because they refuse to recognize the wall as a boundary. They refuse to bend their knees but want to enjoy the fruits of civilization like quality steel and tools. There would be no trouble if the wildlings had kept to their side. The people of the kingdom of westeros are right to punish every wildling they caught trespassing. Give him a chance to convert and bend the knee, swear to respect and obey the ruler's laws, or get executed. It's fair. The N-W has its share of problems but inhumane treatment of wildings is not one of them. Do you believe the wildlings would treat a black crow any better if they had captured him? What would Harma Dogshead do to that man? It won't be pleasant. The black crows are free to make any wildling talk by whatever means they deemed necessary.
  11. Foss Gly

    Brown Ben Plumm

    BBP is a cautionary example for those who would put all of their stock on sell swords. I am looking at Aegon. The Lannisters have more gold. They can easily buy the Golden Company.
  12. Foss Gly

    Seeing the bigger bigger picture.

    The story won't change the way we, the reader, live but it does provide us with something to enjoy. Martin might meant enjoy to mean cry over a character death. Be careful what you wish for. He wants the story to tug at the reader's emotions. Everything in the plot has that outcome in mind. The drama is created when one of his characters face a decision. One will lead to success but it competes with the emotional tug from the heart. Robb must have known on the back of his mind the consequences of screwing Walder over. It's bad for his followers. He did it anyway because he wanted to. He lacked the discipline to stay the course.
  13. Foss Gly

    Character community opinion #2

    The siege of Storm's End should have ended better for him. He had Stannis in the ropes. His birth right gave him the authority to lead the army but his skill was not up to the task. He was the wrong man for the job. Westeros teenagers don't have to take the Senior Cooter Preference Test to determine what occupation they should be fit for.
  14. Foss Gly

    Character community opinion #1

    Cregan Stark. The old man of the north. Quite a guy. He led the north to support Rhaenyra. That's loyalty.
  15. Foss Gly

    Appreciation for the Shavepate

    Not necessarily. Take a large enough group and there will be people within who differ in opinion from the majority. There are independent thinkers in every herd of cows. That could be the shavepates.