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  1. The north will become lifeless but Jon and his walking dead army will be stopped at the trident.
  2. The Five Forts in the east are proof that they also faced a threat long ago. There is an equivalent threat but it is not the Others. There are equivalents but do not come at the same time. Humans and life migrate from one side to the other as the need arises.
  3. If bastards, and specifically the legitimization of bastards can cause problems, just think about the disaster if polygamy is allowed in a system of inherited rule. Aegon IV made his bastards legit and look at the problems it caused ever since. Polygamy would have torn the kingdom apart. Daenerys will have three husbands. It will work in her case because she will be the ruler of many kingdoms. Each children from the husbands will have their own kingdom. She will have rule over the Ghiscari, Dothraki, and Westerosi. Three husbands, and potentially three children. Such was not the case with her ancestors who only had Westeros.
  4. As a man, he was okay. He might have been acceptable as a prince but not king. Rhaegar was far from pragmatic. Fighting Robert in a duel was chivalrous but stupid. A chance? Absolutely. The maesters were probably poisoning him and that was what drove him to mental instability. Remove the maesters from the equation and he might have done alright. Robert had a chance but he would have needed more than Jon Arryn to keep him on the right track. Robert was an able military man but he lacked political skills. Azor Ahai is Daenerys Targaryen. The Promised Prince, because of the gender fluidity of Valyrian language and most importantly dragons, is also her.
  5. What will be the reactions to Young Griff ? Suspicion, obviously. His main support will come from the Martells. Many in Dorne will not fall for his claims. Most of Westeros will not accept his claim.
  6. The archon of Tyrosh is one of the possibles.
  7. He was a sell sword and maybe he still is. A more powerful entity is buying his services to put the Targaryens back in power. The three eggs are not something you give away without purpose. Somebody forced him to give the eggs away.
  8. How do y'all think the Unsullied and Dothraki will perform in Westeros? As well as Robert Baratheon feared. The Dothraki would force the Lords to run to the security of their castles. Their walls will buy them some time until the Unsullied comes. Then it's game over for the Lords and their peasant armies.
  9. The title of the Night's King will not be used but for all purposes, Jon or Bran will become the king of darkness. The king of winter who will rule through a vast army of wights and zombies. They will rule over a dead land covered by snow.
  10. Craster came from the Stark family. His boys and the Starks share the same genetics. The boys become White Walkers.
  11. Very good question. The tree wood is indeed commercially valuable but the price to bring a tree to life is too high. The seedling will require the sacrifice of an innocent. The only innocent is a newborn baby. Each Weirwood was started by the sacrifice of a newborn baby. A tree that grows in the absence of light is not possible. No photosynthesis. The weirwoods feed off of human blood.
  12. It is just one of the many taboos explored in the novel. Incest is only one. I think we will learn later on that many of the families actually have a history of incest, not just the Valyrians and the Lannisters. Brandon and Lyanna were probably doing it and had Jon. There is also the taboo of cannibalism. Wayman Manderly and the population of Skagos Island practiced it. Child murderers like Arya Stark and the Little Birds are very serious taboos. Slavery is taboo. Necromancy is another.
  13. Ghost will live as long as the plot needs Jon to do further harm to the kingdom. It won't be Ghost. I am saying Sansa because she doesn't have a direwolf. She will just pass on into the afterlife. If there is such a place.
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