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  1. It does not mean that. It means Daenerys will experience the Long Night, live through it, and then see Spring before she will sail for Westeros. She has a lot to do in Essos. Plenty to keep her occupied while Westeros is in the process of being reset.
  2. It was a mistake to make him lord commander in the first place. Samwell should take the blame for that.
  3. There are very good reasons to leave them on the other side. More people to feed will only shorten the supplies. The Wall was designed to stop an army. It could stop an army of wightified wildlings because that was what the Wall was designed to do. The wildlings are not reliable allies. They were ready to abandon the Wall and follow Jon to attack Ramsay. They will cause more harm than good.
  4. Having distinction is not necessarily something which leads to better results. The Sack of King's Landing were perpetuated by soldiers who had the ability to make distinctions and the freedom to act at their own discretion. It would not have been a Sack if The Unsullied had taken the city. It would have been done professionally and efficiently, with a minimum of blood loss. The people of the city would have called it a change in management.
  5. Most of the outrage was due to the deaths of upper class children. The regular folk mourn and weep. That was all they could do. Robb's Rebellion resulted in the deaths of children too. And that war was not necessary. The war to liberate the Unsullied and the other slaves is more justified even if some of the Ghiscari children die from collateral damage. Those Ghiscari children were part of a sadistic and oppressive system of slavery. They were torturing their household slaves from the time they could walk.
  6. The Freys had issues with Robb but they wouldn't throw his remains in the outhouse. They put Cat in the river because that is what her family would have done. Cat murdered an innocent Frey but they didn't throw her in the shit pit. The wedding accomplished its purpose. Walder is not cruel for the sake of being cruel. He is only as cruel as he needs to be. His boys got a little carried away with the head thing but Walder is a sensible man. He would send Robb's body to the north to show fake respect.
  7. I like Daenerys Targaryen and Willas Tyrell. Willas has been silent but he didn't hold a grudge against the Martells for his injury. He seems an okay sort. Arya disobeyed the faceless men when she killed Dareon and Jon betrayed the night's watch for Arya. I say just let them have what they want. Remove the tension clouding over the plot and just let them have each other. They can be Nights king and Nights' queen if they so desire. Lord and Lady Snow in Winterfell. Arya and Jon. Big Walder Frey and Missandei Tyrion Lannister and Penny
  8. Doreah's words were soon proven true. The poor woman died soon after the birth of the dragons but at least she had the privilege and the honor of being there for the miracle. She lived long enough to see her Khaleesi become Azor Ahai.
  9. A hero must have her mount. They belong to Dany. So yeah, to me, the dragons are virtuous. I like them a lot. They will bring order back to Westeros and set things right. The conflict between the Lannisters and the Starks, and the Baratheon's lack of ability to manage, ruined Westeros. It is time for Dany to take back her family's kingdom and rule. The dragons will help make this happen.
  10. She would be totally justified in taking back the seven kingdoms. She has that right just as the Starks have a right to attempt to take back Winterfell. She will obviously need to get rid of the Lannisters and the Baratheons who would resist. That's part of reclaiming back the iron throne. Robert and the Baratheons would have slaughtered every Targaryen they could find in the past because they were a threat to their rule. Daenerys would be justified in killing every Lannister and Baratheon who are threats to her goals. It's how the game of thrones is played. It's not like killing Lannisters and Baratheons would be killing good people. Shireen is the exception. But look here, Tywin's henchmen did not make that moral distinction when they killed Elia and the children. But I believe Daenerys will be very discriminate in who she chooses to execute. I know it's a thing with Martin to have gray characters and she will be gray. Even the dragon-riding heroine of this epic story will be gray. But I don't think she will harm Shireen. I also believe Shireen will be smart enough so that in time, she will see that Daenerys had to execute her dad and accept it. It's how leaders get fired in Westeros. By execution or death on the battlefield. It's what her dad would have done to Daenerys if he could and it's what Uncle Robert tried to do when he sent his assassin. I am in Dany's corner, no secret there, and I will support her decision when she executes Stannis and Jaime.
  11. Barbrey Dustin, or Ryswell if you would prefer, referred to the tip of the iceberg and called it southron conspiracy. Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon were plotting to remove the Targaryens from the throne. Which can only be done through rebellion. So in a way, Aerys had the right to kill Rickard Stark and his son, Brandon. He had a right to call for Robert's head. I thought it may have been a desire on the Starks part to become kings of their impoverished corner of the continent again. It may have started that way but Eddard was not his father. Eddard didn't have the same opinion as his father and was content to keep the north part of the kingdom.
  12. Jon is dead. He will come back as a walking dead. Jon will be an ice zombie with some parts of his function still working because of his wolf bond. He will not become a ruler of men. Not unless those men are all ice wights. That could make him the great Other and the antagonist to the people of Westeros.
  13. Jon is not Azor Ahai. Aemon got to know him well and it never entered his mind that this guy was Azor Ahai. The Dance of the Dragon happened a long time ago. It is a very interesting chapter in history but it is not related to Jon. There is only person who has woken dragons from stone and that is Daenerys Targaryen. She is Azor Ahai, not Jon Snow. Trying to limit the discussion to only what you agree with is not really a discussion. It's just you expressing an opinion. Any opinion is open to be challenged and I am challenging yours.
  14. I've always considered Arya howling mad. No need for this confirmation from GRRM. All one need do is read the story and it is evident.
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