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  1. Viserys is the rightful king. He was favored by Aerys and a pure Targaryen at that. He was already crowned on Dragonstone. Aegon's authenticity is subject to question. Viserys is widely known and proven. But this is all irrelevant after the dragons were brought back by Daenerys. In Targaryen hierarchy, she who rides dragons rule.
  2. Dany's childhood was like Egg's. They were both seen as the unlikely and yet they became rulers. She flew under the radar because most assumed her brothers would rule. The crones assumed a son would rule over all of the khalasars. Rhaegar assumed his son will be the promised one. They were mistaken. Dany is the fulfillment of the Azor Ahai prophecy. The return of the dragons from petrified eggs is Martin's version of Arthur pulling a sword from a stone. Dany pulled dragons from stone. Egg himself was an egg that failed to hatch. Rhaegar's Egg (Aegon) also failed to hatch. Dany is a female Aegon. To quote Tyrion "she is Aegon the Conqueror with tits." She walked into the fire and the dragons came back out with her. Aegon V and Rhaegar failed. Dany succeeded because she is AA. Arthur was the only one who can pull the sword, Dany was the only one who can bring back the dragons from stone.
  3. Ptsd could disturb an otherwise normal mind into mush. I submit to you that a sinking ship and a near drowning experience would break even a strong man. Indeed PF is a real fool.
  4. Robert will be reluctant to do this. He is a traditionalists and it is unseemly to legitimize a bastard for the purposes of handing them a kingdom.
  5. One of the best parts of A Storm of Swords was the meeting between Daenerys and Mero. Daenerys is very, very good at verbal boxing matches. I love that about her. She has control of her emotions and knows how to maintain her composure. Tyrion is the only character who can rival her ability to do this type of verbal dance. There was passive aggression in that exchange but charm as well. Daenerys is one of the few George Martin characters who have wit and sensual charm. It's your turn to give me an example of your favorite conversation from the novels.
  6. Renly would follow in Robert's footsteps and do what he believes will secure his reign. Selyse and Shireen could be sent to exile or guested with a trusted ally for the remainder of their lives. He will only murder them if Selyse proved intractable.
  7. Tyrion is the Valonquar. Cersei will defeat all of her enemies but at a big cost to her family. All her children will die before Tyrion kills her.
  8. Resisting Roose when the man they followed is already dead is a bad idea. Stannis is dead. They have no reason to continue fighting a war they cannot win.
  9. Desperate men make compromises. He would choose Stannis.
  10. The love sacrifice only applied to Azor Ahai. Daenerys sacrificed her love, Khal Drogo. That one has happened and it is historical. The sacrifice of her husband led to her rebirth into Azor Ahai. Euron is not Azor Ahai. The rules for him are not the same. Euron's sacrifice is his version of what the Children of the Forest did to break the land bridge. The Children killed a lot of living things. Coincidence caused the ocean levels to rise. The Children were sacrificing lives for a long time. The rising waters hid the bridge. Euron is releasing a lot of blood in the water. Might that attract krakens and sharks without the need of magic?
  11. The Starks were in bad shape. They lost the north and Robb had betrayed Walder. It was a lost cause but perhaps he could still save his life if he can make it back to Winterfell. Sansa and Arya would be killed but that is what happens in war.
  12. To decrease the danger. Jaime was a dangerous man. Any mishandling on their part and he could kill them.
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