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  1. The damage was already done even if the wildlings had not murdered people inside the castle. It just added to the tragedy.
  2. The dragons hatched their own eggs. But the death of the last dragon meant there was no one who could incubate the existing eggs. The Azor Ahai had to be female in order to carry out the incubation and hatching of the eggs. Daenerys periodically asked to have the eggs brought to her. That was the incubation phase. Drogo's funeral was the last step in the process and it worked.
  3. Avoid doing anything rash. Let the wildlings do what they're going to and wait for the results. Make peace with Ramsay if he wins. Do otherwise if the wildlings come out on top.
  4. The kingmakers: Jon Arryn, the Old Jon Jon Connington, the Stony Jon Jon Umber, the Great Jon Jon Snow, the Snowy Jon Jon Connington is not the only one living on borrowed time. Jon Snow will be living on very limited time when he comes back as a wight. The "Jons" in the story have tried to make kings. Stony Jon is cutting corners, taking shortcuts, to make young Griff a king. Snowy Jon has already started in his own way by undermining the Boltons and the Karstarks. Blood is thicker than water and Snowy Jon will do his best to position Rickon to become the king of the north. The timer is working against them and that will force them to make bad decisions. But they will be successful in the short term. Jon Arryn was only partly successful because his beloved Baratheons got their assess booted off the throne within a short time. This was soon after they bankrupted the kingdom. Old Jon and Great Jon succeeded partially. Both their boys were betrayed and got killed. I am predicting the same conclusion for young Griff. Rickon will rule for the duration of winter and get his butt kicked off when the spring thaw arrives. The Starks will obviously sell their souls to the Others in order to be able to do this but it doesn't have to be all of them. Snowy Jon will sacrifice his soul to the Others and with the help of another Stark, the Tree Boy, to get Rickon in Winterfell. This won't happen without resistance from Sansa Stark though. Sansa and Littlefinger will be the major hurdles to Rickon. An interesting Stark civil war of sorts could take place.
  5. Uber eats for the greenseers and the trees. Given Bran's vision of his ancestor killing a captive, how horrible were the Starks of old? They were very violent and blood-thirsty people.
  6. Could it be the Stark's way of making sausage Bran was watching his ancestors. Starks. His ancestors were performing a human sacrifice.
  7. Will Dawn be important moving forward? Perhaps, if there is a Dayne waiting in line to claim it. Jon would never make my list of favorite characters but if B + A or even N + A is true, yeah. Lord Commander Snooze will get to claim Dawn. R + A, Arthur + L. Any of those would open the doors for him to claim Dawn.
  8. It is a better theory than R + L = J. Jon is older than what Ned claimed. The love triangle involving Ned, Ashara, and Brandon could have been interesting drama. All that aside, I am in the camp which supports Mance Rayder as the lover of Lyanna Stark and the father of Jon Snow.
  9. Why Do People Hate Daeron? I don't really think they do. But some among us do try to paint him as a somebody who deserved death in order to make an apology for Arya Stark. It's not about Daeron when his name comes up. It's about Arya's fans trying to minimize the fact that Arya murdered him.
  10. It is easier for a prince to convince everyone that he is a pauper. But the opposite is much more difficult. Any pauper attempting to claim he's a prince will have to provide solid proof. Sansa was unwise to become LF's bastard. The burden to provide proof will be on her shoulders.
  11. It matters very little if Lyanna ran away or got kidnapped. Family pride was on the line. The Starks were never going to admit this publicly. She was engaged and then broke her oath. They wanted her back so they can make good on the family's promise to Robert. She was loved as well.
  12. That's a good one. My opinion is a no, it would not happen with Jaime in Stark custody. Tywin would not risk his golden son.
  13. He was a selfish dude. The Baelish are far below his station but that should no longer be the issue after Lysa got pregnant. That was his grandchild baking in the oven. But you know something. At least he felt guilty on his deathbed. It doesn't count for much but that is the R&R1 in the view of some people. It is worth making a comparison of the fathers. What would Tywin, Rickard, and Aerys do in a similar situation? Aerys would have sent his executioner to get rid of Rhaegar's bastards as soon as he found out. 1Remorse and redemption.
  14. I can't blame the author for avoiding that complexity. Westeros is not so big a place as to isolate the people. They had close to 10 thousand years to blend. The flavour is in the East. The diversity is present from the weepy Qartheen to the murderous Ghis. Eastern cultures in the novel are more colorful and interesting.
  15. Feudalism will end but not because of Aegon's identity. It will end because of the long night.
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