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  1. That saviour guy is pretending to be someone he isn't. All three of the deceitful will be people who are trying to take Dany's identity, i.e. Azor Ahai, birthright, and titles.
  2. Up to the point when Robb Stark screwed him over. That was too big an affront to forgive. Walder gave Robb everything and more. Robb pays him back with insults and betrayals. Yes Walder will be a loyal bannerman if you show him respect from the beginning. Forget the second hand snipes from the Starks and the Tullys. What we know about Walder, he carries through on his agreement. Screw him over and he will do the same back to you.
  3. George R R Martin has accepted ideas from H P Lovecraft. The Others are the equivalent of the Deep Ones. Here they are the Cold Ones. Bran and the Starks are the cult of the Great Other. They followed the Great Other. The Others were in Westeros before man.
  4. Fake it till you make it doesn't work with horses. A crannogman doesn't have the time nor the resources to master a good seat. He would have had to cheat and use mind control over the horse.
  5. The young Ned is not known to us. Honor is perception. Any dirty laundry from Ned was washed away by his family over the years.
  6. Marwyn has a duty to go to Dany. He was the maester who delivered her on Dragonstone? He needed proof and the dragons is it. Now he knows where to go.
  7. Daenerys and Visenya. It would require time travel but the young queen could learn a lot from the older and more experienced Visenya.
  8. George R. R Martin wants his readers to feel pain. Imagine him plotting the deaths of many loved characters to make that happen. It's part of the reading experience. All of us will lose somebody who we care about. I suppose it makes the story more compelling to some readers.
  9. Robert Arryn won't last long if Petyr and Sansa get their way.
  10. The merging of Jon and Robb! Talk about the merging of dumb and dumber. Robb and his dog are gone. The Freys were thorough. So, unless there is an afterlife beyond warging, yeah, he's gone. Wargs can get a second life after their death but his wolf was cut down as well. The Starks will be together as a pack one last time but Robb and Sansa will be excluded because their wolves died. Jon, Rickon, Arya, and Bran will all die and live on in their wolves.
  11. Jon will be very pale when he comes back as a wight. Bran will start to lose his coloring as time goes and start eating the dead through his dog. Arya's life is surrounded by corpses everyday. Rickon is a cannibal. The Starks are the worms and they will feed off of the dead as worms do. The north will be a dark place for a long time.
  12. Daenerys will succeed where her male ancestors failed. She has always been a very smart and perceptive child. The dragons will be the game-changer in this fight. The Others are not going to be permanently defeated but hopefully their damage can be limited to Westeros.
  13. Viserys is the rightful king. He was favored by Aerys and a pure Targaryen at that. He was already crowned on Dragonstone. Aegon's authenticity is subject to question. Viserys is widely known and proven. But this is all irrelevant after the dragons were brought back by Daenerys. In Targaryen hierarchy, she who rides dragons rule.
  14. Dany's childhood was like Egg's. They were both seen as the unlikely and yet they became rulers. She flew under the radar because most assumed her brothers would rule. The crones assumed a son would rule over all of the khalasars. Rhaegar assumed his son will be the promised one. They were mistaken. Dany is the fulfillment of the Azor Ahai prophecy. The return of the dragons from petrified eggs is Martin's version of Arthur pulling a sword from a stone. Dany pulled dragons from stone. Egg himself was an egg that failed to hatch. Rhaegar's Egg (Aegon) also failed to hatch. Dany is a female Aegon. To quote Tyrion "she is Aegon the Conqueror with tits." She walked into the fire and the dragons came back out with her. Aegon V and Rhaegar failed. Dany succeeded because she is AA. Arthur was the only one who can pull the sword, Dany was the only one who can bring back the dragons from stone.
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