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  1. George R. R. Martin has carefully kept the western seas a secret. There is something on that side of the planet that Daenerys needs to see. It could be an island where the survivors of the winter can migrate to. I don't know exactly but it is important enough for Qaithe to expend her energies to communicate. Qaithe waited all this time for Daenerys and I don't think it is without cost to Qaithe herself. The message is so important that the woman kept herself alive to deliver to Daenerys. The Targaryen fleet will arrive somewhere on the west coast of Westeros. The biggest obstacle to the throne are the Lannisters and have to be dealt with first.
  2. What are your personal favorite theories? The Targaryens have their roots in the rulers of The Great Empire Of The Dawn. Targaryen is only their Valyrian name. The Maiden-Made-Of-Light and the Lion Of Night are the Sun and the Moon. Daenerys Targaryen and Bran Stark. Bran the Lion will once again send his wights to menace the land as he did in the past. Drogo is the Icarus. He got too close to the Sun and burned. His burning released forth the dragons. The third burning will bring forth a human child and fulfill the "one to love" prophecy. I don't think Daenerys will have a child through conventional means. Sansa will be the murderer of Robert Arryn. The real Prince Aegon was murdered by Tywin's men. This Aegon is a prop. A mummer's prop to steal the throne. Arya will commit mass murder the likes of which has not been seen before. The faceless men are plotting to bring down a major city and Arya is their loaded weapon. Tyrion will become the lord of casterly rock and reconcile with Jaime for a big battle with Bran Stark and the wights.
  3. Seeking revenge is bad but if it were only that she will be less of a villain. It is bad when she killed the old man. She killed him to pass an exam.
  4. Jon is the comparison. Dany is more able and more capable. Failure is possible. The mission to give the slaves freedom could fail. But that has not happened yet. While Jon already failed at the wall. Jon failed. Jon failed the Nights Watch and Westeros. It's in the past and Jon's tragic time at the wall will be written in the history books for future students to study failure. Dany can still succeed and help the slaves be free.
  5. Rickon was losing himself to Shaggydog because the instincts of the animal overpower his feeble reason. It wasn't madness but the boy going wild. He sure has a taste for human flesh with garlic by now but that in itself is not crazy to the Skagos people. It would look insane to normal people though.
  6. The plight of the Westeros lower class puts them in consistent state of misery and pain. They cope and live without going mad. Arya lost it because of this trait she inherited from Cat. Her personality too is tense and reacts strongly to stress.
  7. Jon Snow and Bran Stark are never going to be accepted by the remaining people. But there is hope for Rickon Stark. The battle of ice will lead to the demise of Stannis and Roose. Both sides will be weakened. The Wildlings will bring in more of their own from the other side of the wall and take control of the north. The Skagosi might get involved in this conflict. The North will become very, very primitive and that is just the venue for savages like Rickon Cannibal, Jon Wight, Bran Tree, and Arya Faceless to survive in. The negative public image of House Stark is not undeserved. And the words coming out of Jaime Lannister has the same value as the contents of his chamber pot. In other words, the public opinion of the Starks south of the Neck will remain negative. But those things do not matter to the Wildlings and the Skagosi cannibals who will come to dominate the North.
  8. Yes he did. Robb did not consider the source of his authority. Robb lacked the intelligence and the discipline to handle even that power. The source of his authority was coming from the support of the lesser lords below him. Robb failed his try to become king and he was too ignorant to realize where his authority was coming from. He let power get to his mind and he was careless with it because he thought it was always going to be there. Robb let himself believe he was truly a king with more power and authority than reality proved.
  9. 'have to read" Is anyone forcing you to read my post? No. You chose to read. If you don't like an opinion you are free to ignore it. You are not being forced to read opinions you don't like. Your insults and complaints are not going to stop people from expressing their opinions.
  10. A sword without a hilt is a blade that can cut the wielder. Magic is one example, sure. But people are as well. Robert Strong is a weapon that can cut Cersei and Qyburn. Arya is a weapon that has already cut the Faceless Men because she's too wild to handle. Power cut down Robb Stark. He let the allure of kingship get in his head but that power, a power he lacked adequate discipline to wield, cut his head.
  11. Arya Stark is not going to stop killing until she dies or she murders everyone on her list. Then she will kill people who cross her in some fashion. She will become more wicked than the people on her list.
  12. Far greater. And the Targaryens are the rightful rulers of all because they are the descendants of the Empresses and Emperors of the Great Empire Of The Dawn.
  13. Just right if her only crimes are what she has done so far. Much too light if she continues to murder. I am predicting Arya will commit the mass murder of King's Landing to get to her enemies. There is no punishment stiff enough for that level of crime against life.
  14. The most evil of the families, and I think the series will slowly reveal them, are the Stark family. Not only because of the millions they have sacrificed to their trees for thousands of years but of what Theon Stark (brutality), Robb (rebellion), Rickard (he was planning to take power from the Targaryens), Jon Snow (betray the watch), Arya (mass murderer) have done. Ned and Catelny's kids are skinchangers. Bran ate rotten flesh through his wolf and he is the Dark Prince. It was Catelyn who provoked the Lannisters. (Yes, Jaime tried to kill Bran. Jaime is an evil thing. But that does not give Catelyn the right to arrest Tyrion.)
  15. Sansa is a pawn but even a pawn can murder a helpless child.
  16. Sore loser is Stannis Baratheon. He was humiliated by Tyrion and he still won't accept it.
  17. I will grant her that. Bad company contributed to her emotional and mental damage. Push Arya to the widlings side of the wall and keep her there. I would accept that solution given she suffers from mental illness and young age. Her insanity interferes with her decisions.
  18. Which is the kind of experience you want in a ruler who will have to rebuild at the end of the long night. I would like to see her build a new empire of the dawn to begin the cycle again. Dany will be great.
  19. Valyria would not have ruled for 5000 years if their leading families were going crazy. The Dragonlords and their families were close to genetic perfection.
  20. Definitely cannot be ignored. It's not proof but the evidence of madness in the Tully line is there. It is surely more than enough cause for concern for any Tully or Stark fan because it means Catelyn's children inherited it.
  21. Bran is not just a boy when it happens. He will have turned into something profane and dangerous. Somebody who invades people's dreams and minds and violates them. Worse even than the slave masters of Mereen.
  22. Oh what a find. It's one more thing to consider when discussing the sanity of Arya and Jon.
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