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  1. Oh what a find. It's one more thing to consider when discussing the sanity of Arya and Jon.
  2. The incidence of madness is not even high. The Targaryens were in the spotlight for 300 years and only Aerys and Aerion were mental. I don't think Dany will go mental. I am biased to M + L = J (M = Mance Rayder). You are right though. R + L = J puts Jon at a greater risk for madness if it truly runs in the family and not some sabotage from the Maesters poisoning the Targaryens.
  3. Bran will be the heart of winter. He will be the antagonists in the last book, the final Boss whose defeat will bring back the light.
  4. Dany manages prophecies better than any other. She doesn't overly react but instead take a watchful and cautious approach. I like her. She deserves to win the great game of thrones and rule.
  5. We have to decide how to judge Arya. She is indeed an evil murderer if she still has enough sanity to hold responsible. She is an unwitting victim if she has lost enough of her sanity to be considered mentally incapacitated to make decisions.
  6. The Sansa we know is a selfish girl who has delusions of her own grandeur. Sweetrobin is a dead bird if Sansa ever got the notion to kill him to benefit herself.
  7. The Unsullied are the elite fighting corps of Daenerys Targaryen's armed forces. Best of the best.
  8. Dany's childhood was like Egg's. They were both seen as the unlikely and yet they became rulers. She flew under the radar because most assumed her brothers would rule. The crones assumed a son would rule over all of the khalasars. Rhaegar assumed his son will be the promised one. They were mistaken. Dany is the fulfillment of the Azor Ahai prophecy. The return of the dragons from petrified eggs is Martin's version of Arthur pulling a sword from a stone. Dany pulled dragons from stone. Egg himself was an egg that failed to hatch. Rhaegar's Egg (Aegon) also failed to hatch. Dany is a female Aegon. To quote Tyrion "she is Aegon the Conqueror with tits." She walked into the fire and the dragons came back out with her. Aegon V and Rhaegar failed. Dany succeeded because she is AA. Arthur was the only one who can pull the sword, Dany was the only one who can bring back the dragons from stone.
  9. Doreah's words were soon proven true. The poor woman died soon after the birth of the dragons but at least she had the privilege and the honor of being there for the miracle. She lived long enough to see her Khaleesi become Azor Ahai.
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