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  1. Top 3 Favorite Daenerys Targaryen Barristan Selmy Tyrion Lannister Very Bottom 3 Jon Snow Arya Stark Bran Stark
  2. I have my doubts. Robb would no longer need the Freys and that is the kind of man he was. Robb doesn't do things for ethical reasons. Robb does what he feels like doing. And then tries to spin it as honor. Just more Stark hubris.
  3. @Adelstein The Starks must be punished though. Robb Stark accepted Walder's help and then broke his oath to the old man. After the old man's son and heir had died fighting for Robb. And Robb and Starks didn't have the decency to ask forgiveness nor offer compensation. Robb had no trouble living with himself after humiliating the Freys. There must be punitive actions taken against the Starks. Ten percent of Stark lands is a little too small in my opinion. A portion of the Stark's share of taxes for 20 years plus the ten percent of their land to the Freys is more like it.
  4. Definitely cannot be ignored. It's not proof but the evidence of madness in the Tully line is there. It is surely more than enough cause for concern for any Tully or Stark fan because it means Catelyn's children inherited it.
  5. The Starks are very easy to dislike. I don't like them. I give you one of the reasons here:
  6. 1. Ned Stark beheads a deserter from the Night's Watch who was suffering from PTSD. The man had an important message. Unfortunately, the Starks did not take the man seriously and promptly kills him. How different might the story be if the man's warning was taken seriously. Westeros would have been better prepared for what is coming. 2. Ned's bastard, the lord commander at the Night's Watch, Jon Snow, beheads Janos Slynt. Janos was a rude man who was initially resistant to go on a suicide mission given to him by Lord Commander Jon Snow. The execution was a set up. Jon Snow orchestrated the situation knowing that Janos would most likely resist and thus give him an opportunity to kill the man who was an enemy of his father, Ned Stark. Read the scene carefully and it is clear that Janos finally agreed to go. Jon had made his point and already gave a demonstration of breaking the man in public. Still, Jon convinced himself, made up excuses, to justify what he wanted to do: murder Janos Slynt. The killing divided the Night's Watch. Jon put the fear in those who could have given him constructive criticism. 3. Arya Stark murders Dareon. Without hearing Dareon's story, without giving the boy a chance to speak for himself, Arya murders him. Will knowing the boy's sad story change Arya's mind? Probably not. Arya Stark has no idea what true justice is. She is acting on emotion, hate and silent anger. It is no wonder that many here are saying the Starks deserved to fall.
  7. Jon is a bastard. What claim he might have is very far down the line of succession. He's also a known traitor to the Watch. He's an incompetent leader. Only a few would want him on the throne. And most of those will have the same last name, Stark.
  8. Bran is not just a boy when it happens. He will have turned into something profane and dangerous. Somebody who invades people's dreams and minds and violates them. Worse even than the slave masters of Mereen.
  9. Oh what a find. It's one more thing to consider when discussing the sanity of Arya and Jon.
  10. Essos is a larger, more diverse continent. Westeros was rather isolated until the first men set foot. But yeah, it is something to think of. You would think the first men, the Andals, Rhoynar would have different languages. Maybe they did but they merged, bastardized, and developed into the Common Tongue. High Valyrian worked its way eastwards and became the language spoken of by the modern day descendants of Ghis.
  11. The incidence of madness is not even high. The Targaryens were in the spotlight for 300 years and only Aerys and Aerion were mental. I don't think Dany will go mental. I am biased to M + L = J (M = Mance Rayder). You are right though. R + L = J puts Jon at a greater risk for madness if it truly runs in the family and not some sabotage from the Maesters poisoning the Targaryens.
  12. "Craster's Sacrificial System is/was not Sustainable in the Long Run" One of the boys will be kept to continue after Craster can no longer produce. Should his entire keep die out there is always the Starks. Craster's boys and the Starks are of the same genetic material. They are family. If the White Walkers accepted Craster's sons they will also accept the sons of House Stark. I would like to know the frequency required by the White Walkers but the Starks have plenty of material to work with. Jon, Rickon, Arya, and Sansa can provide sons to the White Walkers.
  13. That is a fair assessment. I would go further and disagree with the original posts. The Targaryen Dynasty deserved to continue their rule. Robert was a better man but Aerys was the better ruler. Aerys was smart enough to hire capable people to put on his Small Council. He had an awesome Kingsguards while Robert had political appointees. And what a disgrace and a dishonor to allow Jaime to remain. If the Starks and Robert were innocent of any plotting. And only if that condition is met, they have legitimate grievance against Aerys. However, if they were ordered by Aerys to choose other grooms and brides for the sons of the houses and they refused then their motives were suspect. A means to impeach the king should have been in place but the lords will never go for that solution because it will also put their right to rule in jeopardy. Rebellion was the only way and it is treason. Westeros belonged to Prince Viserys Targaryen. His death passed the ownership of Westeros to his young sister, Princess Daenerys Targaryen.
  14. They were all acting based on the admissions by Jon Snow. They were all upset with Jon. It's not only two men. All of the watch would feel the need to do this.
  15. Bran will be the heart of winter. He will be the antagonists in the last book, the final Boss whose defeat will bring back the light.
  16. Aenar, Daenys, and Daenerys are heroes. Aenar and Daenys saved the great Targaryen bloodline and made it possible for Daenerys to be born in the future.
  17. Dany manages prophecies better than any other. She doesn't overly react but instead take a watchful and cautious approach. I like her. She deserves to win the great game of thrones and rule.
  18. Bowen is the hero at the wall. Don't let the silly demonizing from the Jon fan club bother you.
  19. Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys. The two royals made it through exile and one of them is now the most influential person in the world. Because of Daenerys the movement to end slavery in Essos has begun and the world is slowly experiencing a necessary revolution. Jon Snow and Robb Stark. The two half-brothers who really f*ck3d up the North and the wall. Jon, Bran, and Arya will become a Triumvirate of Darkness in the upper North. Jon and Arya will rule over the wall as the new NK and NQ. Bran will be the KoW in Winterfell beneath the tree. Bran will enslave people via skinchange. Rhaenys, Visenya, and Aegon for obvious reasons.
  20. Slaves are enslaved through no fault of their own. They are either captured, sold, or bred. Theon's father rebelled against Robert. He lost his war and was still allowed to keep his lordship. And his head. The terms were generous to the Greyjoys. The fostership is a special arrangement where the hostage is treated with honor as befits their station. Theon was a prisoner and his life was always in danger. I don't believe in holding children accountable for the crimes of their fathers though. It was a messed up situation. Theon ate at the table and grew up with the Stark kids. Eddard would have still executed him if the Greyjoys had taken up arms again. The middle way says Theon has a right to escape but he is not justified in hurting anyone in the Stark household. The Starks were also forced and thus victims of the laws of the king. Forced to accept an enemy boy into their home.
  21. We have to decide how to judge Arya. She is indeed an evil murderer if she still has enough sanity to hold responsible. She is an unwitting victim if she has lost enough of her sanity to be considered mentally incapacitated to make decisions.
  22. It would be foolish of the Starks to be hostile towards Daenerys Targaryen. I am not saying they won't be hostile. Just that it would be foolish to do so. Jon and Arya are fools and will be the most antagonistic. I can actually see them acting the fools because of the lies they had been told growing up. They think Aunt Lyanna was an honorable girl who was abducted by a Targaryen and murdered. So yeah there will be hostile feelings.
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