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  1. The archon of Tyrosh is one of the possibles.
  2. He was a sell sword and maybe he still is. A more powerful entity is buying his services to put the Targaryens back in power. The three eggs are not something you give away without purpose. Somebody forced him to give the eggs away.
  3. How do y'all think the Unsullied and Dothraki will perform in Westeros? As well as Robert Baratheon feared. The Dothraki would force the Lords to run to the security of their castles. Their walls will buy them some time until the Unsullied comes. Then it's game over for the Lords and their peasant armies.
  4. The title of the Night's King will not be used but for all purposes, Jon or Bran will become the king of darkness. The king of winter who will rule through a vast army of wights and zombies. They will rule over a dead land covered by snow.
  5. Craster came from the Stark family. His boys and the Starks share the same genetics. The boys become White Walkers.
  6. Very good question. The tree wood is indeed commercially valuable but the price to bring a tree to life is too high. The seedling will require the sacrifice of an innocent. The only innocent is a newborn baby. Each Weirwood was started by the sacrifice of a newborn baby. A tree that grows in the absence of light is not possible. No photosynthesis. The weirwoods feed off of human blood.
  7. It is just one of the many taboos explored in the novel. Incest is only one. I think we will learn later on that many of the families actually have a history of incest, not just the Valyrians and the Lannisters. Brandon and Lyanna were probably doing it and had Jon. There is also the taboo of cannibalism. Wayman Manderly and the population of Skagos Island practiced it. Child murderers like Arya Stark and the Little Birds are very serious taboos. Slavery is taboo. Necromancy is another.
  8. Ghost will live as long as the plot needs Jon to do further harm to the kingdom. It won't be Ghost. I am saying Sansa because she doesn't have a direwolf. She will just pass on into the afterlife. If there is such a place.
  9. Indeed, Arya is the worst of the lot and her wolf is still living. Albeit showing symptoms of instability.
  10. Obsession with killing is just a symptom of Arya's insanity. It's not as if she will ever be normal again. The more faces she wears the crazier she becomes. The effect is cumulative. A little bit of Mercy here and then the next, the next, and so on. Beneath all of that is perhaps the worst of all her identities, that of Arya Stark of Winterfell. The murderer who keeps a list of people to kill and dreams about doing so even in her sleep.
  11. Jon is not a dragon. He is the direwolf for now and an Ice Wight when he comes back from death.
  12. That he created disorder and weakened the Nightswatch, yes. Jon totally destroyed the watch. But the collateral damage coming from Jon is not over. He loves Arya and he could even destroy a kingdom just to find her. Jon will gladly open the gates of the wall for the Others if he thinks that will help Arya.
  13. Dany is the heir and even Drogo will have to recognize her authority as soon as they are in her land of Westeros. Rhaego is half-Dothraki but it is the Targaryen half that is of great importance to the people of Westeros.
  14. Jon had gone beyond illegal with what he has been doing for Arya. Jon's conduct was treason. Treason to the watch and a betrayal of everything the watch has stood for. What he was going to do was far more wrong. Bowen Marsh is an honest man who was put in a terrible position because of his idiot lord commander. Bowen Marsh had no personal interest other than to stop an atrocity.
  15. @the trees have eyes Bowen Marsh has a good understanding of the roles and duties of the Watch. Jon's understanding is almost as good. The main difference between the two is dedication to duty and fitness for command. Those things which Jon never had. While Jon may have began with the idea of saving mankind, he took the wrong turn after his little sister married Ramsay. He could no longer function as a man of the night's watch because he was an emotional man who was too loyal to the Starks to be any good at commanding an army who came from many different backgrounds. Jon was an unfit basically. It was mistake to vote him to lead the Watch. Jon is incapable of objectivity. He's too emotionally bound to the Starks. To Arya more than the others. Bowen Marsh is the better man in those last chapters. He understood the true duties of the Watch.
  16. Immediate consequences will be a storm of swords between the brave men of the watch and the barbaric free folk. Bowen Marsh may not survive the storm. He knew and he willingly risks his life "for the watch" to remove his crazy lord commander Jon Snow. The dangerous Jon Snow was killed to save the watch. He had to be removed"for the watch" and by that, for the sake of humanity. Bowen risks capital punishment to save the watch. He did it for the watch to save mankind from Jon's bad decisions.
  17. It may be irony but Arya's madness will make her more savage. She will be mental and unbalanced but she will make it back to Westeros to carry out her gruesome goal. Walder, Cersei, and Roose arguably deserve it. But Bowen Marsh does not.
  18. Jon was 100% wrong. Janos did not do anything that deserved a death sentence. Time in confinement was the more appropriate sentence. Jon's lack of leadership talent resulted in an unjust sentence.
  19. It's the duty of his office to execute Mance Rayder. Jon was using double-standards and that never ends in justice. There is no way to excuse Jon. He was a crap lord commander.
  20. Jon and Janos were not foes. They are Brothers of the Night's Watch. Both men were stubborn for holding onto the past. But the greater burden is on Jon to make the relationship work because he is the Lord Commander. He should have been thinking about what was best for the N W and the realm instead of what he feels for Janos. There is no way to give Jon a pass. He was wrong. Factor in his refusal to punish Mance Rayder and an injustice really took place. Janos was not a rebel. That bitter label hits closer to Jon. Jon has broken more N W rules. It wasn't Janos who was breaking rules right and left. Which Jon has been doing since he got to the wall.
  21. Jon was not only wrong to murder Janos Slynt, he acted unjustly. The murder of Janos Slynt was very inappropriate. Jon was a failure at the wall because he lacked ethics. I can see why Bowen Marsh felt the need to remove Jon.
  22. A lot of Arya apologists are trying very hard to present her as an adorable and sane little kid. That is so inaccurate. Arya is a vicious murderer.
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