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  1. Steve Womack

    The most interesting Targaryen king to read about

    The Beggar King. We know his backstory.
  2. Steve Womack

    Is Jon Already a King in the books? Aka What makes a King?

    I doubt he is that. He's a Stark bastard. God would have to be a dumb SOB to endorse the guy who betrayed the NW. Oh wait, maybe you meant the Great Other, the god of the white walkers. That deity might think him cool for causing the division at the wall.
  3. Possibly possible. Aerys was a brave lad in his youth. He fought bravely in battles. Dennis would never dared to kingnap and torment him for months. No ptsd. He might never have gone insane. The dragon bond provides emotional support. He would have remained sane.
  4. Now that is an interesting proposition. The king sent for the heads of Ned and Robert. But why not Stannis and Renly? He also spared the life of mad Brandon's squire. I'm thinking Varys tortured the hell out of Brandon and broke the man like bread at the dinner table. Brandon talked and revealed the names of the traitors. The executions of Brandon and Rickard were understandable if they were traitors. It was also understandable why Robert and Ned would have to die. They were young men but they had a responsibility to turn in their relatives to the king. Ned was part of the conspiracy if he knew and kept it secret from Aerys.
  5. Queen Rhaella must have been a remarkable woman. I don't see why not. No to Aerys. The dragon would have sensed his emotional fragility and refused to submit.
  6. True. The rebellion would have been over before news got out of the Eyrie.
  7. Steve Womack

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    1. Captain Nemo in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He's not funny but his genius and preoccupation with revenge captivated the reader's attention throughout the novel. 2. Foss Gly, the government trained strong man in Clive Cussler's novels.
  8. Steve Womack

    Dany and child murder

    The dragons need time to grow. Khaleesi is in for a long adventure with the Dothraki before she makes it to Westeros.
  9. Steve Womack

    Foreshadowing the end of house stark

    Winterfell is in the war path of the white walkers. They would to pass through and defeat the defenders of the north if they are to be of any threat at all to Westeros. Otherwise they are only a local threat to the far north. That would make the stakes too low for a compelling story. I don't believe all of the Starks will die. The ones who I think will die are Arya, Jon, and Sansa. Rickon will survive with the wildlings. Bran will become the 3ER under that tree. I am also of the opinion that one of the Stark girls will have a baby before she dies. The father will carry wildling blood and the baby will be like the son of Bael.
  10. Steve Womack

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    Jon's job was to stay out of Bolton business and avoid violating the NW rule of neutrality. Bowen had to stop Jon from leading the wildlings on a Bolton raid. Bowen is right, Jon is wrong.
  11. Steve Womack

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    One can find similarities if he looks hard enough. My opinion. Brutus was a friend of Julius. Bowen was not a friend of Jon's. Brutus personally betrayed Julius. Bowen Marsh didn't betray Jon because he was only doing his job. Bowen was acting in his professional capacity and did his sworn duty to protect the realm of man against an ailing lord commander.
  12. Steve Womack

    Is House Blackfyre really extinct on the male line?

    Aegon or YG is a Blackfyre. We don't know what's under that tunic but if he has the balls then no. What extinct meant is the lack of a legitimate male to carry the name. If we don't confine ourselves to legitimate men then the answer is again no.
  13. Steve Womack

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    I don't want Walder to die. He's funny. I'm on board with the novels being all the better with Walder alive.
  14. Steve Womack

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Even steven. Robb Stark can't show partiality to his mom.
  15. House Czervik Green Dragon on a field of yellow Loyal Servant of House Targaryen Family castle, located in the Stormlands and taken from the Baratheons. Storm's End has been demolished and a new castle built upon its foundations. All known Baratheons have been castrated and sent to the wall and every female has been sent to the Silent Sisters.