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    Berserk, Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Twin Peaks, music,and of course aSoIaF
    My favorite characters are Stannis, Euron, Theon, Davos, Jaime, Bloodraven, Willas Tyrell, Quentyn, Darkstar, Young Griff, and Jeyne Poole

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  1. coolsaladgirl93

    Most Powerful and Beautiful Moments

    Great choices guys! Another one from Jaime II, A Feast For Crows, while far from beautiful was very disturbingl and left quite an impact on my day: "'You're hurting me." In some queer way that had been worse than Lord Chelsted's screaming. 'We are sworn to protect her as well,' Jaime had finally been driven to say. 'We are,' Darry allowed, 'but not from him.'" Left a feeling like a punch in the gut
  2. coolsaladgirl93

    Any sympathy for House Bracken and House Peake?

    TWOIAF is written from an in universe perspective and history is written by the victors. That's one of the points of the story. So I don't think GRRM has a bias against the Brackens but it's necessary for the purpose of TWOIAF to villainize them if it is to hold up to any scrutiny as being an in-universe text
  3. coolsaladgirl93

    Critical Reviews of ASOIAF

    No need to be so cynical guys, this thread was depressing I have faith in the old man, I've read a lot of his scifi and he knows how to end a story well. I believe in him wholeheartedly, though I will often joke about him never finishing the series.
  4. coolsaladgirl93

    Disliking Tyrion Lannister

    I don't know if this has been brought up yet, I'm still reading through the thread but one thing I loathe about Tyrion is that he and all of his fans seem to think he is some master player of the game, when he spends all of Clash letting Varys manipulate him and he should have had Littlefinger killed the moment he stepped into Kings Landing. He's not a player, he's a pawn of Varys and the fact that he didn't realize it really bothers me
  5. coolsaladgirl93

    Most Powerful and Beautiful Moments

    So I'm in the middle of a reread and I just got to Feast. On Brienne II there is that very sad and wonderful and touching moment where Pod says "I'm his squire, but he left me!" I was honestly very moved on this reread more so than any of my others. What are some of the most powerful moments for you reading? Not just sad moments, exciting and happy ones too! Just passages that left a profound impact on you that you think about often. Some others for me would be Stannis' Proudwing monologue, "He would sooner have a living daughter than a shattered shield", Theon in the Godswood when his sanity is temporarily restored So many wonderful moments, I love this series. <3
  6. coolsaladgirl93

    Lady Stoneheart motives?

    I wonder this as well and I gotta admit the curiosity for where this arc will go is killing me. I am completely intrigued by this character and wonder especially why the Brotherhood all decided to follow her
  7. coolsaladgirl93

    Lady Stoneheart motives?

    So we all know Lady Stoneheart hates Freys (understandably so) but I'm curious as to if she has any motivation for killing Freys beyond that of Vengeance We know that the reason Walder Frey gave Roslin to Edmure even though she was attractive and not some hideous daughter is because the Tullys were about to be dispossessed of Riverrun and Roslin is very far back in the line of succession for the Twins and she's a girl so it's very unlikely for her to even inherit the Twins. I'm wondering if that is why Cat is killing Freys that are further up the line of succession. To get Edmure in possession of the Twins. But of course we don't know what Lady Stoneheart's ambitions are beyond murdering Freys because we aren't in her head. I am of the opinion that she isn't Cat anymore not truly, but I think there is more to her than just murder. I am curious if you guys think I'm onto something here or just some crackpot bs? Also if this is explicitly stated somewhere in Feast or Dance and I missed it sorry lole I am currently going through my first reread in a year and I only just got to ASOS when this idea hit me. Anyways general discussion of Lady Stoneheart and her motives within the Brotherhood Without Banners is welcome!!
  8. coolsaladgirl93

    Least favourite POV character per book

    It was acting up a lot actually but it appears to be working fine now
  9. coolsaladgirl93

    Least favourite POV character per book

    This made me lol
  10. coolsaladgirl93

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Man this is super tough because I rarely dislike any of the chapters in the books at all, but I'll do my best AGoT: Cat, I really hate Cat in this book. I hate how she treats Jon, I hate her capturing Tyrion, her behavior in this book rustles my jimjams ACoK: Dany, I actually like all the stuff in Qarth, but I've never been partial to the character herself ASoS: Is none an option? I guess I'll go with Dany again for the same reasons as ACoK AFfC: Samwell. I didn't like his Feast chapters very much at all ADwD: Dany, I didn't like the politics of Meereen at all, and found myself completely disinterested in her story I don't hate any of these chapters though, even the ones I dislike still have redeeming qualities