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    Sad News: Roy Dotrice Passed Away

    So I turn on my PC, go to Yahoo to check my e-mail (*don't judge me lol), and I see a picture of Roy Dotrice as Hallyne the Pyromancer. The subtitle reads Game of Thrones and Guinness Record Holder. So I click on it hoping to hear that he will begin or had finished dubbing the audio-book for Winds of Winter, instead I read sadly he had passed away. Needless to say I was crushed, being as though the only way I made it through ASOIAF books 1-5; The Companion books The World of Ice and Fire, The Princess and the Queen, and The Rouge Prince, all thanks to Roy Dotrice. I think most people will gladly admit that reading each and every book in this series is a daunting task, and yet the audio-books made it so much easier, and (if I do say so myself) much more enjoyable. He did an amazing job narrating a doing all the voice to really make the characters come alive. Most of the voice he did for certain characters was uncannily similar to that of those eventually cast in the TV Series. Such as Tyrion, Tywin, Stannis, Grand Maester Pycelle, Baelish, and last but not less Hodor*. Tyrion: He made sound like a brash, sarcastic, womanizer, clever, unwilling, strategist. Tywin: He made sound like a stern, authoritarian, harden, and ruthless figure, which precisely how Charles Dance eventually Portrayed him on screen. Stannis: He made sound like a strict, militant, humorless, determined, unbending, with a rigid sense of justice. Pycelle: Just the old, meek, frailty he made him sound was definitely funny to hear. Baelish: From the first time I heard the voice without even someone saying his I knew it was Petyr Baelish. That sly, conniving, strategic sound is how Aidan Gillien played him. Hodor: What else can I say but "Hodor!" lol I saddens me that I watched mostly all major TV News networks and no mention of Roy Dotrice passing on any of them, not evening on the News ticker bar. For someone who's career span more than 5 decades, stared in the role of Mozart in one of the most highly awarded films of all times, barely any mention of him passing. Maybe it's just happen because it was overshadow by another story. With all that's been going on in the world, its hard to say. Or do News organizations like to pick and choose what they deem more important based on what will draw more ratings, maybe. Usually when kind of thing happens, someone else of notoriety or more famous died just before and take precedent in the new coverage, like when Groucho Marx died 3 days after Elvis Presley (thank you creepy film critic from The Devils Rejects), or like when John Hurt died the same day as Mary Tyler Moore. Everyone talked about how much of a trailblazer Mary Tyler Moore was for women and what her show did for women right in the work place. Okay I get that but that was news for about 2 weeks, with almost zero coverage on John Hurt passing and when they did it was almost a afterthought with a quick film montage and farewell. I'm sorry for going off the rails the point is I'm pissed about Roy Dotrice passing. Not to mention who's gonna finished dubbing the audio books of ASOIAF. Nobody on this earth can fill his shoes. There are very few people that I won't mind hearing in his place, and that is maybe Ian Glenn, and Tim Roth. Both of whom done previous work in the series, but neither has been able to capture that magic or do the voices quite like Roy Dotrice. Give me your thoughts on your favorite voice, moments or battle sequence, by Roy Dotrice.