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  1. Stryder the Blackheart

    There HAS to be some kind of unexpected twist/turn

    I'm still waiting on what ever happened to Craster's Sons. The big bad Night King whom we wanted 8 season to see fight dies in 1 episode. We see the Night King turn them into presumably a White Walker, but they were alive when he did this and not dead. I haven't seen anything as of late that fully explained what became of those babies. I don't think they aged quickly and became his lieutenants lol. i think that's how the long night always continues with a new Night King 1000 or so years later.
  2. Stryder the Blackheart

    Who will and Die and who will live?

    Well it's finally here, the battle for Winterfell is upon us. I want to guess at who's gonna survive. This might have some spoilers from the book, so be wary. The previous episode had a ton of character interactions we've been looking forward to seeing and some not so much, but the substance of the episode was the foreshadow of impending doom for some of our favorite characters. Lets just get into Death list: Greyworm or Missandei Beric Dondarrion Yohn Royce Lyanna. Mormont Theon Greyjoy Tormund Giantsbane Greyworm or Missandei will likely die because of his conversation with Missandei seem too much like a foreshadow of one of them dying. Missandei is unlikely because she will be in the crypts. Since Greyworm will be on the front lines, my money is on him. I mean come on who talks about a vacation in this show lol. Beric Dondarrion will die because he is the worst fighter in the series. Think about it, mostly all fighter in the show has come close to dying during a fight many times but Beric has actually died multiple times (7 times). With Thoros dead, this looks like the end of him. My guess is his final scene will be him saving a Key Character (Jon) while holding off the enemy with his flaming sword while they make a hasty retreat. Jon will say come with him, Beric will reject his offer saying this is what the Lord of Light brought him back for. Yohn Royce: You are probably saying to yourself, who? Yohn Royce is the guy from the Eyrie who has become more or less Sansa's lackey. In the books he has more of a spine than in the show. Sadly none of this makes it in the show and he's is a annoying coward so I want him to die lol. Lyanna Mormont: I hope I am wrong about this one but her conversation with Jorah made me think she was going to die. I mean lets be real she maybe the toughest of all the Northern Lords, but a fighter NO. Someone better knock her out and whisk her away before she gets killed. Don't get me wrong, I love her take-downs of everyone who's stood in front of her but we've never seen her fight, nor has it been enough time for her to learn. Theon Greyjoy: Theon has had one of the most transformative arcs on the show. He when from a dutiful companion of the House Stark, to traitor, captive, fugitive, coward, and savior. Now he's trying to save what he can of his name by guarding Bran. It's likely he will give his life doing this. Tormund Giantsbane: Tormund has come close to death in almost every major battle. The battle for the Castle Black, in the end he's surrounded by the Night's Watch only to be sparred by Jon. The Battle of Hardhome, the Battle of the Bastards he's nearly beaten to death by Smalljon Umber before going animal on him by biting his neck. The Frozen Lake Battle he's nearly dragged into the water by wights while screaming "Help!". Even Edd nearly killed him at The Last Hearth lol. Survivors: Everyone else lol. No seriously, main characters to survive includes Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryan) Danaerys Targaryan Arya Stark Brandon Stark (3 eyed raven) Gendry Davos Seaworth Samwell Tarly Dolorous Edd Jorah Mormont Sandor Clegane Tormund Giantsbane Brienne of Tarth Podric Payne Jamie Lannister Tyrion Lannister Yeah I know, I picked more people to survive than die, so what I can't part with them so don't judge me lol. So members of House Stark, Targaryan, Lannister, are likely to survive based on theories for future events. So let's eliminate them for now. Gendry and Davos, I picked to survive because after all of wars have ended, I believe Gendry will become the new Stormlord with Davos as his advisor. Ever since Stannis died, there hasn't been a mention of the Stormland nor who's in charge of Storm's end. Davos will survive because of as he said "I'm not much of a fighter. Apologies for what you are to see". Oh, I want to see him get his Mutton lol. Sam has to survive. Sam hasn't showed much courage in the show as in the books. In the show the closest he's come to this was when Pyp didn't want to open the door for Gilly. Which brings me to my point, Gilly and little Sam will be in danger when "Sam the Slayer" will show up lol. Edd will survive for the simple reason, he's the de facto leader of the the Dwindling Nights Watch, and because in S08E01 when his group came across Tormund and company he said "he's got blue eyes" lol. Edd will not get confused by the enemy, he knows what color their eyes are suppose to be. Tormund: I know I already said he will die, what do you want Sue me! I'm saying he will survive and that's, that! He will survive because the fans love him, myself included. Every scene with him has been gold. I'll prove it. Edd: Stand back, he's got blue eyes! Tormund: I've always had blue eyes! Golden lol. Or how about this scene Brienne: women can't be knights Tormund: why not Brienne: it's tradition Tormund: Fuck tradition Me: Come on Tormund we need you to survive. Jorah will wield Heartsbane and kill someone major wights and White Walkers. Also, since I said Lyanna will likely die he will succeed her as head of house Mormont. Sandor has to survive for the simple reason that we haven't seen Cleganebowl. Also I've been pushing the Theory he's Azor Ahai. I'll post another thread on that later. Tyrion because the story is as much his as Jon or Dany, and who doesn't love the lecherous, drunken dwarf at this point. Jamie must survive because of the Valonqar Theory, and he has to get with Brienne. Sorry Tormund lol Brienne survives for the same reason as previously stated. Her and Jamie has to happen. Which brings me to my next point, Podric will survive because he is Brienne's faithful squire. He'll probably save her like he did Tyrion during the Battle of Blackwater. During the Fight, Brienne will be down by an attack from a White Walker when Podric Attack from behind, giving her enough time to regain her sword and kill the White Walker. Let me know what you think
  3. Stryder the Blackheart

    Season 8 predictions and tying up loose ends

    Winter's coming. We are hours away from the final season of arguably the greatest fantasy series every to dawn the small screen, and the wait is killing me. Needless to say last season was a step down from previous seasons. The overall pacing was the biggest issue. I've made some previous post about this. Everyone is guessing who's gonna sit the Iron Throne, but I want to know if D&D will address some minor things that have yet? to bee answered. Note: these are not in any considerable order. 1.) What happened to the Dornish Army. During Aegon's Conquest, Dorne was the the only Kingdom to resist and even kill one. 2.) Does Varys still have spies in Kings Landing. The Premier spy master is both Westeros and Essos surely still have some spies still his service to track the Mad Queen's movements. 3.) Will the Citadel find the book Inventory. The book is said to have the location of every known Valeryan Steel blade. 4.) Can Gendry rework Valyrian Steel. The show didn't elaborate much on this nugget like the books, but Gendry was a apprentice to Tobho Mott. Tobho Mott is one of the few people left in the world that knows how to rework Valyrian Steel. When reforging Ice he used spells and magic to reforge the blades. Whereas the show left this out due to the actors' contract dispute with showrunners. Instead they made Tywin say he called some random blacksmith for Volantis I think to reforge the blades. If Gendry knows some secrets to reworking or creating Valyrian, he better start swinging that hammer. (Not his War hammer that he used to smash those 2 gold cloaks eating fermented crab lol) 5) Will Howland Reed ever show. Ever since Season 3, when the Reed children (Jojen, and Meera) showed up and told us that Howland Reed was a good friend to Ned Stark, we've been waiting on his appearance in the story. The show, for the most part has written the Reeds mostly. I mean Meera saves Bran drags him back to the wall and is never mentioned again after bran gives her the cold shoulder. 6.) Arya reunion with The Hound & Gendry. This has somewhat been address last season. Brienne and Sandor's conversation at the Dragon-pit was somewhat of a acknowledgement of the odd relationship between Arya and Sandor. More importantly, Arya and Gendry reunion is a must. I mean come on, ever since she said to Gendry "I could be your family", and she said "no you would be m'lady" this has been long awaited. 7.) What's in the crypts of Winterfell. The books makes it sound like the Crypt are a sort of a ASOIAF version of "Cave of Wonders". I mean its been hinted that everything from Rhargars' Lyre (or his bones), A Dragon, the Previous Night King (or his wife). 8.) How far will the army of the dead march south. It is hinted in the books in a clever and sneaky way that Winterfell got is name and location literally from where Winter fell. let explain just like Storm's End is said to have got is name when the Storm Kings defeated a Sea God, the same rules apply to Winterfell. Is this the place where the Night King fell during the Long Night. 9.) Cleganebowl. What did R'hllor spare him. Out of the all the Gods in this story only a 2 have been none to affected the lives of those who believe in them, The old Gods (The 3 eyed Raven) and R'hllor. R'hllor is the most mysterious since it hasn't been seen and its visions are never clear. Why then did R'hllor spare The hound in the Cave during the fight with Beric. He has to play a pivotal part later or why else would he be allowed to see visions in the fire when is afraid of fire 10.) Jaq'en Hagar tells he's Syrio Forrell. He knows Arya while she never speaks her name. During Season 5 he calls her Arya Stark when he catches her and the Waif about to fight. She's never told him her name, nor did he ever here anyone say it. The only thing he noticed is that she is no longer disguising herself as a boy. She never fooled him according to him. The only ones in that caravan headed to the wall that knew her were Yoren and Gendry. Hell Hot-Pie still called her Ary up until Season 5 when he met Brienne and Podrick. 11.) Who holds Storm's end. This is a bit of a stretch but what the hell. With the Baratheons (Stannis and Renly) dead and their army defeated. Who Holds Storm's end and is there any fighters left in that region. Interactions that have to happen ------------------------------------------------------ *Tyrion and Sansa: talk about their brief marriage = Sansa admits she judge Tyrion wrong, while he may be a Lannester but he's far from the worst. In fact he saved her from Joffery in the throne room. He spared her from the shame of the bedding ceremony. *Jon tell Daenerys about Maester Aemon: tells her she is not the 1st Targaryen he's met. Just for my peace of mind. I thought he would have said that last season. *Jorah and Lyanna Mormont: She scolds him for shaming the house name lol. *Bran and Meera revisited: wtf *The Hound and Sansa: Nice to see you little bird maybe he becomes her bodyguard and take over for Lady(dire wolf)