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  1. Stryder the Blackheart

    Sad News: Roy Dotrice Passed Away

    So I turn on my PC, go to Yahoo to check my e-mail (*don't judge me lol), and I see a picture of Roy Dotrice as Hallyne the Pyromancer. The subtitle reads Game of Thrones and Guinness Record Holder. So I click on it hoping to hear that he will begin or had finished dubbing the audio-book for Winds of Winter, instead I read sadly he had passed away. Needless to say I was crushed, being as though the only way I made it through ASOIAF books 1-5; The Companion books The World of Ice and Fire, The Princess and the Queen, and The Rouge Prince, all thanks to Roy Dotrice. I think most people will gladly admit that reading each and every book in this series is a daunting task, and yet the audio-books made it so much easier, and (if I do say so myself) much more enjoyable. He did an amazing job narrating a doing all the voice to really make the characters come alive. Most of the voice he did for certain characters was uncannily similar to that of those eventually cast in the TV Series. Such as Tyrion, Tywin, Stannis, Grand Maester Pycelle, Baelish, and last but not less Hodor*. Tyrion: He made sound like a brash, sarcastic, womanizer, clever, unwilling, strategist. Tywin: He made sound like a stern, authoritarian, harden, and ruthless figure, which precisely how Charles Dance eventually Portrayed him on screen. Stannis: He made sound like a strict, militant, humorless, determined, unbending, with a rigid sense of justice. Pycelle: Just the old, meek, frailty he made him sound was definitely funny to hear. Baelish: From the first time I heard the voice without even someone saying his I knew it was Petyr Baelish. That sly, conniving, strategic sound is how Aidan Gillien played him. Hodor: What else can I say but "Hodor!" lol I saddens me that I watched mostly all major TV News networks and no mention of Roy Dotrice passing on any of them, not evening on the News ticker bar. For someone who's career span more than 5 decades, stared in the role of Mozart in one of the most highly awarded films of all times, barely any mention of him passing. Maybe it's just happen because it was overshadow by another story. With all that's been going on in the world, its hard to say. Or do News organizations like to pick and choose what they deem more important based on what will draw more ratings, maybe. Usually when kind of thing happens, someone else of notoriety or more famous died just before and take precedent in the new coverage, like when Groucho Marx died 3 days after Elvis Presley (thank you creepy film critic from The Devils Rejects), or like when John Hurt died the same day as Mary Tyler Moore. Everyone talked about how much of a trailblazer Mary Tyler Moore was for women and what her show did for women right in the work place. Okay I get that but that was news for about 2 weeks, with almost zero coverage on John Hurt passing and when they did it was almost a afterthought with a quick film montage and farewell. I'm sorry for going off the rails the point is I'm pissed about Roy Dotrice passing. Not to mention who's gonna finished dubbing the audio books of ASOIAF. Nobody on this earth can fill his shoes. There are very few people that I won't mind hearing in his place, and that is maybe Ian Glenn, and Tim Roth. Both of whom done previous work in the series, but neither has been able to capture that magic or do the voices quite like Roy Dotrice. Give me your thoughts on your favorite voice, moments or battle sequence, by Roy Dotrice.
  2. Stryder the Blackheart


    T-minus 10 minutes until Season finale. My predictions are; Cercei still doesn't believe them about the White Walkers; Cleganebowl happens, Maybe by trail by combat. as to whose trial I don't know. I want to see a trial by Seven for some reason. Especially because Brienne is there (*spoiler alert: if you don't know by now that's a Duncan the tall reference, and Brienne is a descendant of his);Sam goes back to Horn hill, hears about his father and brother, and then hears that Jon is coming south to me Cercei, he goes to meet them all while finally listening to Gilly who drop a big bombshell 2 weeks ago without him noticing. Gendry meets Arya at Winterfell. Arya finally exposes Littlefinger in front of everyone check out my post on that theory. Bran do more than just sit there being emotionless; Howland Reed is at least alluded to if not shown. Don't really care about the Ironborn at this point too little episodes. Last but not least more of Nymeria's pack, and finally show Ghost who's been M.I.A. since last season lol
  3. Stryder the Blackheart

    Arya vs Sansa, how it ends?

    Arya vs Sansa is arguably the most controversial plotline this season. before I begin about last week's episode, lets go back to the beginning of the entire series (Episode 1: Winter is Coming). In the first episode, we can see within minutes both girls are total opposites. The scene where both girls are with Septa Mordane doing needlework, Sansa excels while Arya struggles at it. Shortly after, Arya shows up Bran in Archery. Sansa follows the traditional norm of females in this world, while Arya breaks the gender norm by wanting to be a knight. During the Winterfell feast for the arrival of King Robert, Arya throws some food a Sansa, though in a playful manner (sibling rivalry). This all changed however, after the Joffrey and Micah incident. When Cersei brings in Sansa to testify (basically lie) on Joffrey's behalf, this prompts, Arya to hit Sansa while screaming liar (rightfully justified), and sowed the seeds of hate within Arya for her sister Sansa. Unfortunately, after King Robert gives his decision, Circe convinces him to have one of the direwolves executed. Since Arya forces Nymeria to flee, it is decided that Lady must die. Later, Ned explains to her why Sansa lied for Joffrey. Telling her that she was basically put in the position where she was forced to defend him. While Arya's feelings toward Sansa may have calm down after Ned talked to her, Sansa begins to blame Arya for lady's death (even though Arya protested and defended lady, telling them lady wasn't there). Then there's the whole Ned getting executed thing (lol). When Joffrey called for Neds' head he, Arya should've noticed, how poor Sansa was screaming "stop". Now granted it all happened so fast, while Sansa was screaming, Arya was looking at the crowed then almost immediately rush to help. It's possible she didn't see or hear Sansa, maybe. However I hope that's not the directing the writers are headed with this. There is also that time Arya sees that play in Bravos, but even that is a stretch. Arya now back in Winterfell doesn't like what she see in Sansa. Sansa in the books hated Jon for being a bastard much like her mother Catelyn. Now she says boldly to Arya that they wouldn't be in Winterfell had it not be for her, yet she herself apologized to Jon. She said she should've told him about The Knights of the Vale. The only way to fix this thing is if Arya is doing this to expose Littlefinger or kill him. Maybe Arya just tortured Sansa to gauge, how she feel about Jon ruling. A sort of test to see where her allegiance is. Think about it, all of the evidence is in the open. They can just ask Maester Wolkan about the letter, he'll say he gave it to Littlefinger; Arya will tell Sansa she stole from his room; Sansa will remember when she asked Littlefinger where Arya got the letter and he said he didn't have an idea. Now that caught him in a lie that he can't squirm out of. Oh! Lets not forget Lord Royce (Bronze Yohn) doesn't like Littlefinger. Last season Littlefinger nearly had him executed by that idiot!, Robin Arryn (also Lord Royce in the books has more balls than in the show. He doesn't trust Littlefinger at all, and wants to kill him). All in all, it shouldn't take much to turn people against Littlefinger. Sansa herself say, "don't trust Littlefinger", but yet she confides in him about Arya. Hopefully Arya is doing this to expose Littlefinger and it works out, maybe it will also cool Sansa down from becoming another Cersei.
  4. Stryder the Blackheart

    Why Benjen had to die?

    While some might think less of Benjen since out of the Stark family he's had far less (or fewer if Stannis is watching) screen time than Rickon lol. Still given his status in the story and his relationship with Jon although briefly shown, his farewell could have been more impactful. I thought it was handled poorly by D&D, there were many other ways they could have handle Benjen's time this episode and manner of his death. 1.) During the bear attack. He could have came to the rescue when Sandor froze, and joined them escorting them to the Arrowhead mountain. the guy has been North of the Wall for 7 seasons I mean come on, by now he should know the territory better than Google maps. 2.) During the capture of the wight. Jon could have gotten overpowered by the White Walker and Benjen (sent by Bran) comes to aid him. By making Jon fight and beat a White Walker with relative ease cheapens the fear and mystique follow them. Yes he beat one at Hardhome, but to looking back at it, When Longclaw didn't shatter, one can argue the White Walker was caught off guard. While the rest probably including this one, were on top of a cliff watching the fight. 3.) Last but definitely not least, why didn't he just ride off with him on the horse. You mean to tell me you can outrun wights with 2 people, Bran and Meera on this horse, but not 1 Jon and you had a head start lol come on. List some other ways they could gave Benjen a worthy send off.
  5. Stryder the Blackheart

    Arya is the worst secret agent ever! Part 2

    Okay, this is my second post on this subject. Check under the previous episode to find my post. Arya is making it hard for me to defend her. On one hand what she is doing to keep Jon in control as the King of the North, is completely justified. Just like any secret agent Arya has a bag of spy equipment (her bag of faces), but unlike classic secret agents, you don't leave it lying all around the place so anyone can find. Even worse, she basically tells Sansa she trained with the more than likely greatest group of assassins in ASOIAF. Keep in mind, who was the first person Sansa confided in when press about the letter she wrote, yep you guessed it Littlefinger. She still trust him enough to ask his opinion on the matter even though 2 episodes ago she warns Bran not to trust him lol. While Sansa maybe dumb to what Faceless Men (remember she still thinks Ayra was Water Dancing lessons, was actual dancing.) are, surely Littlefinger knows them. If I remember correctly before the Red Wedding it was suggested to hire a Faceless Man to end the War of the Five Kings, during a council meeting or by Tywin at Harrenhal. So far this arc has me very conflicted, Arya is losing mad cool points she gained when sparring with Brienne. Hopefully the next episode solves this Issue, look for my next post for theories on how they can solve their in fighting.
  6. Stryder the Blackheart

    Origins of the dagger...Is it important?

    I agree with people who cites both the books as well as the show. I agree that the catspaw was likely sent by Joffrey. Joffrey was sadistic by nature, but it doesn't explain how Littlefinger got it in the first place. Littlefinger, despite his lies about who he bet against, he still lost it to Robert in a bet. So how did he get it, I'll post my theory on this later. I do believe Rhaegar may have own it, whose it was before that probably Aegon the Conqueror definitely House Targaryen.
  7. Stryder the Blackheart

    Is Sansa threatened by Ayra?

    I believe Sansa feels threaten by Arya. Let explain, Arya and Sansa had a rocky relationship from the begining. Sansa wanted to be a highborn lady which is the gender norm of this world. Arya on the otherhand want to be a Knight the exact opposite of Sansa or most females. Their problems really started with the Joffrey bullying Micah thing. After Arya Expose Joffrey as a coward and Sansa protected him then Lady got killed. They never solved that issue, so when Arya tells Sansa she has a list of people she plans to kill, Sansa is both shocked and worried that she may be on her list. Just look at Sansa's face when she asks Arya "who else is on your list." Ayra responds "Most of them are dead already". While you might think its minor, keep in mind both in the show and more so in the books, Sansa thinks of Arya as a wild beast. Now while there are moments in the books were Sansa thinks to herself she misses a Arya, for the most part she still blames her for alot of what happened. Also, is not the get Arya was very close to Jon. Jon's hold on the north relies on his supporters. With that support weakening with him going south, support for Sansa is increasing to lead to North. But of course Arya, will support Jon's reign over Sansa's if not his actions but if not out of sheer spite. Lastly, Arya just bested Sansa's personal bodyguard in in sparring, one can argue. So indeed she feels threaten.
  8. Stryder the Blackheart

    Arya is the worst secret agent ever!

    After nearly disappearing from prying eyes of the top spy masters in Westeros, Varys and Littlefinger, she shows up at Winterfell and basically tells everyone she's a highly trained assassin. Let me explain, first she gives a the guards at the gates a hint at her skill, which after watching it again one might disregard. Most likely the guards won't brag that they couldn't detain her, but by them being replaced as soon as she showed up might spread speculation maybe. Next, within moments of reuniting with her sister she spills the beans about her list of people she plans to kill. This is reinforced when she reunites with Bran and he mentions her list as well. (More on the Sansa look in another post) Next is the 2nd biggest mistake she makes by sparring with Brienne, who in many respects is on of the best swordsman (or swordswoman #Feminism lol) in the show. Not only did beat her when Brienne took it easy on her. When Brienne got serious with her she the got a draw with her but she did it in public view for anyone to see. Last but not least, the biggest mistake she makes as a secret agent, is by spy on one of the most dangerous people in the story without any camouflage (i.e Faceless Mask lol). So far as we know there isn't anyone in Westeros other than probably Bran that knows of her Faceless Man (Faceless Woman #Feminism lol) training. If you're going to spy on Littlefinger why not wear a face like she did in the Twins killing the Freys. I mean at best Littlefinger would've been confused as to who is spying on him, he probably would think Sansa is starting her own network of spy's at best. So Arya if you want to root out evil and corruption in your home, disguise yourself besides Jaqen you are the master of disguise (lol I couldn't help myself) P.S. for anyone that read this post and think I'm trolling Arya, you're a idiot lol. She is one of my favorite characters, I just wish the writers would keep it consistent with her arc.