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    Malazan: High House Shadow edition

    Same for me. I read the first MBOTF novels years ago (at the same time as I read Bakker's series), but I had to quit after MOI - it was simply too much of everything: Magic, overpowered characters and creatures, battles, exaggerated historical dimensions, ... I read the books in German at that time because I wasn't confident in my English skills yet, so I can't judge the language, but I couldn't understand why this series is so often compared to ASOIAF. Besides scale and "gray" characters, these series have nothing in common, especially in terms of magic. And unlike many others, I didn't like the way Erikson dealt with that topic. Bakkers philosophical approach was way more convincing than Erikson Warrens and their assignment to certain "elements", but maybe that's just my point of view. Last year, I tried to give Erikson another chance and bought the audiobook, but it still seemed exaggerated and absurd to me. I guess you either love or hate it; there doesn't seem to be a middle course.
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    Cheers! OK, I'm not completely new here. I already signed in last year, but I was super busy with my master thesis and my motivation to contribute to deeper conversations about ASOAIF was rather low. Now I'm done, so I'd like to give it another go! I'm from Germany and a fan of the books since 2009. I read the first books in German, but since I didn't want to wait for the translation of ADWD, and since the translation was completely changed ("crippled") in the meantime, I'm more used to the English version now. I guess that's the reason why there's no German sister Wiki to AWOIAF - fans of the old and the new translation simply cannot find a compromise. I also used to watched the TV series, but only until S6E02, and stopped after that because I was too frustrated about what they did with many interesting characters. Fortunately, I'm quite spoiler-resistant, so I know about the latest revalations nevertheless. Apart from Martin, my favourite fantasy authors are R. Scott Bakker, Joe Abercrombie and some German writers you probably don't know, but heavily influenced my preferences and my own style nevertheless (I'm also writing Fantasy stories, but are even less likely to finish one day than GRRM). Let's see whether I'll manage to keep up with the forum this time! Let's see whether my hello will be recognized!