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  1. Therae

    Genderbending ASOIAF characters

    I wonder. If Cersei had been a man, she would have had to train at arms and leadership and would have been expected to excel at it--and she is not as smart as she thinks she is. We haven't seen any evidence at all of the kind of monomaniacal work ethic it takes to make a warrior at Jaime's level or a politician at Tywin's. We've seen her pull rank whenever things get sticky, but we've never really seen her actually work really hard at anything. I suspect she would be just as resentful as a man--probably of girl-Jaime for not having to do much but be beautiful and please and still get betrothed to a king. She certainly would not have been Tywin, or even Jaime. I think @Sigella is on the money--she'd be more like Joffrey than anyone else--and without an indulgent parent, Joffrey would just be a seething sulk monster.
  2. Therae

    How is Edric Storm being looked after?

    I had the impression that Davos' thought meant that he figured Edric & Co. would have gotten as far as the Stepstones on their journey to Lys by then.
  3. This was my impression as well.
  4. Therae

    Why do people hate Sansa?

    I don’t really like Sansa, but I think she gets a lot of unfair criticism for a number of specific things. Tyrion: well, really, except for refusing to kneel for the cloaking, which he still resented some time later and which she, iirc, actually regretted, she seems to appreciate that he’s the only Lannister who’s been decent to her, she did do her best to be a dutiful wife (how many 13yo girls wed to a man they don’t know, understand, and aren’t attracted to would make any effort at all?), she defended criticism against him at least to herself when circumstances really didn’t permit her to speak out (as with Lysa), and she seems to me to realize that getting out of the marriage is not worth his death. And all this while he isn’t particularly nice to her—he is kind and patient in an overarching philosophical way, yes, but he is often quite sarcastic in their conversation for no very good reason—and she doesn’t seem to brood much over that, which is extremely tolerant for a kid her age. Parroting the traitor stuff after Ned was taken prisoner: what else could she have possibly done at that point? It’s not like everyone up North didn’t immediately understand that Cersei dictated her letter, and it’s not like anyone in the south actually believed she meant a word of it, especially after Ned was executed. She didn’t invest much effort into convincing anyone, either; she might have taken a few less beatings if she had. Colluding with Littlefinger to poison Sweetrobin: the particular situation when she insisted on using sweet sleep against the maester’s advice really was a case of the lesser of two evils, and not drugging him would have immediately put his life at risk. He was AWFUL that day, as well, and the extra frustration cannot have made the decision any easier.
  5. Therae

    The Marriage Game

    Seems like, while not a hard and fast rule, weddings are generally at the bride's home, unless there is a an obvious reason why it wouldn't be, like that it's a royal wedding, which would pretty much be an event held in the capital if at all possible (or if the bride is a hostage of the crown being wed into the extended royal family).
  6. Considering that even after having her father and basically everyone she knows murdered, being press-ganged into Baelish's whorehouse, where she was whipped and "trained to please men," dressed up in Stark colors and sold off to the Boltons to marry Ramsay, she still made a point of throwing shade on Arya and taking credit for inventing "Horseface," I feel such a meeting wouldn't be as productive as it could be if Jeyne weren't still fundamentally the person who tells Arya about the Hound cutting her friend into so many pieces they had to return Mycah in a sack. Probably it won't help Jeyne that by then, she will most likely be missing part of her nose while Arya will be starting to develop the "wild beauty" her aunt was known for, although it might help Arya keep from slipping into the old inferiority. Honestly, I sort of picture a reunion between those two being mostly Jeyne being hysterical and unintelligible and Arya wondering why she ever cared what this girl thought about her, but ultimately trying to help her feel safe, and then going off to find out for herself WTactualF was going on in Winterfell.
  7. Therae

    Why would the alchemists be as suicidal as Aerys?

    The alchemists were pretty savvy when it came to their own self-interest--and safety, and I doubt their loyalty to Aerys was to Aerys so much as to his love of Wildfire. I would imagine they had a looong fuse ready to go and a nice sandbagged bunker or a quick route out of town in the event that Aerys called for Operation KL-Go-Splodey. They don't strike me as the sort to sacrifice themselves for their art if the boss won't be around to criticize their commitment.
  8. Therae

    Things you found oddly amusing

    Welcome to the forum! Also: good one.
  9. Therae

    Did Roose Send The Pink Letter To Jon Snow?

    OMG that is embarrassing. Eep. Mea culpa. <foot in mouth emoji>
  10. Therae

    Did Roose Send The Pink Letter To Jon Snow?

    I think it actually was Ramsay wrote the PL, but not necessarily without Roose's (and maybe Barbrey Dustin's) suggestions (though not necessarily with, either--sorry, many vacillations and caveats will ensue...) The one thing I'm pretty confident about is that the pink letter was sort of a hail mary of damage control. Ramsey may not know that his wife was a fake, but it seems like he might (seems like even he would have to question the idea that Ned Stark's younger daughter had been trained "how to please a man"), but, more to the point, if Roose doesn't absolutely know, he must suspect (I think he does absolutely know, but that's just me). And now fArya and Theon (who both the Boltons realize knows for sure) have escaped, and if they make it to the Wall, there is Jon to immediately recognize that this is not his half-sister (and whether the Boltons realize it or not, he would also immediately recognize that she is Jeyne Poole). Some domino-effect may be required, but sooner or later, one way or another, that news is going to make it back to Winterfell if it takes Stannis hiring singers to climb the walls and scream NOT ARYA NOT ARYA. Which will leave the Boltons with support from absolutely no one except the Freys, who are on the wrong side of the the walls at present. I doubt even Barbrey would stick to Roose if that was public. <Pure speculation>I can see Roose asking Ramsey what exactly he thinks will happen when Jon Snow's not-sister gets to the Wall. So Ramsey's has to prevent that by any means necessary: provoke him! baffle him with bizarre demands he probably doesn't even understand (why would Jon know what his "Reek" is?)! confound him with demands he can't possibly meet! Draw him away from the Wall and into a fight (Ramsey would naturally expect to win) before Jeyne gets there if at all possible, and, if all else fails, probably he does plan to attack the damn Wall.<\speculation> Obviously all I can do with the information available is imagine possible scenarios, but it remains that it's critical for the Boltons to prevent Jon from exposing fArya, and Ramsey does like writing letters.
  11. Therae

    Things you found oddly amusing

    I'd guess that CS Lewis was probably referring not-so-subtly to Coleridge when he wrote that part of the Silver Chair.
  12. Therae

    Things you found oddly amusing

    This bit from Dance, Bran III The caves were timeless, vast, silent. They were home to more than three score living singers and the bones of thousands dead, and extended far below the hollow hill. "Men should not go wandering in this place," Leaf warned them. "The river you hear is swift and black, and flows down and down to a sunless sea. And there are passages that go even deeper, bottomless pits and sudden shafts, forgotten ways that lead to the very center of the earth. Even my people have not explored them all, and we have lived here for a thousand thousand of your man-years." always reminds me of the Sunless Sea and the super-depressed Warden of the Earthmen in The Silver Chair (Narnia 4) going on and on with few return to the sunlit lands until even Puddleglum can't take it anymore.
  13. Therae

    Small Questions v. 10105

    @Loose Bolt @The Wondering Wolf Great catches. Definitely some post-conquest rivalry, then.
  14. Therae

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Maybe that's actually why Orys took Argella's sigil and words for his house, but kept his own name instead of adopting hers--to kind of put a sock in potentially lingering bad feelings for the Durrandons.
  15. Therae

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Wouldn't that have been pre-Baratheon Durrandons, though? I thought the Tullys signed on pretty quickly to the Targaryens, and the Baratheon came in with them (Aegon & Co., that is)?