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  1. Therae

    Why did Benjen take the black?

    Agree with @SFDanny on most points—particularly that it was Benjen’s decision, whatever it was based on. I’m not altogether sure he really blamed Ned for things, though. Even if Ned had wholeheartedly argued that Robert was a hard-drinking bastard-making machine, we don’t have much reason to believe Rickard would have opted against the match because the Bob would make a lousy husband, and Benjen probably understood that was most likely not unrelated to why Ned just tried to look on the bright side about it. That said, Benjen was still young and may very well have blamed the entire betrothal on Ned, which isn’t entirely without merit. But my guess is that the reason he could not stand to wait a bit longer than was absolutely necessary to leave the mantle of Required Stark in Winterfell to Ned and baby Robb has to do with Jon. I think he surely knew whose son that was; he knew his sister—and he knew his brother. So: 1. Ned told him the truth about Jon, and Benjen couldn’t stand seeing his sister’s baby raised as a bastard (with extra-added resentment from Catelyn) to keep him safe from a man she never wanted to marry, or 2. Ned wouldn’t tell him the truth either, so on top of having to play along with Jon being Ned’s bastard, his own brother was lying to him about it. I don’t really think Ned did lie to Benjen, though. No evidence, just a feeling.
  2. Therae

    Small Questions v. 10106

    This, too. It seems like she must know him well enough at that point to have known exactly what his response would be. I think maybe she was confirming it, but who knows what she had in mind. Later on Stannis tells Davos that, while she knows he doesn't serve her god, she also knows that he serves Stannis, so she apparently values his loyalty over his conversion, and she obviously respects his honesty. And much later on, in her chapter, she turns out to have some ordinary human sympathy for him and all he's lost. Mel is a complicated cat.
  3. Therae

    Small Questions v. 10106

    In SoS, Davos III, Melisandre says: Davos is locked in a cell in the dungeon at the moment. To me it sounds like she is operating on the assumption that soon enough he will be at liberty to pay her a visit, but Davos does not pick that up at all. It doesn't seem like she offering him a get-out-of-jail card if he does the shadow-baby-making deed, and I don't think he really took it that way, either, but is that what's going on?
  4. Therae

    Poll: Did Jojen Die Off-Page in DANCE?

    FWIW, between tagging along with Summer for dinner on any number of occasions, and revisiting a sacrifice to the Winterfell heart tree, Bran certainly knows what blood tastes like. Following up @Clegane'sPup comment about Bran's description of mutable flavors of the weirwood paste not including (or alluding to) blood, if it didn't taste like blood, it wasn't blood. Also, there was no attempt to disguise it or blend it; Bran did not note that the red veins tasted any different than the white paste, which suggests it did not. That could all be magic, but it could also just be that weirwood seed paste and weirwood sap taste about the same: bitter, then better, then sweet, then honey, new-fallen snow, pepper, cinnamon, and his last kiss from Cat (the pepper seems kind of out of place, but who am I to judge?). But not blood. And I really don't think that witnessing an execution-as-sacrifice and tasting the blood absorbed by the tree is quite cognate enough to constitute foreshadowing to not witnessing Jojen being killed on the downlow and not tasting his blood when it's actually fed to him. I'm a no to Jojen-paste.
  5. Therae

    The Others emerging from the weirwoods

    Maybe because it's just exerpted here--I mean, I see the statement--but I am not seeing that LmL means the trees themselves are conduits, either. If he does, I suppose I just disagree. Looks to me like their armor has the ability to take on the appearance of natural surroundings (just about exactly like the elven cloaks Galadriel gave to the Fellowship), and that the Others move under cover of shadow in the forest, which is no surprise as they don't like light. I really don't see anything to indicate they somehow travel through the weirnet. However, if it turns out to be the case that they do, the magic in the Wall, as has been noted upthread, whether it's from the Children or tied to the faithfulness of the men of the Watch or both or something else altogether, appears so far to prevent them from passing (including by teletreetation).
  6. Therae

    The Others emerging from the weirwoods

    I don't think that's meant to suggest literally exiting from the trees themselves, but rather from the forest the trees are in.
  7. Therae

    King Tommen

    I quite like the idea of Cersei creating her own Tommen-monster and hoisting herself with her own petard , but I don't think that's what she was doing there. I think her only interest was in punishing him so thoroughly and utterly for crossing her that he would never dare do it again. He is royal (officially), so he has a whipping boy to be punished in his stead, and that probably makes it even worse for Tommen, and she knows it. He is a sweet, fairly sensitive boy who cares about pets and people and his wife (read: people who are not Cersei alone), so this is the equivalent of beating the idea that he's in charge out of him, and it's bad enough that it even makes Boros cringe. I doubt she actually cares enough about Tommen as anything but a means to rule to be at all concerned with what he personally enjoys, and, by the same token, I doubt she ever paid attention to exactly what Joffrey did for fun ("some mischief with a cat" for example).
  8. Therae

    King Tommen

    I think Cersei herself will be the one to devour him (hopefully not literally, but at the same time she's bemoaning his "weakness", she is also absolutely squashing any attempt he makes to exert his own will with hideous psychological abuse).
  9. I think I would tell Mycah's father to make a point of needing Mycah to stick around and help cut steaks that day at the Trident.
  10. Therae

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Maybe the Brotherhood got him when they got Septon Utt? (I'd like to believe Zollo was the Dothraki that Nymeria killed in Arya's wolf dream, but she recalled his name was Iggo, and she doesn't describe him or any of the Dothraki mummers as fat, so that would be wishful thinking on my part.)
  11. Therae

    Genderbending ASOIAF characters

    I wonder. If Cersei had been a man, she would have had to train at arms and leadership and would have been expected to excel at it--and she is not as smart as she thinks she is. We haven't seen any evidence at all of the kind of monomaniacal work ethic it takes to make a warrior at Jaime's level or a politician at Tywin's. We've seen her pull rank whenever things get sticky, but we've never really seen her actually work really hard at anything. I suspect she would be just as resentful as a man--probably of girl-Jaime for not having to do much but be beautiful and please and still get betrothed to a king. She certainly would not have been Tywin, or even Jaime. I think @Sigella is on the money--she'd be more like Joffrey than anyone else--and without an indulgent parent, Joffrey would just be a seething sulk monster.
  12. Therae

    How is Edric Storm being looked after?

    I had the impression that Davos' thought meant that he figured Edric & Co. would have gotten as far as the Stepstones on their journey to Lys by then.
  13. This was my impression as well.
  14. Therae

    The Marriage Game

    Seems like, while not a hard and fast rule, weddings are generally at the bride's home, unless there is a an obvious reason why it wouldn't be, like that it's a royal wedding, which would pretty much be an event held in the capital if at all possible (or if the bride is a hostage of the crown being wed into the extended royal family).