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  1. Hardhome was geothermal event Euron is Urrathon Nightwalker Coldhands is one of the Raven's Teeth Mors Umber was the Hooded Man Dragonsteel is dragonbone Brightfyre Theory
  2. No short answer for that, I fear. Make sure to check this thread for some good ideias though:
  3. Propably in Hornwood, since he married her in the presence of a septon and a heart tree (ACOK, Bran V). Since Donella was a Manderly, she must have practiced the Faith of the Seven even after her first marriage, which makes Hornwood the only place you'd find a septon in the north besides White Harbor, Winterfell or the Wall.
  4. Ckram

    Board Issues 4

    No. The same kind of ads I saw before.
  5. Ckram

    Board Issues 4

    Here it's: https://ibb.co/52CNpZV However I just found out that if I zoom in enough so the side ads disappear it becames smooth and usable again. Holy shit...
  6. Ckram

    Board Issues 4

    @Ran, as I said on august, since july, whenever I come to the forums, chrome starts to use a lot of RAM memory. And this forum is the only site I visit that in which navigation has changed this way in the past three months. It got so bad to browse the foruns on my desktop that now I only do it in my smartphone (android chrome app, ironically). @The Coconut God said he's experimenting the same issues. @Gronzag said it's a chrome thing.
  7. Ckram

    Board Issues 4

    I pretty much just can access the forum on my smartphone. Not one desktop browser seamlessly navigates through it anymore.
  8. According to french illustrator Marc Simonetti, George said it's a rainbow flag.
  9. @Rhaenys_Targaryen, you're the best. Thank you.
  10. I have been often told Lysa forbade sweetrobin from visiting Jon Arryn in his deathbed. Is that so? I've scanned the books and found nothing on it.
  11. Ckram

    Board Issues 4

    Whenever I come to the forums, chrome starts to use a lot of RAM memory. It started to get like this this month. No problem like this with any other sites, even social networks.
  12. Have you guys already took this in consideration? (honest question) TWOIAF, Dorne: The andals arrive Those who have had the honor of examining it say it looks like no Valyrian steel they know, being pale as milkglass but in all other respects it seems to share the properties of Valyrian blades, being incredibly strong and sharp.
  13. Pronounced/prominent supraorbital ridge.
  14. Martin once said he tried to "suggest accent with syntax and taglines". Maybe this is why.
  15. In "TLOIAF: The Known World", Ebonhead is marked as a town. In "TLOIAF: The West", Ebonhead is marked as a city. Which one is the right one?
  16. Martin says that his publishers asked for a completer map of the known world in "The Lands of Ice and Fire" based on a scene in which Xaros Xhoan Daxos presented Daenerys with a map-tapestrey "in which the city Qarth is at the center" of the world. However, rereading the scene (ADWD, Deanerys III), I noticed this is not how the map is described in the books. It's never mentioned that Qarth is at the center of the map. At first I thought Martin was misremembering or giving out details he forgot to lay on paper. But this post on a Pre-ADwD thread gave me the impression that this "Qarth at the center" thing was in an earlier draft of ADWD, later got edit out of the book, but Martin forgot all about it when he gave the aforementioned statment. Is that so? Or am I missing something?
  17. According to the Most precise ASOIAF timeline v. 3, the attack on the Fist took place in november 1st of 299 AC. On november 15th, Robb was already out of Riverrun, marching towards the Twins. Castle Black's first plea for help (signed by Bowen Marsh) reached King's Landing on november 18th. So Robb's raven arrived after he had left. Red Wedding was on december 15th. Castle Black's second letter (written by Aemon) was sent on december 18th.
  18. Does King's Landing or any other major city in Westeros have a cemetery?
  19. I know. That's reason I asked. In my opinion, no way Martin would change it 20 years and 5 books later.
  20. @Rhaenys_Targaryen Thank you! That is the one. I see they removed the part about him being a man grown by every law at 15. I remember @Ran said some translations were based on drafts, not final revised texts. It seems to be my case. Edit: Here's Ran statement.
  21. @Rhaenys_Targaryen My translated edition says something like this: "Prince Joffrey was just eleven... but Jacaerys, prince of Dragonstone, was on the edge of his fifteenth name day, when according every law of Westeros he'd became a man grown. It was Jace who took the lead then, at the end of the year 129 AC..." Would you mind to take another look? Thanks in advance.
  22. Is it really said in the english editions of Fire & Blood that Jacaerys Velaryon was considered man grown by every laws of Westeros at the age of 15 (F&B, The Dying of the Dragons: The Red Dragon and the Gold)?
  23. I dont know if it'd make you think differently but: F&B, The Heirs of the Dragon - A Question of Succession "... Driftmark (so named for the driftwood that the tides brought daily to its shores)..."
  24. The Titan on Braavos map in TLOIAF is depict holding spear and shield, not a broken sword. In his website, Jonathan Roberts even discribes the illustration like "we see his back, with spear and shield, guarding the bay". Can someone please add this to TLOIAF errata entry? Thanks in advance.
  25. House Piper's A Feast For Crows' section is missing words.
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