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  1. And to get winter under way (it's just started), events are probably going to move to 301AC, which definetelly means lots of events which we don't get to witness. I wonder when in the invasion of the dragons will the others threat be realised, and how will Dany/Aegon respond to it?
  2. Maybe not, but it would have to be rather short and compressed
  3. Especially as Dany burning down KL and getting kicked out of westeros (or attempting to repeat the Wars of Conquest), is a little anticlimactic. The comments about a Dance of Dragons and a Blackfyre Rebellion are probably true, even though there isn't really enough books to keep it up for long.
  4. Dany is so much of a humanitarian that she spent a whole year campaigning in Slavers Bay. What makes you think she'll kill half million people?
  5. The thing is, the Westeros storyline, will probably be focused around Aegon, and unless Mace finally decides to face him, he'll win battle after battle until it's too late for the Lannister-Tyrell administration which is going to eventually fail. Unless some of the lords manage to hold some type of Grand Council, the crown is likely to go to the first one to take King's Landing, regardless of whether Aegon is a fake or not. The interesting thing is what will happen afterwards for the one who gets there second.
  6. Dany might not even go to VD; after all, she doesn't want to go, and she's got a big nasty dragon to back her up. What's most likely is that she will ask them for directions, and even use them as guides. She will go to Meereen, or else Victarion and Ser Barristan will come to her. I'm not sure about the Volantis bit, but i'm reasonably sure that she will use their fleet to get to Westeros.If she meets Illyrio, he's going to suggest her marriage to Aegon, or at least to join forces. Speaking of Aegon, I wonder how GRRM is going to prove/disprove his identity as the son of Rhaegar?
  7. i think you're right about that. There are far too many points for this story to really have a proper conclusion (but in a way that's what makes this series so good), so many of the plotlines will have to come from 3rd person. The problem is, a lot of the story can't be derived this way such as; Bran/Reeds/Three-eyed crow saga. There is no obvious ending or direction for this to go, and for them to even get to the Night Watch plot would take a long time. And i get the feeling that the three-eyed crow isn't done with them by a long way; there have only been 2 POV chapters about this Danys/Dragons. Her story just has too many outlets, for her to in arrive anywhere near time to have a storyline of its own, and this could impact on the series. And even if she does, there probably won't be enough time to reunite with Rhaegal and Viserion, which could be a problem Arya/Faceless Men. What the heck is she supposed to do once she finishes FM training? If she does that is. How can she get back to Westeros, and how is she going to have any impact on the general story? And what part does her training and the FM have to play? I believe this story was once meant to tie together at the end, but GRRM has spread it out too far. Unless he crams a couple of thousand of pages in his next two books, there is no way he can manage any sort of conclusion without making an 8th book, at least not without having to more or less desert most of the plotlines, and use the 3rd person strategy, which is would be an insult to the series, and leave us needing more.