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  1. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

  2. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Wow, can't say I've ever heard of anyone disliking Bran in Dance. My interest in him really peaked when he got to the cave and we met BR and tCotF. Especially his last chapter, with the phases of the moon and the tree-visions I found great. But since you also mentioned not liking the magical side of aSoIaF, I can see why you wouldn't be as interested.
  3. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Wow, you like the Martells but you don't like their chapters? Or did you just like Areo's? I get Arys, he's also my choice for the weakest. And even though I liked Quentyn's story I can see why a lot of people don't. But Arianne? I thought her chapters were pretty good, especially The Pincess in the Tower (which is my favourite chapter of Feast).
  4. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    We make our own rules! So yes, any POV, including Prologue or Epilogue, is fine. Though I find Varamyr's chapter really interesting, as all prologues and epilogues are to me, he himself is a douche. ETA: Maybe you could choose Chett for Storm if you're struggling. He's also an asshole (I also think his chapter is quite good, though). Concerning Aeron:
  5. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    A beauty only rivaled by the 'Myrish swamp'. If only we could see Sam and Taena get together in Cersei's POV...
  6. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    That conversation with Jon becomes even better when seeing it from Jon's perspective, getting in on Jon's secrets while already knowing Sam's secrets. I think it is the only time we see the same interaction in 2 POV's and it works brilliantly. Sam's last chapter in Feast is also fantastic. Though the stuff in between these chapters doesn't really captivate, we do get some gems in them, such as Aemon's ramblings. And don't tell me you didn't like the 'fat pink mast'!
  7. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    I think Areo is necessary, since we need some way to show us what Doran is up to without knowing what is happening in his head. But I also think he himself really doesn't add anything as a character. This was the book I struggled with most myself. Since I still find Sam's chapters quite interesting, I really had to nitpick and go with him for his annoyingly unchanging cowardice. Luckily he at least started to lose weight in Feast, because his continuing fatness was also unbelievable. I could indeed also have gone with Bran in Storm. His journey north is really forgettable. Although, we also get the story about the Tourney of Harrenhal during this time, which I think was one of the best parts of the book. I can't wait for what is going to happen in Oldtown during Winds. There are so many interesting characters with connections to all kinds of storylines around... I agree Arya wasn't as interesting in the last couple of books as she was in the first three, though I think there is much promise if it is handled better than in the show, which was a travesty. Not that I'm a book snob, I like the show, but they seriously fucked up there. Tyrion I am also mostly basing on his period after he leaves fAegon. Before that, I find his chapters pretty good.
  8. Ser Scott Malkinson

    Least favourite POV character per book

    Recently, there was a topic on the favourite POV character per book. Since we all like to complain once in a while, let's do the opposite! aGoT - Sansa. Though I understand why she is written this way and definitely don't think that it should be changed, it is REALLY annoying to see her be so naive and stupid. Therefore, despite it being part of one of the best character developments in the series, I could get the least enjoyment from her chapters in this book. aCoK - Dany. WHAT HAPPENED?! So much was going on in her aGoT chapters! And then we get this... Dany of course has the unfair disadvantage that her story takes place pretty much apart from everyone else. Nevertheless, GRRM got me to care about the Dothraki's, Illyrio and in the next books even Slaver's Bay somewhat. That did not happen in Qarth. aSoS - Sam. Like in aGoT, this one is really not that bad, it's just worse than all others. I really dislike his self-proclaimed cowardice. It's OK to see pop-up once or twice in a Jon-chapter, but in his own chapters it really starts to get on your nerves. aFfC - Arys. Now, I like plenty of the new POV's like Arianne, Vicky, Cersei and even most of Brienne. But there are some I don't like. For most of those I understand why they had to be used though, like Areo and the Damphair (who is starting to grow on me after his WoW chapter, though). But for Arys that is not the case. I didn't like his POV and I don't get why it was necessary that we saw things from his perspective. Maybe this will be made clear in the coming books, but for now at least, he seems like the only redundant POV in the books to me. aDwD - Tyrion. Once again, not bad, just the worst of the bunch. I hate his self-pity, which admittedly has always been there, but has been amped up to 11 in this book. I understand this from a character-building perspective, but it is really annoying to read "wherever whores go" for the 12,358th time. Plus Penny.