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  1. Any news on upcoming Parker stories? Please, I'm jonesing.
  2. Any news on new Parker material? I check this thread religiously.
  3. Um. What happened to some of the recent posts in this thread?
  4.   You should start off with with one of Parker's standalones or novellas. I wouldn't recommend starting off with a trilogy.   So check out The Folding Knife, or perhaps The Company. For novellas/short stories I'd suggest picking up Academic Exercises, which is a collection of such material (although some of the stories you can easily find scattered on the internet; do a Google search for "Lets Map to Others", "The Sun and I", "A Small Price to Pay for Birdsong", "Amor Vincia Omnit"). Or give this a read: https://subterraneanpress.com/magazine/summer_2014/the_things_we_do_for_love_by_k._j._parker. Awesome all the way through.   Once you've made your way through the standalone and shorts, then that's a good time to start with the trilogies, in my opinion.   Enjoy!
  5. Haven't read Savages or The Two of Swords, but I've no doubt whatsoever that they'll be delightful.   I'm making my way through Parker's novellas and short stories. Recently read The Things We Do For Love and Heaven Thunders The Truth. Both were fantastic, although I preferred the first one more.
  6. Thank you! And I just checked the Parker wiki page and there are some other short stories that I haven't read. What is this. I thought I was on top of my game. :o
  7. The Fencer trilogy is interesting. The first one, Colours in the Steel, was disappointing at first, in no small part to the overload in technical description. But it's still a series that I love (I'm hella biased when it comes to Parker, so yeah). The magic system still eludes me, I don't fully understand it, but everything that went down was awesome. :D ~~ So, let me see if I have this right, so far as upcoming Parker books are concerned: there's the Two of Swords series; Savages; and the Invincible Sun trilogy. Anything else? :o
  8. I've always thought the best way to get introduced to Parker was to read The Folding Knife, followed by either the rest of the standalones or the short stories. Then, and only then, should readers try the trilogies. Readers will have become familiar with Parker at that point.
  9. I'm thrilled to have learned K. J. Parker's identity. It always troubled me, deep down in my blackened soul, that there were other bodies of work under a different name by this talented author—and now I will have them all. Every last goddamned book. ʘ‿ʘ I am going to fucking RAID my local libraries. This shit is going to be positively Viking. (Also, big thanks to you who continue to provide news about upcoming Parker novels. It's very much appreciated.)
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