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  1. Slaysman

    Why would Cersei off Pycelle?

    Pycelle knew too much. I refer to the conversation, or interrogation between him and Tyrion in season 2. That and Pycell was loyal to Tywin not to Cercei.
  2. I think the three heads of the dragon is book only. Unless I missed something in the show. As much as the show has combined, omitted and utterly changed beyond recognition I think theorizing about who will ride dragons will require a massive shift in the paradigm of the fans. So here are my three dragon riders: Dany Dolorous Edd Meera Reed
  3. Slaysman

    Who did it better, Robb or Jon?

    While I suppose it is a bit arrogant to use my own quote I have decided to modify my response to the question. I will stand by my statement that both were very powerful scenes in their own right. However, after watching both of the scenes over I noticed subtle differences that make both unique in their own way. Robb being declared King after a failure of the Northern lords to come to a consensus on which Baratheon to support. I believe this took place after a victory in which Robb had the support of all the northern lords. After Great Jon Umber begins the declaration all the lords kneel to Robb and make him their King. In essence Robb was crowned because of his last name, and the reputation of his ancestors. The lords kneeling is a very important distinction. It shows they are willing to go back to the old ways of the North and follow a Stark. When Robb stood to accept his crown, such as it was, he stood over them. This shows he was willing to lead and rule over them. Up to this point Robb had not yet done anything of notice. Though as the war raged on he received a deserved reputation as a strategist. Robb's cause was to free his father and his sisters. Unfortunately his goals changed after he became King in the North. So he waged his war with no plan on what to do afterwards. Robb becoming King was more of a classical type of coronation, the whole divine right and what not. Jon's coronation came after he and Sansa defeated the Umbers, Karstarks, and Boltons with almost no support from the north. Yes Jon messed up the battle of Winterfell, and he should have given more credit to Sansa. Anyway, Jon was not crowned because of his name, but because of his deeds. After Jon is declared King, the lords all stand calling him King in the North. If you will notice Jon is the last to stand. This is very telling because it shows that while the assembled lords have acknowledged his as their King they are not going to kneel before him, but stand with him. It is also the same for Jon. Jon also has a plan and a goal. The White Walkers are coming with their army of the dead. He isn't leaving the North to defend or liberate it as Robb did. He is staying in the North to defend the all the Realms. While as of this point he has no plan for what happens after, it will not matter if they fail. In essence Jon is more like the Stark Kings of Winter of Old. He offers single combat to Ramsay to save lives. He believes in the Old Gods of the North. More importantly he fights. When Robb came back from his battles he had a little dirt on him, when Jon came back from battles he was covered from head to toe is mud, shit, blood and sweat. Jon is not so much the King in the North as he is the resurgence of the King of Winter. After a careful analysis I am of the opinion that while both were great for their own reasons, Jon's was better because after all his trials it felt like he earned it more.
  4. In the book I think it will be Jon with his massive wildling army saving the day. For the show they had to cut down the number of wildlings Jon brought back, because had they kept it the same he could have steamrolled the Bolton's and their "allies". If you remember Jon did not just have one giant he had scores of them and something like 25 thousand combat capable free folk. Once the battle is over is when Robb's Will appears and the northerners declare Jon the King in the North.
  5. Slaysman

    Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    I do not think many people understand how military logistics work. First this massive force needs to get to Westeros by sea. Which means enough food and water for the soldiers and the horses. Having no storms and perfect winds. Flawless navigation by the ships crews. Less than lethal fights between the soldiers as tensions can run high on ships. Then the most important thing, no rampant sickness or disease. Finally after all this there is one thing that needs to be taken into account: the Iron Fleet. Theon and Yara only brought her 100 ships and to my knowledge she has no other people in her military that know anything about naval warfare. So lets say that by some miracle this force manages to land when and where it is supposed to with no problem. You still need to unload the soldiers, set up a forward operating base, send scouts and prepare a messaging system. Given the size of Dany's army this may take months before she starts marching. Then before she starts marching they need a plan of action, who will attack where and when. Then comes the issue of setting up supply lines. This will take more time. Winter has arrived do you think people are just going to give over their winter supplies to an invading army, especially after the amount of wars that have been recently fought? Most likely not is the answer you are looking for. So dothraki being dothraki will just kill said peasant and take their shit. The Unsullied may not kill them, but just take their shit. A few incidents like this and you can pretty much give up on local support. This is without Dany's horde even meeting local resistance. Once the invasion is finally underway it will not be some surprise attack. The lords across Westeros will know they are there and that they have three dragons, and they will prepare as best as they can. So unless the "savior" plans to burn everything in her path her army will be doing a lot of sieges in an unfamiliar environment. Who are her military strategists? Tyrion, Grey Worm and the Khals? Tyrion has had limited success in military matters, Grey Worm and the Unsullied are infantry soldiers who can be killed with arrow barrages, the Khals and the dothraki are used to "fighting" people who will just pay them to go away. Will they have the foresight to leave elements behind in each region to insure stability? If they do they will not be able to be used for reinforcements since there will be local fighters using guerrilla tactics against the foreign invaders. It was also shown how ineffective the Unsullied were against such tactics. If they do not their supply lines will be disrupted by local resistance groups. Now there is the technology gap. Westerosi cavalry uses armor and lances. Has has been stated many times before you cannot underestimate the importance of armor in combat. As was seen when Jorah fought that dothraki in season 1. Now the naysayers will be like "Well if he wasn't wearing armor he would of lost!" I am not going to dispute that. The fact is he was wearing armor and that dothraki got killed. Then the lances, it was not just a tourney weapon. This is what allowed cavalry to break through enemy lines. The dothraki are not equipped to fight armored cavalry units. They may inflict casualties due to numbers, but they will also suffer heavy casualties. Now as they push further into their conquest two things become important. The weather and the terrain. Being how the bulk of Dany's forces are the dothraki both will become a severe handicap. The dothraki are plains people they raid and pillage along those plains where their horses have the greatest advantage. They do not know the land and have not had to adopt their strategies for who knows how many generations. Soon the dothraki element becomes a hindrance to the advance, and this doubles once they begin to feel the winter. They do not know the land and are unprepared for the winter and the supply lines are just too long and will become unmanageable. The dragons..not sure how they will fare in the winter. Will they be sluggish or fully functional? It was written that they do not do well in the rain, so not sure how they will work in the cold. Als, these are not the dragons of Aegon the Conqueror. Those dragons were huge. When Arya was in Harrenhall talking to Tywin about the dragons Aegon only used his dragon on Harrenhall. It took all three of Dany's dragons to sink a ship with flammable material on it. The dragons will be a limited resource, and will fight when they feel like it. That and when they do their fire sweeps they are stuck in a straight line, or they hover. That means any decent ballista or scorpion crew can hit and damage them. In my opinion it is not going to be Dany rolling over Westeros, she is going to suffer major losses in terms of soldiers, horses and local support. It will also be slow going. Yes she has Dorne and the Reach on her side, that is assuming all the houses pledged to those regions have pledged their support for a foreign invasion. That is the Southern part of the kingdom. There are still the Stormlands, Westerlands, Vale, Riverlands and the North if she can make it past the Neck. With all of this in mind I believe her army to be vastly overrated. Then again it depends on how it is written. I suppose her vast military will just run through everyone with no resistance because the writers want it that way. If she does just steam roll through, the writers are idiots and anyone who thinks that is how it would anyway even more so.
  6. Slaysman

    Dragons vs. WW (who NEED an ice dragon)

    I do not think the dragons will be able to do anything. What do we know of the White Walkers abilities? They cause temperatures to drop so fast and intensely they freeze water instantly. They can raise the dead as wights, unless that is night king specific. The ground shockwave dragon ball z move the night king used at the Three Eyed Ravens Cave. And apparently they can humans into White Walkers if they choose, remember Craster's baby? The White Walkers are an unknown variable. The dragons on the other hand..fly, breathe fire and appear to have intelligence. So unless the secret to creating Valyrian swords is rediscovered the dragons will be of limited use against the millions of dead. True they will mow down the wights by the score, but eventually they will just get swarmed. So we have fire breathing, flying lizards against creatures that have weather manipulation, specifically the cold. The battle against them will be a true test of Dany's mettle as she has gotten by on the threat of her dragons. How will she respond if a White Walker just brushes off dragon fire like it is beneath his contempt? Again too many variables and unknowns when it comes to the White Walkers. So hard to say.
  7. Slaysman

    Dany Now Has Two Stark Sympathizers By Her Side

    I think it will be funny if all the dragons go to Jon since Dany was just watching them for him anyway.
  8. Slaysman

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    I thought Manderly's seal was on Robb's Will legitimizing Jon and naming him his hier. Also if you look at the word he used to describe Rickon "return my liege lord" not "return my King". So Manderly could be playing a different game than we realize. I could be wrong and it was his son that placed the seal on the will.
  9. Slaysman

    The Mummer's Dragon

    I am going to go with he is the actual Aegon until it is proved otherwise. I have posted elsewhere that it would not be hard for Varys to perform a baby switch then kill the only witness to it. I also speculate that Dany is not going to go to Westeros and Aegon is taking her place in the conquest.
  10. Slaysman

    Nights King End Game

    Pfft. The Night's King is just coming to collect the 1000s of years of over paid bills for all that free air conditioning he has been providing.
  11. Slaysman

    Who did it better, Robb or Jon?

    For me it is a tie. Both were very powerful scenes for their own reasons. Both united the northern lords to fight a common enemy. Robb was winning the war and their loyalty was from fealty. Jon united them by defeating the Boltons and their allies and their loyalty came to him from a choice, not tradition. So as I said it is a toss up.
  12. My issue is they destroyed Jon's character. All he has done and accomplished was thrown out the window with his Leroy Jenkins moment. The episode could have been done better. 2 to 1 odds is not bad, not great, but not bad. It could have been done in a way that did not make Jon look like an incompetent fool and give Sansa her moment.
  13. Slaysman

    What is Jon Snow's real name?

    Actually Arthur Dayne was Rhaegar's BFF. Jon Connington was just a very good friend.
  14. I do not think Dany is going to go to Westeros. Other than some moronic sense of entitlement what reason does she have to go there? I understand the need for her waiting for her dragons to grow, but now her army has become all but unmanageable. Unless some deal with Victarion can be brokered she does not have the ships to transport her forces. Due to her "reforms" once she is gone the old ways will return to Mereen because there is no longer an idiot child with her hand on a nuke button. I also think the Aegon character was introduced to take Dany's place. Yeah she has dragons, which is cool and all, but she can barely control them if at all. A weapon system that cannot perform reliably is a liability. Is Aegon really Rhaegar's son? I am curious to find out. Even if she does start mobilizing it would be months, if not a year, for her invasion just to begin from Slaver's Bay. Then there is travel time, stopping for supplies and doing ship counts on the way to Westeros. With the closest city that she could land at being Sunspear she still has to march her army through Dorne. Best case scenario in my opinion by the time Dany reaches Westeros she will find the South in the hands of Aegon whom has an amicable relationship with Jon Snow who is now King in the North. Worst case scenario the South is engulfed in a war that will make the war of Five Kings look like a playground scuffle, while the North is fighting the army of the dead to save the kingdom. So unless she leaves Essos within the first few chapters, and arrives in the third portion of the book she will make no difference. This all assumes that the series is going to be seven books.