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  1. In the book I think it will be Jon with his massive wildling army saving the day. For the show they had to cut down the number of wildlings Jon brought back, because had they kept it the same he could have steamrolled the Bolton's and their "allies". If you remember Jon did not just have one giant he had scores of them and something like 25 thousand combat capable free folk. Once the battle is over is when Robb's Will appears and the northerners declare Jon the King in the North.
  2. Slaysman

    Manderly Wrote the Pink Letter

    I thought Manderly's seal was on Robb's Will legitimizing Jon and naming him his hier. Also if you look at the word he used to describe Rickon "return my liege lord" not "return my King". So Manderly could be playing a different game than we realize. I could be wrong and it was his son that placed the seal on the will.
  3. My issue is they destroyed Jon's character. All he has done and accomplished was thrown out the window with his Leroy Jenkins moment. The episode could have been done better. 2 to 1 odds is not bad, not great, but not bad. It could have been done in a way that did not make Jon look like an incompetent fool and give Sansa her moment.
  4. Slaysman

    Aegon TWOW

    I think Aegon is the real deal. If I recall correctly Varys did advise Aerys to not open the gates to Lannister forces. I would like to think Varys would have a contingency in place in case Aerys did not listen. The logistics of baby swapping would not be too difficult for a man like Varys.
  5. Benjen Stark (if alive) and Howland Reed
  6. Slaysman

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I think that when Victarion blows the horn it will bind the dragons to their riders, and once they get out of their cage they will go to said riders. A little crackpot I know, but honestly how well do any of these so called sorcerers and magicians understand the power of these artifacts?
  7. Slaysman

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    Let the Bodies Hit the Floor
  8. Hmm... as Ned Stark setting up marriages. I would probably follow Rickard Stark's example to expand my power and influence beyond the North so here goes my attempt: Robb Stark: Only half a Heathen. Margery Tyrell, if my son is going to be the Warden of the North he needs a suitable bride that comes with power and influence. That and their fertile lands and shipping fleet would boost the northern economy. Mace Tyrell would gladly accept since I would brow beat that ineffectual fool with his mother. Sansa Stark: Our prized race horse, even if she is a spoiled twat and a heathen following the Seven. I would marry her off to Renly Baratheon I am fairly certain he can muster enough straightness to beget her with child. Bran Stark: Another heathen, wants to be a knight and be anointed with Seven oils blah, blah. I would grant him some lands in the Gift after he earned his knighthood during a fostering period and marriage with the Daynes. Arya Stark: I need to curry favor with my vassals. She would go to Jojen Reed the heir of my good friend and loyal assassin...err I meant vassal. Rickon Stark: I would marry him to a Manderly girl. Jon Snow: (This assumed R+L=J is true) Finding a wife for my rightful liege...I meant bastard. Meera Reed is the obvious choice. Arya will be popping out bog devils soon enough with Jojen and her and Jon are close. I just get Bobby B. to legitimize Jon into Jon Stark talk to my BFF Howland Reed, since he obviously knows what really happened with Lyanna, grant Jon Moat Cailin and we have the Starks of Moat Cailin brilliant!