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  1. Okay I thought about something, it's not something important, but I thought I would post it just in case someone has theories and want to discuss it further.I think that Sansa's bad luck is not the same with other characters. Yes a lot of other characters suffer but I think Sansa is some kind of Martin's Archetype for bad luck.The reason I thought this was how that while some characters suffer misfortunes but a lot of them is because of their actions. Sansa is suffering simply because that was her fate. And the most interesting revelations I made and the reason of the post: Sansa's wolf was named Lady. And Lady died. We refer to Luck as Lady Luck. So I think Martin used this symbolism to say that Sansa's Luck died. Lady was Lady Luck. If anyone has thoughts or theories about Sansa's luck I would be interested on reading them. How do you find the connection of Sansa's Lady with Lady Luck I thought? Do you think that Martin used this connection or it was random?
  2. Sanrast

    Will Tyrion kill Daenerys?

    And who exactly is Tyrion? The president of the universe? There was a John Snow-Daenerys sex, and the writers thought it was that important to show Tyrion politically concerned? Should the other characters report to him when they want to have sex? It was THE moment. The making love of Ice and Fire, and the writers wanted to force us watch Tyrion's face during sex? I really really hate that character.
  3. Sanrast

    Let's Talk About Winterfell.....

    I think most fans of GoT expect the Whitewalkers to reach very south to Westeros, to arrive even in King's Landing. If they only reach so far as Winterfell many will be dissapointed.
  4. Sanrast

    Was Robert's Rebellion indeed based on a lie?

    It was probably a poor choice for a quote from the screenwriters. I don't think they actually wrote it to undermind the deaths.
  5. Sanrast

    Why was Tyrion so upset?

    Let's hope so.
  6. Sanrast

    Why was Tyrion so upset?

    Yeah. Tyrion is unbelievably rich, he spends all his money fucking women, and yet for him that's not enough, he still craves for power as the series has showed. Also all the decisioncs he makes are disasterous and yet he still thinks is "Smart". Why so many people love him so much is a mystery.
  7. Cersei is not stupid, she is one of the cleverest characters. In contrast to Tyrion who is in fact stupid but some fans keep believing he is smart.
  8. Sanrast

    Why was Tyrion so upset?

    George Martin with Tyrion's quote "I drink and know things" have made a lot of fans believe Tyrion is a smart and nice guy. When in fact it's the opposite. Martin has portrayed Tyrion make a stupid thing after another, just for his own shake, but because he insists that he is clever and wants the good of the people, fans of GoT believe him and root for him. The guy was outplayed by Shae. She was playing him like a puppet. And when he found out he strangled her. (imagine the riot if another male character has strangled a woman, but because it's Tyrion it's okay). Then he murdered his father. He sent Myrcella to Dorne while Cersei was insisting it was the wrong move. Because she is way smarter than Tyrion. And Myrcella was murdered. He didn't win the battle of BlackWater. Tywin with the Tyrells did. He is simply continue to say about this battle to take credit. His decisions led to the massacre of House Tyrell and the death of the Martells women. His advices lost the entire Greyjoy navy. He was outsmarted again from Cersei (she probably wanted Tyrion to find out she is pregnant). And he is so dumb to believe that Cersei will honour the deal to sent Lannisters on the Wall, while she brings mercenaries from Essos. She will probably betray Daenerys too, and he will say that he did it "for the good of the realm" and nonsense like that. Even Jaime got bored with him in their secret meeting when Tyrion started to cry and say "it was not my fault". But because the quote "I drink and know things" people still believe this guy is smart. When objectively he is one of the most stupid character of the series.
  9. Tyrion? The guy who sent Myrcella to die? The guy whose decisions made Tyrells and Martells to be killed and lost the Greyjoy Navy? The guy who Cersei outsmarted and played like a fool? And who he will probably betray Daenerys before the show is over? Tyrion's quote "I drink and know things" have made you all believe this guy is clever when he is not. He was even played by Shae.
  10. And Tyrion does it again. It was played like a fool from Cersei. And judging by the last scene he will probably betray Daenerys also, after she made her lose her alliances (Tyrells, Martells, Greyjoy ships) with his stupid "strategic" plans.
  11. This season proved what I've been saying all this time. George Martin presented Tyrion as smart when he is not. He had made one stupid decision after another. George Martin wanted to see if we will understand that a character is not smart simply because he says he is. So many fans believe Tyrion is smart because.. he says it so (I drink and know things quote). And at the same time these fans are so blind to see that each and every one decision Tyrion has made in the whole show is a disasterous one. Look what happened to Daenerys-Martell-Greyjoy-Tyrell coalition. Look what happened to Myrcella. Keep believing that Tyrion is smart because he believes it himself, while every decision he makes is wrong.
  12. Most people here think that Varys is just a Targaryen loyalist, which I respect since they have read 5 books and I have not. However from the tv-show I have the impression that he is not. I remember a discussion he had when someone asked him "who do you serve?" and answered "the realm, someone has to care for the realm". I believe Varys is one of those people that he doesn't care who rules the realm, as long as it's for the benefit for the realm. He started to want Daenerys for the throne, not just because she is a Targaryen but because she is the best option. Because she has claim over it and she would be a good queen. If Daenerys sits on the throne, then many wars involving houses and lords who want to be kings will stop.
  13. I am reading the book. And altough many at that time thought that he would rule from Oldtown or Dragonstone, he surprised them making by making a new city that was recently has formed, as the capital (King's Landing). Why you think he did that? My personaly thought was because of personaly legacy. We see even in our history of some rulers who built new cities.
  14. Sanrast

    I've figured out Game of Thrones

    I don't believe that we will see Tyrion as a ruler. The show is fantasy, it even has magic and dragons, but it wants to appear as realistic. I don't see very realistic that a dwarf will become a ruler. I don't think George Martin will ever do that even though he may love Tyrion's character.