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  1. It seems like they belong to the "Starks are baddies" branch of Daenerys fan club.
  2. Lysa. One moment she was there acting all crazy and revealing big secrets and then... she was gone. Too quick. He doesn't deserve that. Starving him and feeding him his own flesh is much better
  3. Welcome you are! I know what you mean. I've read some before but it's not my cup of tea either. Well said. too many good books and too many good movies but not enough motivation lol
  4. I knew the ship exited but an annual celebration? Lol
  5. It's the dark side of the force But seriously, it's just a fanfic site and there is no pairing that you can't find there. But beware… If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will…
  6. Just one trip to AO3 and nothing will surprise you anymore lol
  7. True but he is indeed the front-runner among men. I understand why you consider it healthier than other popular candidates and if it does happen I won't hate it or anything but for the reasons I've already discussed I think there isn't strong clues for it and it's unlikely to happen. I think the main reason for this level of shipping is the source material itself. Romance is one the main themes of Sansa's story and she has been involved with so many men/boys already that imo it makes sense why she has the highest level of shipping in the fandom. I'm not a shipper myself and although I avoid crazy shippers and shipping wars like plague, I have no problem with shipping itself.
  8. Now that I think about it Sansa and Jon do have something very important in common, They are the two most paired characters in the fandom.
  9. Yay! a new Sansa pairing! but seriously I've never heard of this one before.
  10. Maybe. But all in all I think they've a great chemistry and that this ship is much more possible than Jonsa or Jonarya.
  11. Jon clearly finds their warrior side attractive but of course it doesn't mean he can't fall for a more traditionally feminine woman just like how it's not impossible for Sansa to fall for a man different than her ideal type. Well she has been constantly in and out of love with pretty boys so her crush on him when she was about 10 years old doesn't seem significant to me particularly since she has only mentioned him once in passing. Yeah tbh I don't find these clues convincing especially compare to the rival ship SanSan lol but to each their own
  12. Jon taste in women is also seems to be very specific and Sansa is not his type. A warrior princess, he decided, not some willowy creature who sits up in a tower, brushing her hair and waiting for some knight to rescue her. Lonely and lovely and lethal, Jon Snow reflected, and I might have had her. And Sansa is no longer an innocent dreamy little girl so her taste in men might have changed. Sansa has had wild crush on Loras and Joff too and also considered Renly the most handsome man she has ever seen so I think her crush on Waymar is nothing special. And tbh it seems like Jon looks exactly like Ned so I'm not sure if she is gonna be attracted to a younger version of her father and Jon to a younger version of Cat.
  13. Sansa and Myranda! But seriously I love how lively, witty and wanton she is and the fact that LF is wary of her is another bonus. I hope instead of turning her into Sansa's enemy because of jealousy George turn her into an important Ally.
  14. Obviously lol Even if he does become KitN it's not a guarantee that he'll remain king. 4 Stark kids are alive and they're bound to return to their home so it's possible that he gives up his crown at some point and then he'll be free to marry whoever he wants and Val seems to be exactly his type.
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