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  1. "She missed Septa Mordane, and even more Jeyne Poole, her truest friend. The septa had lost her head with the rest, for the crime of serving House Stark. Sansa did not know what had happened to Jeyne, who had disappeared from her rooms afterward, never to be mentioned again. She tried not to think of them too often, yet sometimes the memories came unbidden, and then it was hard to hold back the tears."
  2. Tbh I don't remember much because I've watched the seasons only once and S2 a long time ago. But without Littlefinger and Ramsay and the rest, she would have stayed a little bird all her life.
  3. Very true. I kinda forgot about the spoiled brat S1 Sansa Iirc S2 was probably her best season. I guess “courtesy is a lady's armour” which is a fundamental part of book Sansa's characteristic was not badass enough to keep in the show. Exactly. But again bitter and cold is much more badass than gentle and charming. I completely gave up on them after what they did to her in S5, I knew nothing good was gonna come out of that messed up storyline. The only reason I kept watching was because of the possible book spoilers and ending.
  4. The decline of Sansa's character started as early as S3 imo. They never had a good understanding of her and her arc unfortunately.
  5. It seems like they belong to the "Starks are baddies" branch of Daenerys fan club.
  6. Lysa. One moment she was there acting all crazy and revealing big secrets and then... she was gone. Too quick. He doesn't deserve that. Starving him and feeding him his own flesh is much better
  7. And Daenerys has done much worst and yet she is your favorite character. What is needed to stop her I wonder? Because let's be honest with three dragons and a huge army at her back she is the one we should all be worried about.
  8. "The kids [Sansa, Arya, and Bran] are a huge part of the story, in many ways the central part of the story... And I always intended to separate them and set them on their own paths." * "Yeah, the children were always at the heart of this. The Stark children, in particular, were always very central. Bran is the first viewpoint character that we meet, and then we meet Jon and Sansa and Arya and the rest of them. It was always my intention to do that." We are in for a real treat
  9. It is when you insist a trumutized 11 year old is unredeemable and better off dead. Her story is not finished yet and although right now she is in a dark place she is not lost and will find her way back to her home and her family. Her arc is about reclaiming her identity as Arya Stark of Winterfell and not turning into a killing machine that needs to be put down.
  10. Yeah I know some of them used to team up to shit on Sansa. I think It was mainly before S8 though and when it turned out Arya and Sansa are actually in the same team they turned on her too. (But let's not talk about the show here) Every fan base has their own branch of fanatic fans/haters/shippers that obviously do not represent all of them. In this very thread some of these people who are defending Arya are actually avid Sansa haters that love it when Sansa is the target of such unfair criticism and judgment.
  11. Ok what's up with some of these Dany/Targ fans and their hate boner for the Starks? Because it's not the first time I've seen them trashing a Stark like this. And tbh I think you are in no position to accuse others of being bised and delusional when your whole argument rests on your love for one character/family and hatred for another.
  12. Well to each their own The Grey Girl has always been a matter of dispute between Jonsa and Jonrya shippers so I'm not surprised by the presence of both parties in this thread lol
  13. Well I don't share your opinion but thanks for the explanation. Btw I sense Jonsa vibes from your posts, do you ship them by any chance?
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