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  1. 1 hour ago, a black swan said:

    I don't think Sophie said *she* was filming, but speaking generally about production. When she came back in March she was in Belfast for 1 day and there was a rumored mini wrap party that day. 

    She was in Belfast this week.


    So even if there was a mini wrap party, it was not for her.

  2. Once Upon a December reminds me of the Stark kids.

     Anastasia(just like the the kids) has lost every thing... her family, her home, her dreams.

    I love this song...it's so sad and beautiful.

    Dancing bears,
    Painted wings,
    Things I almost remember,
    And a song someone sings,
    Once upon a December.
    Someone holds me safe and warm,
    Horses prance through a silver storm,
    Figures dancing gracefully across my memory
    Far away,
    Long ago,
    Glowing dim as an ember,
    Things my heart used to know,
    Things it yearns to remember
    And a song someone sings
    Once upon a December