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    Create your Westerosi house

    Name: House Evergale Sigil: White griffin segreant on a midnight blue field Motto: Weathering the Storm Unofficial Motto: Calm before the Storm Seat: Thundering Gate (formerly Ramsgate) House Weapon: Tempest (Valyrian great sword) Region: The North Allegiance: House Manderly, House Stark Lord: Ragnar Evergale (husband, father) Heir: Veyron Evergale (firstborn) Family: Lady Katrana Evergale, nee Faelys (wife, mother) Rodwyn Evergale (second, son) Kendra Evergale (third, daughter) Darion Evergale (fourth, son) Serena Evergale (fifth, daughter) Raynos Evergale (sixth, son) Nymeria Evergale (seventh, daughter) Founder: Meynor the Evergale, a hedge knight Blood: First Men, Lyseni Faith: Old Gods, mainly Military strength: Foot: 1600 Cavalry: 900 Archers: 700 Ships: 50 Origins: House Evergale descended from the a noble First Men house that fought for dominance in the Stormlands. The house was defeated but survivors of the branch family, led by the hedge knight Meynor the Evergale, escaped to the reach and worked under House Manderly. Meynor, a devout follower of the Old Gods, reluctantly followed the Manderlys, who are followers of the Seven. Eventually, he just accepted the opportunity before him due to the urgent nature of their situation. The branch family, wanting nothing but survival and peace, did not bother reviving the name of their house out of embarrassment and to avoid suspicions of political activity. Only a year after settling in the Reach, the Manderlys were kicked out of the Reach and, of course, the Evergale ancestors had to go with them as the they migrate to the North, under Meynor's suggestion. Meynor knew the North will need the Manderly's economic expertise and he himself wanted to be in a society that majorly follows the ways of the First Men. Ragnar Evergale was a northern cavalryman under Rickard Stark in the War of the Ninepenny Kings. As a reward, Lord Stark ordered Manderly to give Ragnar a piece of land near Ramsgate, extending their territory, and the ship Windwalk to travel to all over Essos, for Ragnar was fond of traveling. Their lands are left under the care of Ragnar's younger brother and sister, Elgar and Dorella. In Braavos, Ragnar met Katrana, a rising trader of the exiled House Faelys of Lys, and worked for her as a bodyguard. After Ragnar saves Katrana from multiple assassination attempts Lyseni nobles, she taught her the ways of trade, business, economics, and finance. Katrana gave Ragnar the Valyrian greatsword, Tempest, as a gift. The two eventually fell in love and conceived a child. Months after, a major assassination attempt from Lys forced Ragnar to ship away Katrana and her small trading guild back to the North. Katrana took all her possessions, her money, all her relatives, and her goods aboard three large Braavosi ships led by Windwalk. When they returned, Ragnar requested House Manderly to take care of Katrana, her people, and her goods until the Lyseni lose them. The Manderlys were so amazed by Katrana's guild that Lord Manderly rewarded Ragnar lordship over Ramsgate and all the lands under it. The Starks allowed this and Katrana's wishes to make their own trade laws in exchange for extra tax. Ramsgate was renamed the Thundering Gate. Ragnar eventually married Katrana in a ceremony of the Old Gods. They bore a child named Veyron, heir to the Thundering Gate, and six more children of First Men and Lysene blood. A trading settlement called Windy Coast was born around the Thundering Gate and along its coasts. Northwind improved trade between the North and the Free Cities (particularly Braavos, Myr, and Pentos), making the Manderlys (taxes for economic assistance) and the Starks (taxes for cheaper military assistance) richer. Things not traded in White Harbor are traded in Windy Coast because the latter resembles a grey market. Trade laws in White Harbor are few but very, very strict. When the Starks were betrayed, the Evergales remained loyal to the Manderlys and their cause of restoring the Stark's rule in Winterfell and the North. Current happenings: Lady Katrana is in Oldtown, negotiating with the Maesters to build a 'Second Citadel' in the North. Lord Ragnar is resisting Bolton raids north of Thundering Gate. Veyron is running Thundering Gate, planning the future of Thundering Gate and Windy Coast as a 'world city'. Rodwyn is in Braavos, studying modern military technology and tactics Kendra is running Windy Coast.