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  1. The problem was not with her turn, or even with the speed at which it happened. The problem was that it was insufficiently justified by the plot. Had it happened when Rhaegal fell, perhaps with Jon on his back, thinking she had lost both, maybe as he did something stupid to avoid hurting civilians, it would make sense. Then when after rather than realizing it was a mistake, she realized that was her true self.
  2. I believe this is pure Martin, and is almost the core theme of the Story. He wants us to feel bad that we supported the things the hero was doing, because of who it was being done to. He wants to show that people who do these things to people they hate, do not stop doing them when all the people they hate are gone, they just find new people to hate.
  3. The more I think about it, the less I blame the writing (although they made serious mistakes) and the more I blame the utter absence of any chemistry between Jon and Danny. Without that we had to accept their brains migrated below their wasted, without seeing any real evidence of it between them.
  4. It will depend on what level of control Martin has on this property, and how he intends to exert it. What happens next to Arya, Jon and a resurrected Danny are all stories someone would pitch, and might get produced, if the contractual situation allows it.
  5. On the other hand, once the North leaves the Kingdom, it makes some sense for a Northerner who will have no heir to be the one chosen, because it will force this to happen again.
  6. I am not convinced Martin will have Bran be the one who sits on the throne, but the ending will be a council selecting the next king, and the person selected will not be the head of a major house.
  7. I rated it fairly highly, but I wonder if its because I liked it so much more than 4 and 5, which I felt were very weak. At least in this I saw people making decision they way I would expect them to.
  8. The difference between Tywin and Danny is the nature of the weapons at their disposal, not the lengths they would go to, to get what they want.
  9. I do believe that the intent was for at least one more season, to give more time to build up to this finish, and that some outside forces made them end it a season or 2 early. That limited the ability to build properly, but its no excuse for all of it. At a minimum, if they were limited to 2 final seasons and struggling to finish the story why reduce the number of episodes per year?
  10. I gave it 6, because I thought the descent to be a Mad Queen was not justified by the plot. She has been through too much to go this mad over a couple more losses. Burning those who wrong her is what she does always has. Burning others just to do it is not. That said the rest of the episode was pretty good, and the resolution of the Hounds story was satisfying to me. His finally getting Arya to step away from her vengeance was good, and was Arya mirroring what Bran said to Theon.
  11. It also perhaps points out the truth of prophecy, that its often made to fit after the fact, in order to reinforce the belief in the source.
  12. No, you are missing the point with her, she cannot defeat everyone, by herself, that has never even been hinted at. What she can do is get to nearly ANYone. Its hardly unusually that one of the hero's in a story becomes exception al what they do. Need everyone dead, find someone with a couple of dragons. Need a specific person dead, talk to this kid.
  13. My one complaint from a suspense point of view is that once we got past the point where the NT raised the dead on the field, the only way anyone could survive is if the plan worked. We didn't know how he would be defeated, but there was no lose the day but regroup, because everyone would be gone.
  14. Exactly how I feel, there are really only a couple maybe 3 of large picture questions in the show, how will the NK be defeated, who will rule Westros (or how will it be ruled) and how will the wheel be broken. My expectations to answer each of them is huge.
  15. I gave it a 7, because it feels like too soon to kill the NK, but in truth, its only too soon if the next episodes do not work. Not know what is coming, I am more than willing to give it a chance.
  16. He'll show up with Nimeria's pack to save someone in Ep 5
  17. Agreed, and I take that into account when thinking about these episodes. Martin seems to have written himself into a corner he can't seem to get out of, Hard for me to be too judgmental of writers tasked with doing that task. They do need a major twist to end this though.
  18. All I am really saying is that its not certain that the same charterer will do the same things in the books. Frankly I would be willing to bet that for some details Martin will write it differently just so its different, if he ever write an ending.
  19. The know the dead are defeated, probably by killing their leader, but who kills him was probably not done by Martin. They were told which side won not much more.
  20. It feels too early to kill the night king to me, but in truth, after season 5, I expected it to end season 7 and the whole last season be about the fight for the throne, The next twist will need to be a good one for the show to end without these final episodes seeming insignificant. Martin will have the same issue at the end (should he ever actually get there) in that from a strategic point of view they have to defeat the dead first, but after facing that, its hard to worry about who sits in what chair.
  21. I gave it 8, and might have made it 9 had I waited to vote after watched again. The show is about characters, and this episode advanced characters.
  22. Looking Like a Medium sized Husky. He looked 1/3 the size they made Nymeria to look list year.
  23. I gave it 8. I thought it was a tiny bit rushed, and given their ability to vary the length of the show, they could have added perhaps 2 or 3 more minutes. Very minor complaint though, it was a good episode
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