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    Unpopular opinion

    But it was their decision to blow the budget on an hour long battle in the dark that was unwatchable once post production was done with it. Had they spend 1/2 that money in a different way they could have had 2,3,4 more episodes to adequately explain the fall of Danny. There is no doubt that a huge part of the problem is the nature of Pay Cable. HBO does not make money when people watch an episode of GOT, they make money when people call Comcast/Direct TV etc. and subscribe so they can watch GOT. AT some point They realized they had milked all the subscribers they would get from the show, and that 10 seasons was not going to get them any more than 8 would, so they cut back on the production run. That's above D&D, and out of their control. I find it hard to believe however, that the decision to shorten the 2 seasons was not with D&D.
  2. Larger than Average Finger

    [SPOILERS] Another theory about what just happened

    I would have accepted Bran Warging the Horse to Arya, beyond that is too much. A cut to Bran dropping out of eyes rolled back mode after she calmed the horse would have told us he helped, in a way not entirely inconsistent. Even that though would mean he can Warg at long range, which is new.
  3. Larger than Average Finger

    Jon's biggest error?

    He should have said, 10's of thousands are going to die very soon, so forgive me if I am not thinking about fucking you right now. We'll do that when we win, on the Iron throne seems as good a place as any.
  4. Larger than Average Finger

    So what happens to Drogon?

    My guess is they will be offered passage back to Essos, if they want it, in return for ending hostilities.
  5. Larger than Average Finger

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Would Jon's face get her close enough now? Does she trust him enough?
  6. Larger than Average Finger

    Unpopular opinion

    I fully believe that the Mad Queen turn is directly from Martin, but the turn isn't the issue, its how unjustified the turn is given the story that is the problem. I also am quite sure that sometime around when Season 6 was being written, HBO decided that only 8 seasons would be made, and that the writers had expected 9 or 10. That made their job much harder, but even so, it was they who shortened the seasons to 6 and 5 episodes. The 3 episodes they gave up could have been used to develop to this point. If Episode 3 had been 20 minutes less battle, the aftermath could have been handled I that episode and allowed for a bit more development to this point. In the end, this is exactly why I don't mind getting spoilers. I don't watch just to find out what happens, but how it happens. Martin decided most of the large things that happened. D & D wrote how to get there, and made some real mistakes.
  7. When you play the Game of thrones, you either win, or you die. When you win, you must rule. With that comes absolute power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is in essence the wheel that Danny and Tyrion talked about. It can only be broken by someone winning the game, and not just rejecting the power, but giving it to the people in a way that ends the game.
  8. Larger than Average Finger

    So what happens to Drogon?

    I think (fear) that Bran will get one more role by warging into Drogon. If they go that regrettable route, I deeply hope it is not with Danny on his back, ready to burn Winterfel.
  9. Larger than Average Finger

    Poor children...

    A Dream of Spring might come out in time for some of their retirement parties.
  10. Larger than Average Finger

    Bran's Final Purpose

    Should the Mad Queen have designs on attacking Winterfell, that may be the only real defense.
  11. Larger than Average Finger

    Mourning Dany

    Remember in her vision, she gets close enough to the throne to touch it, then leaves to be with Drogo and her Son.
  12. Larger than Average Finger

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I do believe that the intent was for at least one more season, to give more time to build up to this finish, and that some outside forces made them end it a season or 2 early. That limited the ability to build properly, but its no excuse for all of it. At a minimum, if they were limited to 2 final seasons and struggling to finish the story why reduce the number of episodes per year?
  13. Larger than Average Finger

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    I gave it 6, because I thought the descent to be a Mad Queen was not justified by the plot. She has been through too much to go this mad over a couple more losses. Burning those who wrong her is what she does always has. Burning others just to do it is not. That said the rest of the episode was pretty good, and the resolution of the Hounds story was satisfying to me. His finally getting Arya to step away from her vengeance was good, and was Arya mirroring what Bran said to Theon.
  14. Larger than Average Finger

    Did the narrative require the destruction of Kings Landing?

    To me this is the biggest flaw in the story. I can accept that she has decided that these people will never lover her, so she needs to make them fear her, but dead people do neither. It would have made much more sense had she flown to the Red keep, given those inside the option of leaving and bending a knee to her. Then torching what is left, killing many, have many more die in the fallout. She is still the Mad Queen, but at least she is driven by the need to be worshiped as Queen.
  15. Larger than Average Finger

    was the Cleganebowl pointless?

    Not pointless at all. It was one of the few messages that have been clear this year. It reiterated what Sandor told Arya. Basically revenge is pointless. Everything Sandor said about Arya killing Cersei could be said about him killing his brother but he went on anyway, and died for no reason what so ever.
  16. That's why I think they are wrong. The Ending will not be nothing but sorrow for everyone.
  17. When I see a plot by D&D basically jumping up and down spinning a huge sign that says "Mad Queen this way" it seems a pretty safe bet that at the last second, they will have a "surprise" and she won't be.
  18. Larger than Average Finger

    King Gendry I Baratheon

    Unless the "Only those with dicks need apply" is reversed, pretty much every male on the show has a better claim than Danny (or Ms Lanister), don't they?
  19. Larger than Average Finger

    King Gendry I Baratheon

    Here's the way I look at it, if Danny is the True Queen, then succession reverts back to before Roberts Rebellion. If she is not, her legitimization is irrelevant. Either way Gendry has little claim.
  20. Larger than Average Finger

    What was the endinf you always pictured in your head, no matter what?

    If the books get finished, that is a safe bet.
  21. Larger than Average Finger

    What was the endinf you always pictured in your head, no matter what?

    I was hoping that the end will involve deciding that in the Iron Throne needs to go away for there to be peace and prosperity for the people.
  22. Larger than Average Finger

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I hope that Martin is actually done Winds of Winter, and its being held for after the Series is done. If that's the case, he may have at least some of the final book done, and there is some hope it will get written. If Martin needs another Year or more to finalize the next book, the chances of him ever finishing the last one are very close to zero.
  23. Larger than Average Finger

    About Bran

    I think this might ultimately be a choice that needs to be made, and that for there to be real peace and prosperity, magic needs to leave.
  24. Larger than Average Finger

    It would make all the difference in the world...

    To me, with this writing, when they are pointing at something as hard as they are pointing at Danny going Mad Queen, its the least likely outcome.
  25. Larger than Average Finger

    If a preganancy isn't revealed this episode, they have scratched the storyline.

    Fits very well with her vision from the house of the undying. So close to the throne she could touch it, then goes to be with Drogo.