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    Reading, writing, fencing, shooting, playing video games, collecting bones/skulls, day-dreaming, sleeping
  1. Zenikay

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    I'd probably go with whoever was closest, out of fear that if I'm not under the rule of whoever dictates the area, it'll be easier for them to catch and hang me for being an enemy (by not bending knee). I.e. Stark bannermen in Casterly Rock. But assuming I could just choose, I'd rank my top 3 choices as: 1. Dany, because dragons all the way 2. Mance Rayder, Wildlings are awesome 3. Robb Stark, a little bit out of pity for all of his family issues but also because politics I guess
  2. Sansa and Jaime. I didn't like either of them for a long while, but as I saw them mature I liked them more and more each chapter.
  3. Zenikay


    Jeez, spoiler in the title? Didn't know she died yet <:I
  4. Zenikay

    Why would Tywin Lannister have sex with shae?

    Uh, she's a whore. Possibly an attractive one. He's a guy. One with power, money, and her in captivity. Guess he got sick of his wife being dead.
  5. Zenikay

    A dragon has three heads

    Well, not sure if you guys got this far (more than half way through the book), but sometime while Samwell was caring for Aemon on that ship, he mentioned wanting to go to Dany to help her, as he is of Targaryen blood too. But yeah, I wonder who the other person could be, and I support the idea that two loyal Targaryens are needed to help Dany in her conquests.