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  1. Archangel Lucifer

    Happy New Year

    yea its 2020 yea
  2. Archangel Lucifer

    What is Ashara's hair color?

  3. Archangel Lucifer

    Who will get to rule Dorne and the Reach in the end?

    Sam Warden of the South Dorne was wiped from existence
  4. Archangel Lucifer

    Was CERSEI Joffrey's True Murderer?

    Olenna killed him. Why would Cersei poison pie ? This could ate anyone
  5. Archangel Lucifer

    So who will be the final villain? The Night King or Cersei?

    Euron will betray Cersei and he wil destroy Lannister army with Golden Company and he will take Westeros