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  1. Venus414

    Renlys death revisited

    Mel has visions, that goes without saying. I was thinking Baelish Must have one to be so well informed and ahead of the game.. before PJ implied communication between Baelish and Mance in his recent catspaw vids. He explains that better than I do! I know how controversial he is.
  2. Venus414

    Renlys death revisited

    Lol. I read that too. And I explained my thoughts on it in the OP.
  3. Venus414

    Renlys death revisited

    Well that is kindof where I'm at. Did Baelish hire an assassin. It was dark and they saw shadows. Also, glamors and reflective armor (like that if the Others) exists in the story. I'm not sure, but I wonder if the angle of the lighting could be a factor. I'm not sure the assassin would kill them too without good reason, orders, or payment. All it would take for the theory to work is evidence of communication between Baelish and Mel, and I don't.We Do have a red temple in Braavos.
  4. What if it was actually Cat and/or Baelish that killed Renly? What do I mean? 1. People whispered it was Catelyn that killed Renly... "Have you ever considered that too many answers are the same as no answer at all? My informers are not always as highly placed as we might like. When a king dies, fancies sprout like mushrooms in the dark. A groom says that Renly was slain by a knight of his own Rainbow Guard. A washerwoman claims Stannis stole through the heart of his brother's army with his magic sword. Several men-at-arms believe a woman did the fell deed, but cannot agree on which woman. A maid that Renly had spurned, claims one. A camp follower brought in to serve his pleasure on the eve of battle, says a second. The third ventures that it might have been the Lady Catelyn Stark." 2. She had motive..she was panicking the brothers would fight each other instead of the real enemy, and told them so. Catelyn said, "Let us hope there will be no battle. We three share a common foe who would destroy us all." --- "This is folly," Catelyn said sharply. "Lord Tywin sits at Harrenhal with twenty thousand swords. The remnants of the Kingslayer's army have regrouped at the Golden Tooth, another Lannister host gathers beneath the shadow of Casterly Rock, and Cersei and her son hold King's Landing and your precious Iron Throne. You each name yourself king, yet the kingdom bleeds, and no one lifts a sword to defend it but my son." 3. She was there.. 4. Cortnay Penrose sounded more like he jumped or was pushed. 5. Mel used smoke, mirrors and powders to trick people (could she have faked a shadow baby before Davos?) also this: "Maester Cressen was your faithful servant. She slew him, as she killed Ser Cortnay Penrose and your brother Renly." "Now you sound a fool," the king complained. "She saw Renly's end in the flames, yes, but she had no more part in it than I did. The priestess was with me. Your Devan would tell you so. Ask him, if you doubt me. She would have spared Renly if she could. It was Melisandre who urged me to meet with him, and give him one last chance to amend his treason. And it was Melisandre who told me to send for you when Ser Axell wished to give you to R'hllor." He smiled thinly. "Does that surprise you?" 6. Cat said "the kings shadow"..I think she meant Renlys.. A Clash of Kings - Catelyn IV Renly laughed. "Tell me, my lady, do direwolves vote on who should lead the pack?" Brienne brought the king's gauntlets and greathelm, crowned with golden antlers that would add a foot and a half to his height. "The time for talk is done. Now we see who is stronger." Renly pulled a lobstered green-and-gold gauntlet over his left hand, while Brienne knelt to buckle on his belt, heavy with the weight of longsword and dagger. "I beg you in the name of the Mother," Catelyn began when a sudden gust of wind flung open the door of the tent. She thought she glimpsed movement, but when she turned her head, it was only the king's shadow shifting against the silken walls. She heard Renly begin a jest, his shadow moving, lifting its sword, black on green, candles guttering, shivering, something was queer, wrong, and then she saw Renly's sword still in its scabbard, sheathed still, but the shadowsword . . . "Cold," said Renly in a small puzzled voice, a heartbeat before the steel of his gorget parted like cheesecloth beneath the shadow of a blade that was not there. He had time to make a small thick gasp before the blood came gushing out of his throat. 7. Cat loses time in other parts of the story ex: sitting with Hoster & looking out the window 8. Brienne - "There was no one in the tent but you and Lady Stark. Do you claim that old woman could cut through hardened steel?" "There was a shadow. I know how mad it sounds, but . . . I was helping Renly into his armor, and the candles blew out and there was blood everywhere. It was Stannis, Lady Catelyn said. His . . . his shadow. I had no part in it, on my honor . . ." 9. Glass candles, glamouring, and faceless men Do exist in the story for certain. Are glass candles messing with Cat and Briennes heads ? Did Baelish hire a FM? more likely than a magical shadow baby that Stan made without his real consent, right? 10. Baelish had motive too: Convenient it frees up Marge to marry Joff ..I mean Tommen. So Baelish could treat for the Lannisters and be rewarded Harrenhal. 11. Stannis woke up with "clean hands" "Tell me, Alayne—which is more dangerous, the dagger brandished by an enemy, or the hidden one pressed to your back by someone you never even see?"
  5. Venus414

    Do you believe Preston Jacobs' explanation for dragon riding?

    Yes. I am just amazed that most huge groups on Facebook won't even allow discussion of PJ- it's like they want everyone to stay in the dark. Thanks for sharing this! And how about those sweet Robin vids? : D