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  1. So, guys, I wanted to ask you all - what do you think about my awoiaf movie-making initiative I wrote a couple of posts before? I would like to know the opinion of the community, of editors especially - is such activity worthy and beneficial for awoiaf? Because, if yes, if such videos can be added to the the actual articles and they will get viewers, this will give me extra motivation to make new cool videos for awoiaf. By the way, I created a speacial topic where I post videos, I recently added a movie about R'hllor:
  2. Well, it is true - changing content in the video is much more problematic than to do it in the text: you would have to re-record the voice, re-edit the video, re-render it and re-upload it to replace the old version. The common practice for correcting video mistakes on Youtube though is to add textual overlay with proper words in the moment the mistaken text is spoken - such correction is rather easy to do and I could do it if it is really required to have a specific relevant content in the video. Another thing which can be done in order not to confuse reader/viewer with potential outdated information is to state clearly in video description that this video is composed on a specific date so the video is of a particular revision and "the text in the article might containt more information about this particular topic". It seems to me, this approach is much safer from "production" point of view.
  3. Hello, I am quite new to this forum but I have been a fan of A Song of Ice and Fire for quite some time. My hobby is movie making and recently I have been working on creating videos based on the articles from awoiaf articles. Here is the video about Asshai - it is 100% based on awoiaf article: So, I thought that maybe it would be great if I could somehow contribute to awoiaf by proposing you to add this video to an article if you consider this to be useful for enrichment of awoif. My reasoning why awoiaf could benefit from it is obvious - people nowadays sometimes enjoy consuming content through watching and listening more than reading. So, for a visitor having an option in the article to watch a video with nice pictures and voice speaking the words from the article could be a very pleasant and nice surprise. Tell me please whay you think. Thanks, serojja
  4. Hi, I am serojja and really enjoy creating videos. Currently I am working on creating youtube videos based on the awoiaf articles - in my opinion this will enable people enjoy the content of wikia in a new way - not exclusively through reading, but also through watching and listening. I have created topic about my videos, here it is:
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