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  1. Moving Watch

    Official Testing Thread

    <table> <tr> <th>fruits</th> <th>vegetables</th> </tr> <tr> <td>apples</td> <td>carrots</td> </tr> </table>
  2. Moving Watch

    Official Testing Thread

    <table> <tr> <th>fruits</th> <th>vegetables</th> </tr> <tr> <td>apples</td> <td>carrots</td> </tr> </table>
  3. Moving Watch

    Fave moment in AFFC?

    Actually, I read all the chapters with bated breath as in all the books before - splendid writing is always splendid, whether it's about action or description. Apart from that, here's my fav chapters, as far as I remember: Cat of the Canals: When she woke the next morning, she was blind. And I was like "WTF! Why???! Why BLIND?! Poor poor girl!" Brienne VIII: She screamed a word. (Oh, those his last sentences!) I never liked Catelyn, but as LS, I began to hate her. She became merely a killing zombie, with no regard for justice. Anyway, she's a classical tragic mother figure, as the Greek tragedy couldn't depict it better! Generally, I consider ASoIaF more comparable to a gigantic tragedy than usual fan lit. The "guiltless guilt", the distinguishing mark of a tragedy, is especially apparent in the figure of the Brienne of Tarth. - Otherwise, I really didn't like the Biter-chapter. It was marvellous writing too, but it was way too cruel and vile - maybe the vilest chapter in all four books so far. Prologue: "What's happening?" he said. His legs had turned to water. "I don't understand." "And never will," a voice said sadly. The cobblestone rushed up to kiss him. Pate tried to cry for help, but his voice was failing too. His last thought was of Rosey. Another mystery! I'm pretty sure, the Alchemist is a Faceless Man - but what does he want in the Citadel? Yes, Meribald's speech was great, and yes, I celebrated Cersei's downfall as well (Littlefinger: "Cersei stumbles from one idiocy to the next... I always anticipated that she would beggar the realm and destroy herself, but I never expected she would do it quite so fast." lol) But perhaps most of all I loved the Dornish chapters. After all this greyblueness of Westeros, the cold and the starving, the psychos and the ugliness and brutality of war it was pure delight to find myself in a setting full of beauty and luxury. Though I don't suffer heat and wouldn't wish to live there, there was a relieving airiness in it. I loved the Sand Snakes and Arianne and her friends - their easygoing gaiety and their hot blood (Ser Gerold rose. "I believe I'll have a piss." "Watch where you set your feet," Drey cautioned. "It has been awhile since Prince Oberyn milked the local vipers." ) The Princess in The Tower: A fascinating piece of strategic thinking and literature. So Arianne was promised to Viserys! So Doran plans for a long time already to help the Targaryens back! And nearly nobody knew about it, at least his own daughter! Suddenly I understood his meek behavior: If so, a war with the Iron Throne is the last thing he could afford!
  4. Moving Watch

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    My daughter was an avid fan of the series. Nearly every day she was raving about how she is dying for the next episode to watch and how terrible the next year will be until the start of the 7th season... I thought of it as of a stereotype black and white fantasy stuff similar to Lord of the Rings - don't beat me, I didn't like the movie, too overblown for my taste, and I never read the book, as I'm not a special fantasy fan (however, I loved Pullman's His Dark Materials very much). At the time I was deeply into whodunnits and psychological thrillers à la Tana French. I couldn't imagine enjoying a discontinuity like this. One day, my daughter couldn't resist to tell me a short episode (like some persons had to leave their castle, and there was a boy who had a crow with a third eye and a stableboy named Hodor who speaks nothing but "Hodor" - today I know which scene it was about *lol*), and as she got around the dreams the boy had and then around some ghouls named the White Walkers, I said: "Stop it! I've got a feeling, I should read this book!" I always preferred reading over watching, for I don't like my imagination being overwhelmed by foreign images. So I got the book from the local library, and as Val McDermid started to bore me, I gave it a shot. The beginning was a bit difficult, partly due to a lot of unkown words (I'm no native English), and I thought I wouldn't read it after all, but even then I was thrilled by the colourful, vivid beauty of Martin's diction. His description of the Others is just breathtaking! And as it came to the final showdown of the Prologue, I was caught entirely. Now, I whipped through the first two volumes within two months, having just begun the third one, making a daily report to my daughter, even watched the first season of the series and waiting for the arrival of the second (but I love the book still more than the show), and I have a bet with my daughter, who's faster: me reading through the first five books - or GRRM releasing his sixth volume.
  5. Moving Watch

    Favorite POV Character

    In the first book: Tyrion as POV plus - yes! - Littlefinger als non-POV. I just love smart chars with sharp wits. Littlefinger lost some points, when he betrayed Ned. I admit I was really shocked, I didn't want to believe it, though I knew he has to be taken with a huge grain of salt. Of course, I also liked Arya very much - you've just got to like her. And as a non-POV Syrio Forel. The POV most annoying for me was Daenerys. This perpetual "I'm the blood of the dragon"-stuff really ticked me off. And, yes, I hated Viserys - unless I saw him in the TV-series - since he's one of my favourites and Harry Lloyd became surely my favourite actor, he's just brilliant! In the second book there was almost solely secondary chars which fascinated me most: