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    Rhaegar wins alternate history scenario.

    We actually don't know that. Rickard was definitely into something, probably create a great alliance to depose Aerys but we have no indication that he wanted Robert on the throne he probably wanted Rhaegar or even Aegon and maybe act as regent. Thing is, this is just speculation. We can’t be sure yet.
  2. BigBoss1

    What’s your favourite poison?

    “Love”- Probably Cersei
  3. BigBoss1

    Rhaegar wins alternate history scenario.

    Lets say its not a fan fiction but an alternate history book by a maester then ;)
  4. BigBoss1

    Rhaegar wins alternate history scenario.

    Thats the point? In alternate history you're supposed to write a point where the story parts from what really happened ( Rhaegar winning) and then take it from there. Its obviously separate as things are gonna be different with such a huge point of divergence its not gonna play out the same. Its GRMM’s world in a story where something different happened and im using my imagination to take it from there.
  5. I was thinking the other day about a what if scenario with Rhaegar winning at the trident, I was thinking of making Robert lose in battle but instead Rhaegar talks to the rebels, explains he hasn't raped and kidnapeed lyanna and wants to depose Aerys and shows proof, the lord will be conflicted but eventually bend the knee all except Robert who doesn't believe the prince and is outraged at Ned and Jon’s betrayal. He gives battle with only his troops, loses and flees to Essos swearing revenge. Rhaegar rides to kingslanding with a plan to dethrone the king while Ned rushes to Dorne to see his sister with other members of the kingsguard except Lewyn Martell (He stays with Rhaegar the dornish in this scenario will hate Jon as he was the cause of Elia’s subsequent fate) Lyanna still dies but names Jon Jaehaerys. in the meantime Tywin Lannister had already heard of the victory on the trident and had left Casterly Rock at the head of a great host. Now in Kingslanding, Aerys opens the gates ( Aerys is paranoid of Rhaegar and thinks he wants to betray him as the prince has allied himself with the rebel lords he was supposed to crush) Tywin effortlessy takes control of the city slaughtering the gold cloacks (no sack this time, a bit of pillaging) as Aerys hears this he blames Jaime and Elia ( he hated the dornish) he orders to burn elia alive as Rhaenys and Jaime watch, Jaime and Rhaenys are both traumatized by this event and it will affect them later in life. After hering the last agonizing stream of Elia he orders the burning of the city, Jaimie kills Aerys takes Rhaenys and they go find Aegon. After Tywin has taken control of the keep he reunites with his son but also takes the children, Jaime protest but cannot do Anything. The rebel army gather around kings landing intending to siege it but to the surprise of everyone the gates open and out steps Tywin riding with a babe on his arms wrapped in a crimson cloth, Ser Jaime at his side and Princess Rhaenys behind him. The king embraces his children and Tywin gives him the city, this works to the advantage of Tywin as he has now proved his loyalty and the king owes him gratitude. At the same time Ned just as he is about to leave the Tower with the wetnurse and the kingsguards is attacked by a group of 13 dornishmen ordering Ned to hand them Jon, he obviously refuses, battle ensues. Ned wins but Dustin is dead and Whent is wounded. He has to move on though as he is in hostile territory now and the dornish even tough they support Rhaegar have no love for him and they seem to want to kill Jaehaerys. In kingslanding The new king has to decide what to do with Jaime, on one hand he did save the city and his children but he killed a king and that was a great crime. In the end settles to strip Jaime of the white cloak, Jaime is furious and thinks he is being punished for acting a true knight and saving the city. Tywin pretends to be outraged and demand compensation in the form of a royal marriage, Rhaegar says he was already married to Lyanna, The lannister eyes him curiously the leaves. Rhaegar is on the thrones when Eddard arrives, a squealing baby in his arm. The king is informed of Lyanna’s fate and the babe’s indentity he crushed emotionally but picks himself up and manages to say while holding Jon up for all the court to see “Behold Jaehaerys Targaryen, son of ice and fire and prince of Summerhall” the whole court is taken by storm with everyone trying to get a look at the prince or gossiping of all the words that were spoken one was spoken the most, bastard. Even the king explaining how they married on the isles of faces is met by the high septon condemning the marriage as polygamous and sinful, he did not have the courage to say invalid but the entire court knew. Rhaegar puts the issue aside and proclaims Jon to be a trueborn son of him and his wife Lyanna, second in line to the throne and he will not speak more of that, he retires for the day as he has a lot to deal with. The next day Tywin makes him the same offer, the king without an excuse has to accept the deal, Cersei is set to marry Rhaegar in 3 weeks. Ned is furious that the king is taking another wife so soon after Lyanna, Rhaegar agrees but says it is needed, Ned disagrees and says he will not be in Kingslanding to witness the insult to his sister’s memory and asks the king leave for him and his nephew to go north where they belong, Rhaegar grants it to him but says Jaehaerys will stay with him. Ned having promised to protect Jon is hesitant in leaving him in a nest of snakes and argues with the king for hours. After being rejected for the last time Eddard stares at the king in cold fury, stands up and leaves no words exchanged between them. The silence would continue for 12 years. I’ve got more of this story probably will upload later. Tell me your opinions of how would have Rhaegar’s reign looked like
  6. BigBoss1

    Dorne and Landed Knights

    The probably would become lady of Spotswood, she wouldn't be a knight and her status would be kinda confusing but it would work like any kind of lordship.
  7. BigBoss1

    How many lowborn POV are there?

    That doesn't make him lowborn. Tyrion doesn't have land and titles he is still highborn. And Jon is lord commander of the wall too.
  8. BigBoss1

    Why weren’t Robert’s brothers princes

    I believe it is in between the stormlands and the reach but directly sworn to kings landing.
  9. BigBoss1

    Why weren’t Robert’s brothers princes

    Well, technically Victarion does have the title of lord. Lord captain of the iron fleet. He should be adressed as lord both because of his station and because of his position regardless of owning actual land. Maybe the iron island don't have princes and Theon deluded himself into thinking he was one. I dont remember if Asha calls herself a princess.
  10. BigBoss1

    King Aegon VI Appreciation Thread

    And protector of the realm
  11. BigBoss1

    Why weren’t Robert’s brothers princes

    Stannis was direct heir to Robert for a while too Aegon VI at some point wasn't son of a king but was still prince of the blood. Do we know how the iron born dealt with this? Their line descends from the old Greyjoy kings elected at the kingsmoots but i remember Victarion was still a lord even tough he was brother to two kings?
  12. Don’t t know if this has been noticed before but in the prologue of ACOK while maester cressen is touching the strangler the texts reads “he touched one of the crystals lightly with the tip of his littlefinger” foreshadowing or im looking too much into it?
  13. BigBoss1

    Why weren’t Robert’s brothers princes

    Thats definitely a baratheon thing because the summerhall branch of house targaryen were princes hence prince of summerhall
  14. It seems that the Baratheon dynasty abandoned the Targaryen practice of having every member of the royal family have a princely title. Even distant relatives could still claim to be princes. Why did Robert change that?
  15. Title, most pov are nobles so its an interesting question.