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  1. BigBoss1

    Is there romantic love between Ned and Catelyn?

    Honestly, this way of thinking is why we have neglected and/or abused children in the world. Your children should be way more important than your spouse, Ned can take care of himself, children need attention and caring. They both understood that and acted accordingly. There are millions of way of expressing love and we have to remember their children are the manifestation of their love.
  2. Did he really believe they were above the common man or just different? Kinda like the way a lion is different to a tiger but not superior to it. I think he may have believed valyrians to be a different breed of humans, which I could actually believe due to their special traits.
  3. Yeah, cousin to cousin, uncle/aunt to niece/nephew is common and not incest by westerosi law according to Fire and blood
  4. What was in the letter? Did the Dornish have Rhaenys hostage or maybe she wrote it herself in hope of ending the war? Aegon shortly flew to Dragonstone afterwards, the dornish probably left some form of proof there or maybe he just needed time to think. Your toughts?
  5. BigBoss1

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    That absolutely makes sense. But then again Joffrey is not Aerys. Even tough Aerys was a madman, a lunatic and a sadist people still rose up to defend him because he was the rightful ruler. Joffrey is not a proven lunatic and can act charming when he wants to. Joffrey looks like a better monarch than Aerys but does not have a 300 year old dynasty's legitimacy. Would people defend him like they did Aerys or even consider him their rightful king?
  6. BigBoss1

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    The difference between Renly and Stannis is in motivation. Renly has not given a single reason he is the rightful king other than having a bigger army. Stannis on the other hand has declared Robert's children unlegitimate, even if the nobility doesn't believe him now they will have to once he wins. Renly hasn't given a reason to rebel and giving one once he takes the throne is too late.
  7. BigBoss1

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    None of those were rebellions against the ruling dynasty, you said it yourself, ruling branch. The blacfyres are as much targaryen as their more legitimate cousins, Aegon the unworthy legitimized them. And the attempted rebellion of the laughing storm was trying to secede, not replace. None of these rebellions were trying to replace the dynasty with anything other than targaryen.
  8. BigBoss1

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    Westeros never had a rebellion against the ruling dynasty until Robert though. If a precedent is set, whose royal arse sit on the throne doesn't matter anymore leading to instability. Westeros would have double the wars ocurring than the previous 3 centuries
  9. One general attribute of feudal societies is that they respect laws or at least try to interpret them in one own favour. Succession laws are one if not the most important laws in a kingdom, not respecting them meant low legitimacy and that led to rebellion. Blood right was so important to Westerosi society that Robert was to be king just because he was the closer to the succesion after the targaryens. Robert took the throne because he had the army, the claim (being that the current dynasty was being deposed) and the charisma. Renly on the other hand may have the army and the charisma but he certainly lacks claim. He claims the throne by right of conquest but has no dragons to enforce it. He doesn't even believe Cersei's children to be illegitimate (like most of Westeros) He is taking the throne because he can, completely skipping over his brother. He could have definitely won the throne but the precedent of someone with a weak to no claim taking the throne just because he has a bigger army is set. Imagine the bloodshed as various warlords fight for the throne just because they can. Renly was irresponsible and obviously did not care for the consequences of his actions.
  10. BigBoss1

    Why do people love Dany?

    She's a genuinely good person but thats really the only thing she has going for her. She is a terribile ruler. Did she expect the slavers to give up a tousand years institution just like that? Both Robb and Jon are smarter than her and Mangaery is 3 times smarter than them all.
  11. BigBoss1

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    In italian Winterfell is big winter
  12. BigBoss1

    Would Robert marry Elia if Tywin didn't kill her?

    Elia was weak and Robert needed children also you reward your allies not the people you fought against
  13. BigBoss1

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    How many children she took 10? Less? Thats not nearly enough for changing a whole civilization's ways. And how does she know the children don't resent her for taking them from their families. You know Ned treated Theon with dignity and look at what happened.
  14. BigBoss1

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    How can she win the masters over when she herself kidnapped the children. First she wants to play the ruthless ruler and then the gracious queen. Thats indecisive and ineffective.
  15. BigBoss1

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    I think incest being a gene is nonsense. Targaryens are attracted to siblings because of their enviroment i dont think it is common for attraction to a family member to develoap naturally. Jon marrying Arya out of a political arrangement would be interesting.