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  1. theMADdestScientist_

    R+L=J v.165

    There would be no "sweet talk" with Cat. The sweet talk would have to be with Hoster Tully, the man whose daughter's honor Brandon did not take into consideration. I think you're not realizing how harsh and medieval things are in Westeros. House Stark was trying to form an alliance with House Tully, and before the alliance even begun, House Stark would be dishonoring House Tully publicly if Brandon had won the tourney and crowned Ashara. If there's one thing people in power care about in Westeros, is the honor and pride of their house and family. That's what is all about.
  2. theMADdestScientist_

    R+L=J v.165

    I don't know, i'm sure Robert will be nice to Ned for hiding something like that from him for so long. Ned clearly feared Robert in the first book, you can see it when he resigned as hand of the king, but he still tried his best to walk a fine line. Try telling that to a man that blamed two kids(including an infant) for being the son of the wrong man. For Robert is pretty simple, if he discovers what happened, he won't hate one more than the other, the hate will be the same for both, Lyanna won't be hated more or less, she will be hated with as much passion as Rhaegar, because as far as Robert knows, he "bought" her fair and square, and she is Ned's sister, she should keep her word no? after all those years of suffering, to learn that everything was a lie and she did not kept her word and run away with the man he hates the most, not in a hundread years he will take that lightly, this is Robert Baratheon. Precisely, that's why Ned tried to be merciful with Cersei's children, because he knew Robert would have them killed and would not bat an eye. Let's not kid ourselves, Elia and her children were killed in Robert's name, and he accepted it, going as far as to reward Tywin with a royal marriage. If someone murders a person in your name and you accept it, then you effectively is to blame for that person's murder as well, and again, that's why Ned showed mercy to Cersei's children. One of the things that bothers me most in this series is how Robert can be in love for so long with someone he doesn't even know? He needed Ned to tell him what Lyanna would say if he tried to make a fool of himself by trying to enter in the tourney and compete against the young knights. And Ned's response was quite generous actually, because Lyanna was quite the foulmouthed with Benjen when they were fighting with wooden branches. She was as wild as Arya.
  3. theMADdestScientist_

    R+L=J v.165

    Ned's failures are pretty much Robert's own death and the fact that he was unable to protect Robert's bastards. As for the truth about Rhaegar and Lyanna, Ned would take that to the grave, the last thing he would ever do is tell the truth about Lyanna to Robert. Robert is trapped in an illusion of his idealised Lyanna, he doesn't know about the Lyanna who showed him the middle finger and run away with Rhaegar, which in turn made Robert put his life on the line when he rebelled. Robert would hate Lyanna as much as Rhaegar if he ever found out what really happened, and Ned who kept this secret well hidden for such a long time would no doubt suffer the consequences as well. If Elia and Cersei's children are not immune to Robert's rage when they did nothing to him, then Ned(an adult) is not immune as well when he clearly lied to Robert about the fact that his sister didn't want anything with him.
  4. theMADdestScientist_

    R+L=J v.165

    This is so ironic, Robert not only lost the girl, but he also had to take Rhaegar's position as Aerys's successor. Robert now needs to rule, something that Rhaegar most certainly would not want to do if he ever had a choice, and what's worse, Robert ends up married to Cersei who refuses to have any children with him because of how he is. Robert is rejected left and right, he wins, and then he realises he lost, and he lost so much more than he won. Despite his ability in making "friends" easily, that was only useful during the rebellion, because when he died, it was clear that Ned was the only friend he had. After writing this, I feel bad for the guy now, he is no saint, but it seems that everytime he finds someone he likes, they reject him, and to make things even more curious, it is always his fault that they reject him. Robert is probably George's most realistic character.
  5. theMADdestScientist_

    R+L=J v.165

  6. theMADdestScientist_

    R+L=J v.165

    He was, Robert was ignorant to almost anything in court and in his life. Last year, in one of his cons, George was asked if Robert suspected that Cersei's children weren't his, and George's response was that "Robert wasn't a real intellectual giant". Through Renly George also stated that Robert was not wise, he was strong, but not wise. So you have a man that is not wise, nor smart, he can only resolve his problems with violence, what does that make him? ignorant. At court, Robert found himself far away from his natural habitat. Thinking about it, Jon Arryn was a wizard, Robert should not be capable of survive 14 years in King's Landing, but Arryn made that possible.