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  1. fire&blood

    Is Tommen being poisoned?

    This is very interesting! Thank you for adding to this thread. There's so much mention throughout the series of wine, different types of wine, poisoning used in wine, etc. that it gives one pause. Cersei has been going downhill fast and making her more anxious and paranoid seems like a good start for someone who enjoys chaos.
  2. fire&blood

    Is Tommen being poisoned?

    Yes. He did notice how his coloring was off lately and how he couldn't even stand without the wall there to help him. Maybe someone is trying to add to Cersei's anxiety and paranoia by messing with Tommen's food taster. Anything to make her more unstable...chaos is a ladder.
  3. fire&blood

    "Best" GoT edition?

    Yeah, the illustrations are really pretty and so is the cover. I have all the books too, but this one I hold with the vane hope of having GRRM sign it one day. One can dream, right?
  4. fire&blood

    "Best" GoT edition?

    I have this version. I didn't know there were multiple illustrated editions, but this one is really pretty. https://www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-Illustrated-Song-Fire/dp/0553808044/ref=sr_1_9?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1528327663&sr=1-9&keywords=a+game+of+thrones
  5. fire&blood

    Is Tommen being poisoned?

    Is someone trying to poison Tommen? I just finished my simultaneous reread of AFFC & ADWD and they mention a few times how Ser Boros Blount has become Tommen's food taster since Joffrey was poisoned. In ADWD Epilogue I noticed how GRRM describes Ser Boros Blount's look and reemphasizes that he's Tommen's food taster (being the lowest task given to a Knight of the Kingsguard). I don't have the book to do an exact quote, but Kevan Lannister states that Blount has been getting heavier and how his coloring has been off...that he looks to be in poor health. Also, that he looked like he needed the wall to help him stay standing as if he would collapse without it. We haven't gotten any POV's with Tommen in awhile since Cersei would be our source and she was imprisoned by the Faith. Could it be that someone is trying to kill Tommen by slowly poisoning him and those descriptions of Blount in the Epilogue are foreshadowing his death? If so, who would be the poisoner? Maybe Maggy the Frog's prophecy is coming true of Cersei's children all dying. Sorry Tommen and Myrcella
  6. fire&blood

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    Second that.
  7. 1) I read the books multiple times and I've listened to the audiobooks twice (the days before I took the subway and had to drive 2 hours a day in L.A.) but TBH Roy Dotrice would drive me crazy with the way he pronounced some of the names. It's Melisandre not Melisande. and Eyrie isn't Eye-rie. He also annoyed me with the way he read women. I never understood why they didn't hire a female voice for those chapters. The way Brienne sounded would make me ape shit. 2) Oh Tyrion...this is a difficult question. I do enjoy his chapters and his character. More so on the show, they made him less complex and more loveable. But ultimately, he is a very complicated character. I sympathize with him for having to grow up a dwarf, hated by everyone but Jaime, especially for the death of Joanna (as if he could control that), and the Tysha incident. However, in ADWD you start to see him losing himself. I love him for how he helped Bran, took care of Sansa, how he bonded with Jon and confronted Tywin about the Red Wedding and what was done to Robb and Cat (a bit of a Stark loyalist here so lol ya). But, he did turn that singer into stew and murdered Shae and Tywin (no love lost there, but he was a badass). He is an entitled ass at times, he is smart but a bit arrogant, but I see his usefulness and could see him as a good Hand. Shae makes me smh. I understand that she's a whore and it was obvious that she didn't love Tyrion. I'm just not sure if she was always one of Tywin's or she turned over after Tyrion's arrest. But the fact that she was taken care of by Tyrion in such a crap world and provided zero loyalty in return, makes me lose all sympathy. Should she have been murdered? No. 3) Now to Harry Potter....Umbridge made me want to scream at each page turn in Order of the Phoenix. She was just a bully. A pink colored bully who truly hated kids and enjoyed watching them suffer. Voldemort on the other hand was just pure evil. We knew what we were getting with him, but at least we have some backstory to understand him. Dolores, we know nothing about, so I don't understand why she is that way.
  8. fire&blood

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

  9. fire&blood

    what really caused the doom of valyria?

    Too good!
  10. Pretty sure that's when Davos says "deuces" to Stannis! That goes against the Stannis he knows and looks up to. His unwavering loyalty to Stannis would definitely be questioned at that point. He's very much the eye for an eye guy...he punished Davos for being a smuggler but also rewarded him for saving Storm's End from starvation. The guy he respects and supports is the "one good deed doesn't wash out the bad" type of dude. Sacrificing his daughter by burning her alive...let's assume he even lives with that fact, would require some serious consequences in his eyes so if he suddenly dropped that belief because he won the battle for Winterfell doesn't support his character. Meaning he's full of bullshit and not worth the blind loyalty after all. Davos to Stannis: "Byeeeeeeee!!!"
  11. fire&blood

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    The only thing that we can all agree on in regards to Lysa is that Hoster was a shit dad to her. Sure she suffered traumas, thanks to her dad, but it was her obsession with LF's little finger that made her act. I'm also in the camp that Sweetrobin may be Petyr's son, not Jon's....but aside from that, she killed her husband because of LF. She sent the letter to Cat that started the Stark-Lannister war because of LF. She stayed out of the WOT5K because of LF. Also, I know there aren't so many Sansa fans out there, but hello! She was about to murder her niece by throwing her out the moon door because of her obsession with LF.
  12. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    You're probably right, but it's still fun to overanalyze his words to death I must say my favorite part is on the rereads when you notice things as if you'd never read it before. This is my 4th or 5th reread and I never paid attention to the Stinky Steward before until now, triggering the whole "perfumed seneschal" Quaithe comment. To the George, the man has skills!
  13. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    Exactly - some of them seem too "on the nose" (pun intended lol). Like Reznak, Varys and Illyrio since they're either referred to as such or we constantly get details about them using scents to cover their smell. I feel like GRRM wouldn't make anything obvious to his readers.
  14. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    Thanks for that! I'll check it out. I'm just wondering what other options it could be beside Varys or Illyrio - It caught my eye on the reread that the ship they were traveling on references perfumed senseschal.