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  1. Just here to see all the Stannis stans go ape about how awesome he is
  2. The North Remembers should be the new "A Lannister Always Pays their Debts." The unofficial words of House Stark and the Northerners.
  3. The best: Winter is Coming. I also like Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. and of course Fire & Blood! Honorable mention to House Hornwood "Righteous in Wrath". It just sounds cool. The worst: House Tyrell and House Lannister for sure.
  4. The Hound taught her where the heart is. She stabbed him where the heart is, which just so happens to be where the Children stabbed him to create him.
  5. Wait? There is? How on so many rereads have I missed this. Anyone have the description or quote? I'm curious.
  6. Maester Pylos trying to kill Melisandre with the Strangler....Foreshadowing Littlefinger being associated with the Strangler before he helps kill Joffrey:
  7. I was going to say, for me I enjoyed them both more when I read them together as intended. I followed the list from Boiled Leather and damn did it make a huge difference.
  8. Yes, yes he would So would J'aqen. She is a total badass.
  9. It's definitely him. The profile, the voice and the opening credits as others have mentioned. My thoughts are that his hand looks burned because the maesters are trying to prevent it from spreading. Fire has been used before to prevent the spread of disease or infection.
  10. I wonder....does Bran becoming the new 3 Eyed Raven preclude him from becoming Lord of Winterfell/Warden of the North or King in the North? What happens if and when Bran arrives at Winterfell? I'm sure Dolores Edd will be sending a raven to Winterfell saying "I HAVE BRAN!!!"
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful!
  12. How did Euron and the Iron Islanders build so many ships in such a short time to have a new Iron Fleet? I can suspend belief and accept dragons existing, but there's no magic to build a huge fleet so fast.
  13. Bolton - None! Baratheon - Gendry if he ever stops rowing and is legitimized
  14. What's with the dagger?? We see it again in the book Sam is looking at about dragon glass. Same one that was used by the catspaw to (attempt to) assassinate Bran right?
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