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  1. fire&blood

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

  2. fire&blood

    what really caused the doom of valyria?

    Too good!
  3. Pretty sure that's when Davos says "deuces" to Stannis! That goes against the Stannis he knows and looks up to. His unwavering loyalty to Stannis would definitely be questioned at that point. He's very much the eye for an eye guy...he punished Davos for being a smuggler but also rewarded him for saving Storm's End from starvation. The guy he respects and supports is the "one good deed doesn't wash out the bad" type of dude. Sacrificing his daughter by burning her alive...let's assume he even lives with that fact, would require some serious consequences in his eyes so if he suddenly dropped that belief because he won the battle for Winterfell doesn't support his character. Meaning he's full of bullshit and not worth the blind loyalty after all. Davos to Stannis: "Byeeeeeeee!!!"
  4. fire&blood

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    The only thing that we can all agree on in regards to Lysa is that Hoster was a shit dad to her. Sure she suffered traumas, thanks to her dad, but it was her obsession with LF's little finger that made her act. I'm also in the camp that Sweetrobin may be Petyr's son, not Jon's....but aside from that, she killed her husband because of LF. She sent the letter to Cat that started the Stark-Lannister war because of LF. She stayed out of the WOT5K because of LF. Also, I know there aren't so many Sansa fans out there, but hello! She was about to murder her niece by throwing her out the moon door because of her obsession with LF.
  5. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    You're probably right, but it's still fun to overanalyze his words to death I must say my favorite part is on the rereads when you notice things as if you'd never read it before. This is my 4th or 5th reread and I never paid attention to the Stinky Steward before until now, triggering the whole "perfumed seneschal" Quaithe comment. To the George, the man has skills!
  6. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    Exactly - some of them seem too "on the nose" (pun intended lol). Like Reznak, Varys and Illyrio since they're either referred to as such or we constantly get details about them using scents to cover their smell. I feel like GRRM wouldn't make anything obvious to his readers.
  7. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    Thanks for that! I'll check it out. I'm just wondering what other options it could be beside Varys or Illyrio - It caught my eye on the reread that the ship they were traveling on references perfumed senseschal.
  8. fire&blood

    Beware the perfumed seneschal

    So I'm doing the reread of AFFC & ADWD simultaneously (a la All Leather Must Be Boiled) and I'm at the part where Tyrion and Jorah are on the Selaesori Qhoran headed for Dany. I don't have the book on me right now but I know it's in ADWD 34, Tyrion VIII chapter that Moqorro has a conversation with Tyrion about the name of the ship and what it means. Basically, one of the words translates to steward or maester in Westerosi (seneschal) and the other means fragrant (perfumed)- hence the Fragrant Steward which Tyrion jokingly refers to as the "Stinky Steward" because it smells. Seneschal definition is "steward". Is this the perfumed seneschal that Quaithe tried to warn Dany of? We know Moqorro is a red priest sent by Benerro to offer guidance and help Daenerys, but he ends up being rescued by Victarion and the Iron Fleet. Thoughts?
  9. fire&blood

    Arya the Good

    Ah thank you!
  10. fire&blood

    Is Nymeria dead

    Long live Nymeria!!!
  11. fire&blood

    Arya the Good

    I think you're thinking of Septon Meribald. Or I'm misremembering.
  12. fire&blood

    Which is your favourite Westerosi House and why?

    House Stark! From first read until now, House Stark! Aside from my love for Arya, Ned, Robb and Jon...I'm a winter child. The direwolves, warging, green dreams, Old Gods, Winterfell and the crypts, had me from first introduction. Their house words are also pretty epic, I mean, who would forget "WINTER IS COMING!" They also inspire some serious loyalty from their bannermen and it isn't out of fear like a Lannister, but out of respect, honor, and actual love. In a world like Westeros, I find that pretty rare.
  13. Hahahaha!!! I've heard it said by a few people that they think Sam will be the one who writes the history for Long Night 2.0 - but not that he's the one writing the actual stories. That wouldn't be possible since it's told by multiple POVs.
  14. fire&blood

    Wow, I never noticed that v.16

    Every re-read is an opportunity to notice something you hadn't before, that's why these books never get old (well, except literally because I've had to tape them together to keep them in one piece lol) Here's another one that triggered the "Jon is Rhaegar Targaryen's son" for me, at least. (Don't want to trigger the R+L=J non-believers) Samwell III, AFFC 27 The description of Dareon the singer and silvery hair makes me think of Rhaegar. The constant red and black being the colors of House Targaryen and how it was Jon's idea to send Dareon around to sing about NW and get some recruits for the Wall. A little bit of a stretch for the "No one" usage but hey why not - No one = Arya, Arya being a resemblance of Lyanna and the closest "sister" to Jon. I just appreciate GRRM's writing so much!