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  1. On ‎8‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 9:39 PM, The Map Guy said:

    AFFC and ADWD are suppose to be read together. The fact that they were split by POV, it changes the dynamic a lot.

    If put together as it was intended, perhaps (as an example) a AFFC Brienne chapter was suppose to follow a ADWD Jon chapter. The original transition between the two chapters are suppose to be smooth, sharing similar themes, and it factors in to being a great single book.

    I was going to say, for me I enjoyed them both more when I read them together as intended.  I followed the list from Boiled Leather and damn did it make a huge difference.

  2. 22 hours ago, Alia of the knife said:

    I am 99.5% sure it was Jorah in that cell at the Citadel.

    BUT, how possible is it, it's not?

    I only ask because the first thing my husband and I thought when we saw the hand was that it looked burned, as well as the fact he could actually move his fingers, (this disease turns one into stone, does it not)?

    We actually thought he could have been someone from Sommerhall since that was the last notorious fire.



    It's definitely him. The profile, the voice and the opening credits as others have mentioned. My thoughts are that his hand looks burned because the maesters are trying to prevent it from spreading. Fire has been used before to prevent the spread of disease or infection.

  3. 39 minutes ago, UnmaskedLurker said:

    Yes, but his claim was in part based on being the son of Ned. If he is instead the son of Lyanna, his claim becomes much weaker as long as any other child of Ned lives (such as Sansa and obviously Bran who really would be first in line over Jon in any event).

    I wonder....does Bran becoming the new 3 Eyed Raven preclude him from becoming Lord of Winterfell/Warden of the North or King in the North? What happens if and when Bran arrives at Winterfell? I'm sure Dolores Edd will be sending a raven to Winterfell saying "I HAVE BRAN!!!"

  4. 8 minutes ago, Queen of Winter said:

    Did anyone notice that Arya's speech to the Frey woman, after the men had been poisoned, sounded a lot like Tyrion's speech to the "Magistrate's" of Mereen in of S6's "Battle of the Bastards Part 1"?


    Last night Arya said: "When people ask you what happened here, tell them "The North Remembers". Tell them, Winter came for House Frey."


    Last year Tyrion said: "Tell your people what happened here......... Remind them what happened when Daenerys  Stormborn and her dragons came to Mereen."


    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful!

  5. How did Euron and the Iron Islanders build so many ships in such a short time to have a new Iron Fleet? I can suspend belief and accept dragons existing, but there's no magic to build a huge fleet so fast.

  6. 1 hour ago, Ser Sinister said:

    In the show world, after Episode 1, are there any male offspring from the major Houses left to continue the family name?

    Baratheon: None

    Stark: Bran, but he won't end up leader of the Starks.

    Lannister: Not unless Tyrion or Cersei have more kids or Jamie leaves the Kingsguard; i.e., very unlikely.

    Tyrell: None

    Greyjoy: Really hard to say, but doesn't seem like any of the men will see the end of the series, except maybe Theon (who isn't having kids).

    Frey: Not after Episode 1.

    Arryn: Who knows what the show is going to do with Robin?

    Tully: Did Arya set Edmure free or will he be forgotten in a Frey dungeon for all eternity?

    Martell: They don't follow the male-only heir rules, but it will still be interesting to see who's left at the end.

    Sure, there are plenty of Lannister cousins mentioned in the books, but I'm talking in strict lines of inheritance from the original family heads (Tywin, Ned, Robert, etc.), as we've seen in the books.

    On a side note, I laughed out loud when they rallied around Jon Snow as de facto head of House Stark, because we all know things none of the other Northern families know. Would they all unite under a Targaryen banner?

    Bolton - None!

    Baratheon - Gendry if he ever stops rowing and is legitimized