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    Poker Face

    I'd add Lord Manderly and his Merman court to this list. Frey pies anyone?
  2. fire&blood

    Which Frey would make the best King?

    How many Frey groupie threads is this now?
  3. fire&blood

    Wow, I never noticed that v.17

    I was going to say the same thing.
  4. Pretty sure that's when Davos says "deuces" to Stannis! That goes against the Stannis he knows and looks up to. His unwavering loyalty to Stannis would definitely be questioned at that point. He's very much the eye for an eye guy...he punished Davos for being a smuggler but also rewarded him for saving Storm's End from starvation. The guy he respects and supports is the "one good deed doesn't wash out the bad" type of dude. Sacrificing his daughter by burning her alive...let's assume he even lives with that fact, would require some serious consequences in his eyes so if he suddenly dropped that belief because he won the battle for Winterfell doesn't support his character. Meaning he's full of bullshit and not worth the blind loyalty after all. Davos to Stannis: "Byeeeeeeee!!!"
  5. fire&blood

    Tyrion the peeping tom

    Because he can't escape the incest. No matter where he goes.
  6. Yeah, I get what you're saying. I also think it's to explain the prophecy obsession of Rhaegar. For all we know, show wise, Rhaegar and Lyanna loved each other, Rhaegar annulled his marriage to marry Lyanna....but why? I think Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen "needs to know" because Bran knows that he is the one that fulfills the prophecy to defeat the WW for good. I just think it's a setup, but what you're pointing is of course great logic lol Plus, as much as D&D said we want to avoid using flashbacks because it cheapens it, they have and continuously will (how else does Bran the 3 eyed raven "know everything", because we see him downloading or is it uploading?) Maybe we see a flashback of Bran seeing Rhaegar talking to Elia about the dragon needing three heads. Explaining why he's naming all his sons Aegon. And why Drogon didn't just burn him up or eat him there and then...it could explain that away and I foresee Rhaegal bonding with Jon (possibly being the 3rd dragonrider).
  7. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP704 Discussion

    Yes, yes he would So would J'aqen. She is a total badass.
  8. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP701

    It's definitely him. The profile, the voice and the opening credits as others have mentioned. My thoughts are that his hand looks burned because the maesters are trying to prevent it from spreading. Fire has been used before to prevent the spread of disease or infection.
  9. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP701

    I wonder....does Bran becoming the new 3 Eyed Raven preclude him from becoming Lord of Winterfell/Warden of the North or King in the North? What happens if and when Bran arrives at Winterfell? I'm sure Dolores Edd will be sending a raven to Winterfell saying "I HAVE BRAN!!!"
  10. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP701

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful!
  11. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP701

    How did Euron and the Iron Islanders build so many ships in such a short time to have a new Iron Fleet? I can suspend belief and accept dragons existing, but there's no magic to build a huge fleet so fast.
  12. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP701

    Bolton - None! Baratheon - Gendry if he ever stops rowing and is legitimized
  13. fire&blood

    [Spoilers] EP701

    What's with the dagger?? We see it again in the book Sam is looking at about dragon glass. Same one that was used by the catspaw to (attempt to) assassinate Bran right?