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  1. crowcrow

    Dany's three treasons?

    (this is literally THE most unoriginal post so sorry about that) ANYWAY, i've been wondering about this for a long time now. so dany will face three treasons - once for blood (Mirri Maz Duur), once for gold(Jorah or Brown Ben Plumm), and once for love(???). who do you think the last one is??? Jon? Darrio?? and how do you think it will happen???
  2. crowcrow

    Last One Wins

  3. crowcrow

    Last One Wins

  4. Wow, I'm surprised how many people like Daynes so much. I guess I'm not alone in this after all. But as much as i like the Daynes, the Starks will forever be my #1. something about their honour and good nature just warms me up to them so idk...
  5. Is it the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens and etc? Just really curious
  6. crowcrow

    Nymeria is poised to return

    Yes, some characters like Varys/Littlefinger shouldn't be given a POV because they know way too much. But tbh after ygritte and robb(who also didn't have a POV), i don't think I can bear to lose another non-POV fave.
  7. crowcrow

    Nymeria is poised to return

    I wish i could believe in all this, but what bothers me is that Val doesn't have a POV and she appeared only half way through the series.