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  1. Jaehaerys Stark

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    Exactly. Roose didn't fear the crown once Tywin died. He was Warden of the North, and by having an heir who was married to a Stark would help solidify his claim of the North. The northern houses have always been more loyal to the Starks than the Crown... I never said it was a good plan. I merely pointed out how LF saw things and the actions he took to try to weasel his way up the ladder of power...
  2. Jaehaerys Stark

    Sansa/Ramsay marriage did not make sense

    Littlefinger played everyone with the Sansa/Ramsay wedding. He convinced Sansa that marrying Ramsay would put her in a position to not only get revenge on the Bolton's for the Red Wedding, but also put her in a position to reclaim the North. He convinced Roose Bolton that the marriage would help to solidify the Bolton's hold on the North and would legitimize him as Warden of the North, as far as the people of the North are concerned. He then convinced Cersei that the wedding was Roose's idea, and that he would ride North with the Knights of the Vale to go get Sansa, send her back to KL to face the crown, all in hopes that Cersei/Tommen would name him Warden of the North, for his efforts. He then convinced Sweet Robyn and the Knights of the Vale that the Bolton's had kidnapped Sansa and that she needed rescuing, which is why Robyn had Ser Royce lead the army North to WF. Littlefinger played everybody and convinced them all that things were the way they were for reasons other than the truth. All of those lies were nothing more than a power play, to put himself in a position to become Warden of the North and marry Sansa himself eventually...
  3. Jaehaerys Stark

    Arya gets punished for killing Meryn Trant

    I have given this some thought in the past. I honestly think that Jaqen has always had a soft spot for his young friend Arya. What's funny, is that nobody has ever really brought up the fact that Jaqen was probably the last person who needed saving in the first place. I feel like he saw something in her, and let things play out the way they did along the way in order to get her to join the FM. So while he probably indeed lured her into joining, I think it was his plan to begin with, in order to train her, etc. I also find it hard to believe the FM would just allow others to leave the group so easily, especially after having been exposed to all of their secrets and methods. But again, I think Jaqen has a soft spot for her, which is why she was allowed to go back to Westeros. I do, however find it surprising that he hasn't shown back up to address the fact that she has exposed their secrets to others, i.e. showing/explaining to Sansa how she is able to wear faces of others. Maybe we see Jaqen again in season 8...
  4. Jaehaerys Stark

    An idea for a spinoff

    I don't get it...
  5. Jaehaerys Stark

    Ned stopped the Assassination?

    Ned considered killing Dany a dishonorable act for sure. He also would have thought back to Lyanna telling Ned on her deathbed that Robert would have had Jon/Aegon VIII killed if he found out about him. Convincing Robert to not kill Dany, in a sense, was like putting a failsafe in place in the event that Jon's true identity was ever discovered...
  6. Jaehaerys Stark

    Parallel between two fight scenes

    I actually find it to be a closer parallel between Ned and Jon. Like Ned, Jon has made a bunch of dumb decisions that either got people hurt/killed, or put others in a compromising situation, all in the name of honor. Yet, we see both do less than honorable things, i.e. Ned lying to everyone about Jon's parentage, as well as falsely confessing just before his execution, as well as Jon killing Qhorin Halfhand and breaking his NW vows to sleep with Ygritte. There is definitely a selfish side to trying to always do the honorable thing, which is ironic. In a way, a person trying to always be honorable cares first and foremost about their own image, which might sometimes prevent them from doing something that is inherently 'right' for the greater good...
  7. Jaehaerys Stark

    tyrion & sansa....a happy ending?

    I'm torn on this. I could see this happening IF Jon and Dany BOTH die. I have long theorized that it could be feasible that Tyrion and Sansa end up together again. He was always kind to her (Sansa's words) and he is the only husband she has had that was doing right by her. Tyrion even pushed Shae away so he could be a good husband to Sansa. But I don't think Jon and Dany both die. If I had to guess one, I'd say Dany dies, Jon lives on. But who knows. Under the right circumstances, this could be a thing...
  8. Jaehaerys Stark

    What If Bronn's Last Name is...REYNE?!!?!?

    That's how I feel about it. He's a rags-to-riches feel good character that we are all rooting for. He provides comedy relief, comes through with the clutch saves and as mentioned, a capable plot device. No secrets surrounding this guy though...
  9. Jaehaerys Stark

    What If Bronn's Last Name is...REYNE?!!?!?

    First off, may I just say, this obsession you have with Bronn is wild! lol You have really dedicated a lot of thought recently to this cat... You and I have gone back and forth with the whole Bronn being Cersei's baby daddy, which I disagree with, but that's neither nor there. That said, let me address this new theory of yours. I do not think Bronn is a Reyne. Looking at the lineage of House Reyne and Tarbeck, IF he was anything, he'd be a Tarbeck. It'd make the most sense that he would be the last Lord of Tarbeck, son of Rohanne Tarbeck who was born in 258 AD, and is said to have disappeared during the Reyne-Tarbeck Rebellion, which is of course when Tywin had Houses Reyne and Tarbeck eliminated. It was rumored a knight threw the 3 year old down a well, which of course is similar to Aegon baby #1 having his head smashed into a wall, thus unrecognizable, thus not being able to confirm the identity for certain. Bronn is thought to have been born in 264 AD, possibly as late as 268. That puts him 6-10 years out of range for that, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. But I still think it's highly unlikely. So to address your points, we have to look at the book as well as the show. I will use some of both, especially since the show has only touched on those defunct houses once or twice in passing, if at all. So here we go: (1) You say he is mysterious about his past, but I don't know about that. Through Bronn, we have learned he was low born to abusive parents. He learned the intricacies of how death works at age 5, killed a woman before age 12 (in self-defense) and that he has been beyond the Wall before. Him telling Tywin that Tywin would not have known his father is not evasive in my opinion, more so dismissive of Tywin's inquiry. (2) Bronn didn't appear out of nowhere. He was staying at the Crossroads Inn and dining when the confrontation between Cat and Tyrion happens. Cat asks the men in the hall to capture Tyrion and escort them to the Eyrie. In the show, Bronn is alone when he offers to sell his room to Tyrion, before Cat and Ser Rodrick take him. Afterwards, Bronn goes along in hopes of being rewarded by Cat for the escort. He just happens to befriend Tyrion along the way. In the books, Bronn is there with another sellsword, who later dies in the attack from a mountain clan. In the books Tyrion notes that Bronn and Chiggen (the other sellsword) only came to Catelyn's aid because they were sellswords and were hoping for a reward. (3) I agree Bronn is considered a major character, but on the same level as Poddrick. Basically, these are rags-to-riches stories, in my opinion. He is definitely an accomplished fighter/warrior with a lot of survival skills. But so was Daario. I think with Bronns character, it is obvious that his skills were developed through the hardships he faced through his life. Bronn's fighting skills, outlook on life, views regarding honor, etc, point to a guy who has had to overcome a lot in life and had to make his own way. Much like a Brit's accent can typically tell you whether someone was "high born" or "low born" i.e. Oxford/RP vs Cockney, the same generally applies to what you hear in GoT. Bronn's accent is specifically closer to Cockney English, as opposed to Sansa or Sam, who sound more "proper". Bronn appears to despise high borns to a certain extent for much of the show. Even when he starts to hobknob with the high borns, he more relishes in the fact that he holds any power over other "proper lads" as we see when he is Lord Commander of the City's Watch, or when he razzes Dickon Tarley about his name and "fancy lad school". He strikes me more of someone who gets his kicks messing busting the balls of high borns, rather than pretending not to be one, all for this super elaborate revenge scheme. Anyways, that's just how I see it. But who knows...
  10. Jaehaerys Stark

    What If The Father Of Cersei's Baby Is...BRONN?!?!

    I don't think there is anything weird abot how she told Jaime. I feel like the meeting with Qyburn was indeed him confirming her pregnancy. Now whether they know it's his or not is a different story. I actually like the idea that they both know it's Euron's, which is why Qyburn greets Jaime like he does then promptly leaves. But whether it's Euron's or Jaime's, that scene still seems appropriate. As far as her sexual aggression, that could be explained by hormones from being pregnant, or as you mentioned, having a cover-up for being pregnant by Euron, but needing to convince Jaime it's his. I think that Cersei is more willing to let others know Jaime is the father because he is a Lannister, so still of a prominent house (hers). Even when she was sleeping with her cousin Lancel, he was still a Lannister. Not to mention she makes a comment to Ned previously about how the Targs married and reproduced and nobody batted an eye as justification of her and Jaime having 3 kids together. She is justifying their relationship in that regard. Which is why I said that her and Jaime have been bed mates for a long time. Let's not forget, Cersei is the only woman Jaime has ever been with. Being pregnant by Euron would be fine as well, as he is a Greyjoy, another prominent house. So she would be down to give him some action, especially if she thought she was getting something from it to help her in her effort to keep the throne. Bronn offers information only. Not enough for her to stoop to having sex with a lowborn. When I mentioned Bronn being lowborn, I couldn't see her having his kid. Sleeping with him is one thing, but carrying his child? 0% chance in my opinion. Cersei is still aristocratic and stuck up. She has always been one to look down on low borns. For all the dirty stuff she does, she does it with other high born people. Ultimately though, I think the big twist with her child will not be who the father, but whether she has the kid at all. Maggy the Frog said she would have 3. The fact of whether she ever had a 4th (what would have been her first) kid is unknown at this time. She said she had a child, but it's not said whether that was ever really true. In the books, she got pregnant by Robert but aborted it. In the show, she told Catlyn she had a child who died, but that may have been a lie. Especially when Cat mentions she never heard of that child. Ned and Robert were best friends, so if Ned never heard, I assume Cersei was lying to get sympathy and get Cat to open up during that conversation. If no twist is planned for the pregnancy, it's Jaime's. If there is a twist, it's Euron's. To address your doubt about the "little birds", let's not forget, they are not just children. He refers to his spies as such due to the phrase "A little bird told me..." Remember Ros? She was considered one of Varys' little birds. Anybody in his spy network is referred to as a "little bird". Examples of things they have discovered or had a hand in include reporting on Bran's fall and the Valyrian dagger, reporting all of Dany's actions while she was in Essos, Littlefinger's plans regarding Sansa going with him to the Eyrie, tracking Tyrion after he was abducted in Volantis through to his arrival in Mereen, infiltrating the Sons of the Harpy in order to find the prostitiute helping them and eventually unmasking their leadership, and of course killing Maester Pycell and blowing up the Sept of Baelor. Those are just a few examples. So could they have found out about the meeting? Absolutely. Now about Bronn and Jaime not riding out together, I think Bronn meets up with him for sure to join him. The show seems to lead us to believe that Jaime left post haste. Maybe in his rush to go, he didn't find Bronn, but instead had someone message him about what is going on. Bronn will meet up with him down the road. I guarantee it. I think the scene was meant to be solo for Jaime for effect. Just a simple seen of lone Jaime as he see snow falling on KL. Makes for a nice fade to black for the finale. I wouldn't worry too much about Bronn's absence at this junction. They will ride/fight together again for sure. I agree with your valnqar prediction that Jaime will kill Cersei. But let me throw this one at you: what if Jaime kills Cersei, but turns out it's really Arya wearing Jaime's face. I think there is a strong possibility this happens. Now that robot Bran is starting to spill the beans on all kinds of things now, the whole reason all of this foolishness started is bound to come out. He will eventually tell someone about what he saw in that tower, and about Jaime pushing him out the window. With Jaime riding North, this HAS to come out. I foresee a situation where it is revealed, but forgiven by most due to Jaime's participation in the Great War. But Arya will not forgive him, kill him, take his face and go to KL to cross off the #1 name on her list. What do you think of that one?
  11. Jaehaerys Stark

    What If The Father Of Cersei's Baby Is...BRONN?!?!

    I applaud your imagination. I am a conspiracy theorist myself and will entertain almost any theory at least until I have convinced myself it can't be true. But in this case, I don't think it makes any sense. Most notably, I can't see her carrying the baby of a low born, regardless of his current title. I think Cersei found out about the meeting from her "little birds'. The show has done a very good job of convincing the viewer that the spy network Varys had setup up was highly effective. When he left for Essos, Qyburn took over that network, so those little birds belong to Cersei now. I feel like it is implied that is how she found out. As far as the baby is concerned, the thought that Jaime was not the father had crossed my mind. I am convinced however that it is Jaime's, with Euron being the only other option. Jaime is her regular bed mate, Euron is her suitor. She told Jaime that she would tell everyone the baby was his, as she doesn't care what people think. but I can see her hooking up with Euron while Jaime was away at High Garden, as incentive to keep him working for her. I can only assume if Jaime is not the father, Euron might have planted his seed when they met up to plan his "retreat" back to Pyke at the Dragon Pit meeting. I would say the chances would look more like 75% Jaime, 25% Euron...
  12. Jaehaerys Stark

    Jon Snow`s death scene

    I too thought the Jon death scene was well played. I don't watch Rome, so I can't compare those two, but Kit did a good job in my opinion. You could definitely see the emotion on his face as he was being betrayed by his brothers. Especially when Olly stepped up to the plate for his swing. I had no issues with the scene...
  13. Jaehaerys Stark

    Will Tyrion kill Daenerys?

    I posted about this on 8/29/17 @ 10:04am. Ironically, it's almost identical to the original post here. Here were my thoughts: "I was going to post about this very thing this morning because I actually wondered the same thing. He definitely had a look of angst on his face. I actually have given it great thought and I think I may have it. The show hasn't talked too much about the details of Dany's vision while in the House of the Undying. Specifically, the 3 treasons she will know. One for blood, one for gold, and one for love. I think the treason for blood was when she allowed Khal Drogo to kill Viseryn. The treason for gold was obviously when Jorah was spying on her for the Lannisters. The last treason, I think, will be from Tyrion. A couple things to consider here. First off, Tyrion was the one who convinced Dany to exile Jorah when it was found he had been relaying information back to KL. Tyrion was also the one who convinced Dany to have Daario stay in Mereen, as opposed to traveling to KL. He made it a point to tell Dany that marrying for political reasons in Westeros was important. Perhaps he was secretly going to try to convince her down the road that marrying a Lannister would bolster her reputation in Westeros by removing a tyrant Cersei while combining 2 of the most famous houses realm has known. Think back to the scene where Tyrion was talking to Dany in the table room at Dragonstone after Jon left to go north of the Wall to capture the wight. Didn't Tyrion seem a bit underwhelmed when talking to Dany about how it was obvious Jon loved her, and how it seemed she was forming feelings of her own for him. He wasn't enthused in the least. That's the same conversation where he pushes her to name a successor, in the event she died. Then, think about when he pleaded with her not to go north to save them after getting the raven that they needed her help. All of these acts could be viewed as Tyrion pushing her to make decisions that would appear to have the best of intentions. but from another angle, it would seem that all of these acts could be done out of either him secretly loving Dany, or, more likely to me, wanting to sit on the Iron Throne. Tyrion has always seemed like he had a good heart. I believe he does myself. But that's not to say that he doesn't feel like he would be the best person to rule Westeros. Especially after he saw her burn the Tarley's alive, and her wanting to initially burn KL as well. We see Tyrion having that conversation with Varys, another who wants only the best for the realm and the people. Two of the smartest minds in this game of thrones, who believe themselves champions of the realm, having private chats of their own, away from everyone else. These are 2 brilliant schemers. I can definitely see Tyrion being salty that Jon and Dany are in love with one another. It is putting a major damper on the play he was going to push for to become Dany's partner, if not sole ruler of Westeros. He questions decisions that they both are making, believing he knows better than they do about what is best for Westeros. I think we may see Tyrion trying to jump back into the role of being a major player after spending much of this last season on the bench. Coach, he's ready to get back in the game..."
  14. Jaehaerys Stark

    Why was Tyrion so upset?

    I do believe that the deal they made, whatever it was, was left offscreen to come back around next season. The reason I don't like the theory though is because it makes no sense as to how Tyrion could convince Cersei that he could pull off getting her child named as heir. What could he have possibly said to make her believe that? I don't see Dany agreeing to that under any circumstances, so I can't see Tyrion convincing her that he could pull it off. I think if they did make a deal, it would have to have involved him promising Cersei that he surrenders himself to her once the Great War is over. Offering himself to her to do with as she pleases would be the only thing Cersei would believe, other than him offering to kill Dany once the war is over. He would've ended the conversation with "A Lannister always pays their debts."...
  15. Jaehaerys Stark

    Could the show have worked using POVs??

    I think that both the book and show will conclude revealing the whole story was being told by Samwell Tarly. The show foreshadows that with the scene between Archmaester Ebrose, who is writing the book about the War of the 5 Kings, and Sam. Ebrose advises the book will be called "The Chronicles of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I". Sam makes the comment that he would title it something more poetic. Kind of like "A Song of ice and Fire"? The title introduction to the show appears to be that of someone looking at a map, using the same magnifying goggles as seen being used by the master who greeted Sam upon his arrival at the Citadel. The astrolabe in the Citadel's library also appears in the title scene. This leads me to believe Sam is telling the tale of the Song if Ice and Fire. So for the show at least, I think POV would not have been ideal for TV. The story coming from a central source makes more sense...