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  1. M.Alhazred

    George's writing schedule.

    Don't know if this has been posted but in an Interview with Waterstone's blog here's his schedule: TWoW - Dunk & Egg 4 - ADoS - D&E 5 - Fire & Blood 2. Let's hope he doesn't get sidetracked here.This is the most definite statement we've head about any of the books from him.
  2. M.Alhazred

    Young Griff: What do we really know?

    If he's a Blackfyre or some other Valerian with the chaos that's been goin down wishful thinking would take care of the rest.
  3. M.Alhazred

    Young Griff: What do we really know?

    This is exactly what I have been thinking.
  4. Is he really a Targ or just posing as one? Varys must know that Westros would never accept a BlackFyre king and so this story was concocted.
  5. M.Alhazred

    Good news? Bad news?

    I would like regular updates but it's not gonna happen.He gives a update then everyone gets upset.
  6. M.Alhazred

    An entire royal line wiped out in one battle?

    How do you know that King Mern IX was also following the advice of his steward Harlen Tyrell? Margery has implied that may have been the case.
  7. M.Alhazred

    Golden Company Exiles

    Y'all are forgetting the fact that Martin is the writer here,the GC may end up being all killed along with Connington and Young Griff.
  8. M.Alhazred

    Was the Red Wedding inevitable?

    A series of bad decisions and choices but he had no good options left.
  9. M.Alhazred

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    I've said that for years.Think one of the reasons for him not culling is he doesn't wanna hear everyone bitching about how "so-so's story never ended." And so on.
  10. M.Alhazred

    Is Danys story the reason TWOW is delayed?

    GRRM has way too many balls in the air here is the way I see it.
  11. M.Alhazred

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    Ultimately Cersi brought this on all of them when she killed Missandei and one of the dragons that was it.KL and everyone in it were dead.A bit off topic: Why did she stay in the RK when Lannister support would be strongest at Lannisport? Or did she not think they would make it back south?
  12. M.Alhazred

    Daenerys has always been a killer

    This has been shown several times throughout the show that Dany has no mercy.Those people in KL aren't her supporters they are meaningless pawns and she simply cleared the board.
  13. They may have hired H'ghar but he had other ideas.
  14. M.Alhazred

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    Prince Nymor sent a letter saying back off or your sister dies a slow and painful death.Come with your remaining dragon's and the people of the realm will be receiving 2 dragon skulls and looking for a new king and queen.
  15. M.Alhazred

    What do you think of Aegon III?

    AegonIII is underrated he kept the realm together after The Dance.He was overshadowed by other kings.