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  1. The Watch is a rather small group so him hearing or being told about it isn't outta the question.
  2. M.Alhazred

    House Velaryon MIA.

    Ah,thanks for the clarification,after the way they have been treated over the years I thought they would have just said "forget this." and just stay away.
  3. M.Alhazred

    House Velaryon MIA.

    What is going on down at Driftmark? We haven't heard from House Velaryon at all in the books. My best guess is they had enough of the drama going on in the realm and decided to not get involved and remain neutral I don't expect them to even bother to show up for Aegon much less Dany other than to tell them they want no part of the coming battles.
  4. Dalton would take the Iron Fleet the last places they would be expected.Hitting various other seaside towns and castles until Oakenfist is under so much pressure that the king fires him.
  5. I think that since the success of the show the editorial team and publishers have become a bit star struck with GRRM they don't wanna upset the goose that lays the golden eggs.So,they allowed the missed deadlines in fear that if they push he'll just up and leave for another publishing house.It's somewhat encouraging that he seems to be making progress on Winds.
  6. He would be greatly admired in Dorne.The other 6 kingdoms wouldn't wanna have him anywhere near them.I could see Tyrion and Bronn hooking up with him.
  7. M.Alhazred

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    It's the heart of the Riverlands.Also,another way to project power.
  8. M.Alhazred

    Why was Harrenhal built?

    Harren The Baked was in Aegon's way.He built Harrenhal to keep the Riverlands under his control.
  9. Maegor killed by one of his wives.Seems fitting to me.I am partial to the Kingsguard theory who else would have been able to go into the throne room without him reacting outside of Rhaena? Either they helped her or they looked the other way while she did it herself.
  10. M.Alhazred

    [SPOILERS] The Regency of Aegon III

    Anyone else think that Lord Cregan will feel the need to say something to Ageon III about his dismissal of Manderly? He is one of his bannermen after all or would it be better not to say anything to this "Sullen Boy"?
  11. Robert woulda eventually grow bored with being lord of Storms End and leave it to Renly which would create some friction between King Stannis and his little brother.
  12. M.Alhazred

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    I don't think that was his fear speaking.That was the reality of the situation.Olyver is sitting in Rosby while his maternal family thank the 7 that Lord Gyles isn't alive to see him disowned and cast out of The Frey's.
  13. Agreed,man this is the only discussion that keeps this subforum from being a ghost town.
  14. M.Alhazred

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Lame Lothar has made it clear what would happen once the old man dies.If he doesn't find you useful your out.That's coming from Merritt himself.Olyvar is a staunch Stark supporter and Walder Frey disowned and threw him out.On Lothar's advice not to mention all the others who are jockeying for position.As for Westerling and the other MIA's I firmly believe that's what GRRM was pointing out it does not matter if you are high or low born.MIA's happen regardless.Satin is much like the other red herrings in the series just there to confuse and ending up being a dead end.
  15. M.Alhazred

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    I think he got kicked outta The Twins and family. As for Westerling people go MIA all the time during war so if the series ends like that I wouldn't be upset,..