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  1. What do you mean abandoned. You think GRRM just gonna come out and say he ain't working on Dream. Exactly. Then he'll announce that the events of DOS will be in a new edition of World.
  2. As I have said: We will get Winds and then find out that Dream has been abandoned and we will get a summary in a new edition of World.
  3. She's a tool of her family who may end up being killed because of it.
  4. I can see us getting a summary of the events in ADOS in a updated and revised edition of World. It isn't outta the realm of possibility.
  5. The more conspiratorial would say the real reason that The Baratheon's kept the crowned stag was because they had ambitions beyond The Stormlands.
  6. Tywin was the mastermind of the entire thing so he bares ultimate responsibility. Simple as that to me.
  7. Even if we don't get the book next year, not to worry GRRM will give us the ending in a revised and updated World book,
  8. I enjoy the entire book I do get a kick outta Elissa Farman convincing a couple of Hightower's to join her.
  9. I think he will have a fake Blackfyre the real sword has been lost and Bloodraven has Darksister.
  10. Aerys was out of his mind wouldn't matter what advice anyone would have given him the result would still be the same. Rickard Stark didn't seem to have any intentions to set up an opposing faction.
  11. Faegon is important he may end up on the Iron Throne despite being an imposture. Fake Arya? I figure she'll die in some fashion either killed by the real deal or made into a Wight.
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