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  1. As the players are removed from the board who would be the next in line to be wardens of the west?
  2. The Mico does the ASOIF art so much so he did a card game with EVERYONE.
  3. Here's mine: We get Winds and we get a summary of events in Dream in a updated edition of World we never get a physical copy of A Dream of Spring.
  4. Under normal circumstances I could see Renly being quite capable as king. But, I have my doubts about how serious he would take the threat pf The Others.
  5. I enjoyed it. Aegon The Conqueror's chapters were great reading. The Dance of Dragons and it's aftermath were the best parts.
  6. I personally think that events over came Varys so quickly that he had to change plans on the fly. Yeah, the goal has always been to place Aegon on the Iron throne but things changed and now the new plan is to undermine the Lannisters.
  7. Until the old man's head is on a pike nothing will be settled.
  8. Have their been any announcements about the TV tie in for the book? I have the entire set of tie in's for the show I would love one just to finish my collection.
  9. Nothing wrong with seeing those troll's heads on spikes.
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