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  1. I won't dig too deeply into this, but just note that this theory would work well together with the one that has Ashara being married to Howland and still alive in the Neck. I like the idea of Howland having married Ashara, and thus being kin to Arthur, and by extension stopping Arthur from killing Ned by acting as a human shield. Arthur would then have had to forsake his oath to the king in order to avoid becoming a kinslayer, one of the major social taboos of Westeros. I think this fits well into what we know about Ned as a character, and explains why Ned thinks so highly of Arthur. Being a knight is, as noted elsewhere in this thread, more about character and doing what is right despite the cost to your own person, than it is about superficial chivalry. Breaking his oath to the king would be a perfect reason for Arthur to take the black, and his silence in the matter of Jon's parentage would only heighten Neds esteem for the man and his actions. As a bonus, having a terrified Howland put his life on the line by facing the best swordsman in the realm armed only with a plea of mercy, would be the very definition of bravery as laid out by Ned in Bran 1. I won't get into any discussion whether this theory, or that theory is "real". It's fun speculation, it may be true, future books may prove its right or wrong or leave it unanswered, doesn't matter one bit.
  2. Here´s a good illustration of what I´m trying to convey regarding the crystal dissolving in water. Even the colour is right... :-) Hot water on the left, cold on the right. Potassium permanganate dissolving in water Milk is irrelevant to the discussion, but try some raw, unprocessed, non-homogenized milk and (don´t) get back to me.
  3. Over time, yes. I´m not saying it settles into dregs, merely that any crystal dissolving in non-turbulent fluid will take time to spread into the entire glass, and that the concentration will be much higher at the bottom (if the crystals sink). Milk is homogenous because it´s been processed and homogenized (and not really a good comparison). I´ll illustrate this with a little experiment later if I have the time. Magic is def real in the series, but so is chemistry and physics.
  4. GRRM goes to some length describing the process of making it and it´s purely chemical, so is should follow normal chemical/physical constraints. Also, Mel knows her chemistry, using trickery where magic is not needed, so I´d assume she knows about concentration gradients in liquids... Is magic just chemistry involving your soul and the forces of life as the ingredients?
  5. ASOS, Jaime III: "At Maidenpool, Lord Mooton's red salmon still flew above the castle on its hill, but the town walls were deserted, the gates smashed, half the homes and shops burned or plundered. They saw nothing living but a few feral dogs that went slinking away at the sound of their approach. The pool from which the town took its name, where legend said that Florian the Fool had first glimpsed Jonquil bathing with her sisters, was so choked with rotting corpses that the water had turned into a murky grey-green soup. Jaime took one look and burst into song. "Six maids there were in a spring-fed pool . . ." "What are you doing?" Brienne demanded.""
  6. ASOS prologue, Cressen trying to poison Mel. Cressen uses Davos´ cup of wine, which has been standing for a while, meaning there´s little to no turbulence in it from the pouring. Crystals take time to dissolve. Assuming the crystals of strangler sink, they´ll dissolve in the bottom of the cup and stay there, so when Mel drinks "long and deep" (deliberately slowly and carefully?), there´s no, or only a small fraction of poison in her part of the glass and all of it for Cressen in the "half a swallow of wine" left. Just a potential non-magical way for Mel to survive, bearing on her knowing he was going to poison her (by his weird actions, not a stretch) and her understanding the poison he´s using (not at all a stretch given that: "Cressen no longer recalled the name the Asshai'i gave the leaf.").
  7. Azor Ahai Asshai Azhai Probably some elaborate theory on this already, but I just noticed.
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