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  1. Lets say before the battle of Ice that is heavily theorized in this forum Mel is able to convince Shireens mother that the girl must be sacrificed to the lord of light to save Stannis and she will be granted a boy after the war for her great commitment and blah blah, Stannis wins a huge victory and takes back WF and he allows Mel to stay in his service and doesn't punish his wife for giving Shireen up to be sacrificed. Although Stannis himself didn't give the order he still allows the people who commited the crime to face no punishment which since Stannis is so big on laws means they commited no crime at all. What does Ser Davos do next?
  2. Then he raped Sansa?? ....... Joffrey is king and he does what he wants, Tyrion would be mad but has NO power to do anything about his anger and if he did do something his head would be put on a pike.
  3. Stormking902

    How good of a match would Jaime and Lysa have been?

    Jamie is a very honourable man he would have treated Lysa good with many healthy heirs Lysa would forgey about LF, also she would live in Westerlands far away from LF influence. She would be a lot more happy then with old Jon Arryn.
  4. Lancel is such a boring character I really hope WINDS takes care of him permanently.
  5. It was idiotic in the fullest and cost her family both Tullys and Starks everything including Robb and Neds life, I was just curious on the forums opinion on what was the bast case scenario in "Cats" opinion?. Why arrest Tyrion at all? Its not her place to do so for one and two wouldnt this matter be better suited for the KING who BTW is Neds best friend?. Couldnt she at least warned her father first instead of leaving them to deal with Tywins wrath?.
  6. Stormking902

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    There was also Rickard Stark who was a king of winter who they called the laughing wolf which implies he wasn't so "COLD" and obviously enjoyed a good laugh.
  7. Lets put yourself in Walders shoes after Robb broke his word and married Jeyne Westerling, what would you do differently? Or was the RW your awful choice as was the real Walder lol.
  8. Stormking902

    What will Florents do when Shireen is roasted?

    Nothing they have almost no men left, no home, no lands, and NO hope.
  9. Stormking902

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    Benjen Stark wasn't raised in the Vale and he seems just as honorable as Ned which leaves me to believe Rickard was an honorable man as well, some proof of this is when Aerys charges him for treason he asks for a trial by combat in which he is willing to do combat himself not call upon his ace swordsman son (Brandon) or another great sword from the North.
  10. Stormking902

    Vassals opinion of Eddard stark

    It seems Lord Eddard was respected and feared (Roose) by all of his Vassals, Great Jon thinks of Ned as an old friend, Manderly are fiercely loyal, Howland Reed loves Ned, he sat down for dinner with even the smallest of Northern houses which they all loved him for. The Starks and Lannisters seem to be very well loved and or feared enough for all there Vassals to stay loyal. Roose only abandoned Robb when he knew Robb lost and used the opportunity to advance his house as far as possible.
  11. Stormking902

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    I assume this is because the Baratheon brothers are his close kin and he actually wants to serve/protect them if he can. Also hes so old he probably wanted to die in battle and have songs wrote about him lol.
  12. Stormking902

    Essos ambition stark

    The Iron throne would be watching lord Rickard very close to say the least, would probably cause paranoid Aerys to do something stupid and cause a dif type of civil war lol.
  13. Stormking902

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Staying loyal to your family is one thing, the RW was another thing completly. The Freys could have made there way back into the crowns good books by just abandoning Robbs cause and preventing Robb from returning North, to go to the extreme of breaking guest right and murdering the the Northern and RL nobility who hung there swords on the wall because they thought they were celebrating with friends is just INSANE and know house Frey is looked down upon WAY more then they use too. Ser Stevron would have just called his swords home and bent the knee to Joffrey like Walder should of done.
  14. Stormking902

    No fleet at all after Brandon the Burner??

    The North were part of the 7k any invading force would have to deal with the royal fleet or the Vales fleet, so the North probably thought its an unneeded expense. ALSO the Manderlys def have a small defense fleet of probably 5-10 ships and 3 of those being war galleys. There is no evidence at all the Manderlys dont other then Robb requesting them build a fleet which simply implies he needed way more ships then the small amount Manderly had.
  15. Stormking902

    Will Theon`s wounds ever heal?

    Theon is permantly scared and disfigured and the only weapon I could see him use in the future is a BOW and thats a big maybe as well since he still needs fingers for that.
  16. Stormking902

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    To answer to OP, Ser Stevron is heir to the Twins its his duty to lead his family into war and Ser Stevron seems the type to actually care about if the best man for the job leads since it means his familys safety another Frey like Hosteen would be seeking glory. ALSO Walder is close to death by leading the Twins army he is saying im my fathers chosen HEIR and noone else.
  17. Stormking902

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Ser Stevron would NEVER have agreed to the RW you obviously read his character wrong IMO.
  18. Stormking902

    What if walder frey died before wot5k

    Stevron is one of the most honourable Freys they have which still doesnt say much but at least there is NO RW, and I believe Robb could have offered Sansa or Arya as a mariage to the Freys instead of himself since that seems a little more a fair match and Stevron would be doing his duty to his liege lord Edmure in helping the North end the siege on RR so its a win win. Walder hates the Tullys which is why he didnt just allow Robb to help his uncle Edmure from the beginning.
  19. The quote you provided is FACTS, if Mel burned Shireen for a purpose of holding the wall or saving Westeros from the WW I believe Stannis wouldn't kill her. He wouldn't like her one bit and the sex would stop but he would still require her in the long run.
  20. Stormking902

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Lvl 16 unfortunatly
  21. Exactly which is why I said Selyse and Mel made the decision, Stannis just lived with it.
  22. Stormking902

    Did Edmure save Robb's Life?

    Tommon was relativly safe in Rosby I believe so Tywin would still have an heir left to fight for and making it to Rosby first would be his main concern so he would still be forced to give battle on the golden road with Robbs forces but KL would have been lost so Tommon would be a king without a castle lol. Tywin also would be pissed and probably order the deaths of everyone he came across that wasnt part of his army.
  23. Stormking902

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    Was it smart to stay neutral? Yes it was, unfortunatly you shouldnt stay neutral if your the whole reason your sister started a war to begine with and you owe your family your alegiance. Its not like she had to argue with her bannerman to help they already wanted to Lysa is just a coward who would throw her family into harms way for some D**k.
  24. Yes MC is impregnable from land cool, as long as an army has a strong fleet the North could never repel an invading force from at least LANDING there army in Northern territory. The Norths shores are only defended at White Harbour on the East coast, the West coast isnt defended AT ALL so a beef with say the Lannisters or the Reach and you could see them sail and land a fleet rather easily. Not to mention before AGOT the Manderlys barely had a fleet at all definitely not one that could repel a foreign invasion from Essos or even if the Vale wanted to take Whites Harbour they could. The cold weather is an advantage and disadvantage for Northern lords because they also need to eat and stay warm which could be a problem if your sieged in your castle and don't have a huge grainery like WF and dreadfort etc.......... I see the North and Vale always talked about as the hardest to invade but I would put Dorne, Westerlands above the North as well due to there natural boarders of mountains and desserts. Even the SL might be harder due to landing a fleet at there shores is tricky business due to rocks and storms so a lord could concentrate his forces at the boarder and fend off there foes, and if a force did land in the Stormlands you can probably cut there fleet in half due to the numbers they would lose in the attempt.
  25. Stormking902

    powerhouse north

    The North have a vast untouched wealth in terms of wood, if the North was smart they would be selling timber to Bravvos who are in desperate need of it and in peace times to the Iron islands and the Arbor who could also use tons of timber because both Islands have none.