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  1. On 5/13/2019 at 3:59 AM, Winter prince said:

    She no longer trusted her advisor that was left.  She has been suspicious of Tyrion ever since making it to Westeros.  Why would she actually believe the bells meant surrender?


    EXACTLY this is what I been saying ........

    Why trust Tyrion?

    Also IMO the random stocks of wildfire going off were traps in which Danny saved some of her troops from a green fiery death. Cersie is the type to surrender but not really lol. 

  2. Episode WAY to dark it was litterally hard to watch the whole episode lol

    ARYA kills the NK really? Arya? 

    NK can eat dragon fire to the face ? K what? A being of ice cannot be harmed by dragon fire? 

    Danny landing her dragon and allowing it to be stabbed dozens upon dozens of times. 

    Jamie is an elite fighter again apparently.......

    Arya @ 100 pounds is a wight killing machine

    battle made no sense in so many ways lol

    Overall though a solid 8/10 

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